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  1. Chasity

    SEAL Team

    I don't think she wanted it both ways. I think she just wants Sonny in her life whether it's as a boyfriend or a friend. When he turned down the physical aspect of their relationship, she suggested that they hang out as friends and when he turned that down as well, you could see how much she was hurting. She's forcing this relationship with her sister just so she can fill the void that Sonny left and I feel so bad for her.
  2. Devon isn't with the FBI, he's working with the CIA. This is just my opinion, but I get the feeling that Devon is actually an undercover CIA agent and not an informant. He's making too many decisions to just be an informant. Castel, the niece, is able to get away with killing her uncle because the information she gives Devon is valuable enough for him to overlook her crimes. It's why he killed El Santo. James left Teresa because he was the one that Devon actually wanted. Devon took James because he wanted to clean up the mess James made by killing that family in Texas. Teresa isn't being arrested because Devon thinks she is useful to him in someway.
  3. I’m not sure she actually can walk away. I don’t think El Santo will let her. I really hope they aren’t heading to a hookup. I’m sick of all the Camilla sex scenes. It seems like she has one almost every episode.
  4. James wasn’t burned by Camilla. After he rescued her daughter, James told Camilla she didn’t need him anymore and he chose to walk away. She called him her loyal friend and told him if he ever needed anything, he knew where to find her.
  5. I’m glad Diane and Kurt are back together, but are they ever going to talk about the Holly stuff? I hope nothing happens to Colin. He’s a nice guy and I love him with Lucca. I know Liz has a husband, but are they going somewhere with her and Adrian?
  6. The only thing I really enjoyed about 2x02 were the Alec/Izzy and Magnus/Simon scenes. I'm not a fan of Clary or her mother.
  7. The one for 5x01 was just an edited version of the iTunes sneak peek and then Echo did one for 5x02.
  8. I think he's talking about the hockey mask joke being done in an elevator.
  9. That foundry pic has to be from the 100th episode because there is no way they can go back there with all the people on the team now.
  10. How are they going to explain baby John to the Arrow audience that doesn't watch The Flash?
  11. I feel like David would only give away the KC stuff. If we want info on the rest of the cast, Katie seems like she would give it all away.
  12. Chasity


    This episode wasn't that great, but I really like that Harry and Joss got engaged. Next week's episode looks fun.
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