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  1. hogwash

    S01.E12: Mindy St. Clair / S01.E13: Michael's Gambit

    Just here to say I feel dumb for not seeing this coming. What an amazing twist. I want to do a rewatch soon just to see it again with fresh eyes. But I knew it was forking weird that Michael punted that dog into the sun! I KNEW IT!
  2. hogwash

    S02.E07: Who's the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?

    Anyone else feel like Paula's husband story is really cliche? That is if they're going where I think they are with that female coworker. I rolled my eyes when she popped up. I feel like every show has their middle-aged "boring" couple go through this storyline. Have a random ass coworker who ~appreciates~ and ~understands~ him/her in ways the spouse doesn't. Plus, didn't they already kinda do this with Paula in S01??? I know that tons of shows do this storyline but all that comes to mind is Dale and the female exterminator on King of the Hill and Marge/Homer on the Simpsons for some reason. That's weird... Anyway, I liked this episode. Weird that Valencia is doing what Rebecca did to her to another woman but I always like the over-the-top scheming. I LOVED the "You Go First" song.
  3. hogwash

    S05.E04: Penance

    I know some people don't like JV Team Arrow but I really starting to like them. They all have distinct personalities and skills. I even like Wild Dog and Curtis's constant failure. I just hope Evelyn gets to do more. Rory is clearly the best one, though. I am just happy that Oliver gets a team that actually listens to him. All that we're all equals bullshit from S04 annoyed the crap out of me. Thank god that's over.
  4. hogwash

    S02.E01: Where Is Josh's Friend?

    I'm so happy it's back! i cringed so much. I hope the next episodes have more songs to dull the effect of how delusional and self-centered Rebecca is. Cause yikes! What a great premiere. Go, Paula! Greg was right. Rebecca and Josh are terrible people.
  5. hogwash

    S05.E03: A Matter Of Trust

    I think I like JV Team Arrow. Reporter lady was interesting. I was expecting Isabel 2.0 so the super fake/two-faced thing is new. I hope Thea really gets to destroy her. Sampson's wriggling after the tendon slicing was so freaking gross. Just ew. Overall, pretty solid episode.
  6. hogwash

    No Tomorrow

    I liked this. I really like Evie and her work buddies. I feel like Xavier is really gonna get on my nerves and I'm already anticipating Evie being horrifically oblivious to his bullshit (at least with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Josh is pretty dumb). I could take the nutty conspiracy theorist angle but quitting her job?? Heck no! Galavant is lucky he's so pretty. I love the ex boyfriend. She should do her list with him...
  7. hogwash

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Ew. Merlyn is never right.
  8. hogwash

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Whoa. He's killing people again?? Guess Darhk wasn't a one time deal?
  9. hogwash

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I don't care what it does as long it looks better. Go back to ski masks!
  10. The movies are gonna ruin Deathstroke too? Yikes. I finally got around to watching Suicide Squad (I managed to avoid BvS but I got outvoted this time around) for this weekend. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I hated their Amanda Waller. What an incredible waste of Viola Davis. An extremely violent and pragmatic authority figure should be a piece of cake for this ~universe~ so I thought for sure they had Amanda Waller in the bag. Nope. She was dumb and her plan(??) was stupid. I'm saying this as someone who sat through an Amanda Waller who tried to bomb a US city because of 15-20 super soldiers. There was audible groaning in my theater when she popped up (out of FREAKING NOWHERE!) in the end. I wish someone had taken one for the team and killed her. I have no idea what she or Enchantress was trying to do or why the squad was formed or what they was deployed for. Everyone except Harley, Deadshot, Rick Flagg was useless and a waste of screentime. Ike Barinholtz(?)'s guard character was more memorable and interesting than most of the named characters. Joker sucked. Most of the fight scenes were eh. But it was better than Man of Steel. So 6.5/10, give Katanna back to Arrow. 0/3 for DC movies, huh? All the Arrowverse shows have massive issues (and I'm still watching for some reason) but it's kinda funny that despite all the $$$ and logistics the movies can't do much better. I hope Wonderwoman isn't too rough. I'll probably get roped into watching that too at some point.
  11. hogwash

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Man, I'm out of the loop (might be a good thing). They might begin dating other people?? While working together alone as Team Arrow?? I don't wanna see that. The last time they decided to give Felicity a boyfriend it turned out to be Ray Palmer. I like that S04 didn't turn me into a ball of ranting rage (thanks, S03!) but I still feel like pretty much everything that happened after Vixen helped depower Darhk was a waste of time. So, I got no hopes for S05 either. I just want to see Oliver and Felicity make out, Malcolm Merlyn getting decapitated, the Diggle clan being BAMFs, maybe a Thea/Roy team-up, and Laurel staying deader than dead. Other than that, eh.
  12. This better not be another Jay Garrick situation....
  13. He's a hero because comics. The last time he botched this mom thing the 52 (heh) breaches opened. Daredevil had the best line about this crap. 'You don't get to create danger and then protect us from that danger.' Then he goes and does it again. At least he went behind his cheerleaders backs this time. All the Flarrowverse shows basically ignored each other this season and a good chunk of the mini crossovers didn't make sense within the other show's timeline the season before that so I have no idea how this Flashpoint is gonna work. Arrow didn't setup anything big so it's doable? I think.
  14. hogwash

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Yay, Oliver got a job! Is Diggle reenlisting???
  15. hogwash

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Please stop saying darkness. Please.