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  1. Oh yes I certainly am not pristine in my language but there is a line between fun and just vulgar and not enjoyable to be around.
  2. Is that last picture photoshopped or something? Why is her butt that shape?
  3. No I don’t think it’s age. I’m 37 and I cancelled my DVR series recording after this episode. I am not feeling the new woman at all. Every other word is the F word and trying too hard. I almost missed Barbara for a minute.... When Ramona was crying in public last week how desperately lonely she was, it was uncomfortable to watch and I’m finding the whole show to be taking that sad turn.
  4. Download Pluto TV app. They have the show running continually in order.
  5. I saw chili cheese dog on the chalkboard. Nom nom. 😋
  6. Yes the daughter needs to get away ASAP or she is quickly gong to be 300 plus pounds and stuck with her mom forever.
  7. I feel bad that the husband didn’t get any pizza because it looked delicious.
  8. I think I peeped an actual bucket of ice cream I the shopping cart.
  9. Dang! Good for you! I’m gonna start slow with a few walks and work my way up to your level.
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