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  1. My neighbor is pregnant and due in April, and yes, they ask that the women labor and give birth with masks on if possible, or wear a mask in labor for as long as possible. This is in New York State - I don't know how other states compare, but I would not be surprised if California had similar guidelines. I would tell them to kick rocks, as there is no way I would labor for very long wearing a mask.
  2. I I don't think zero + zero = 1
  3. Anna annoys me but I like that she told Brittany to give her five minutes. Not that it helped
  4. Which family? I don’t think it’s the males that determine that sort of thing, especially fraternal twins, is it? You are right. It has nothing to do with the males.
  5. Parker just doesn't know when to shut up. I have a mouth like a sailor but I didn't mind him asking Paget to cool it with the F-bombs at dinner. But then he wouldn't let up! Say it once and be done with it!
  6. I am about that age (a female) and although everyone ages differently, I think that is a pretty accurate representation of a 55 year old man. An exceptionally hot 55 year old man.
  7. Thank you! For the record, I have watched this show from it's inception and no, I was no angel before I was married. It would have been nice if she told him she was "saving herself", but in my opinion that is not the issue here. I can even believe that it's possible for the lead to be in love with more than one person, however, by the fantasy suite dates I'm pretty sure most of the leads know which of the three they would choose as a life partner. So I don't think it's too much to ask that your future fiance refrains from banging anyone else the week before the proposal.
  8. Either way, she should know how to open a bottle of wine,,,especially having been in the service industry.😄🙄
  9. Did Captain Lee rescind his "no drinking while on charter" rule? Did I see Kate do a shot before serving shots to the guests?
  10. I was in law enforcement and unless the person had previous contact with police (during which a report was filed or information entered into the computer) there is no such database for the average citizen.
  11. But Beth admitted that her feelings were "evil" and she seemed to feel guilty about having them. A person can't control their feelings, only their actions. And she was kind to Shauna and supportive of Deja when Deja felt slighted.
  12. I am just catching up so obviously I'm late to the party and I don't know what the next 2 shows have (had) in store. But I guess I am in the minority. I don't care at all to see the kids' stories. Tess, Annie, Deja - just not interesting to me. Although I am happy that they don't suffer from SORAS or that the writers haven't had them vanish altogether.
  13. My school did not call either (1970s-1980s). Well, once in a long while they would make a random call. Generally, if you were absent, you just showed up with a note (excuse) from your parents the next day. Or a good forgery.
  14. I missed this part...must have been dozing. But Great Neck is about 2.5 hours from Montauk, so not really near his family at all. And along these lines, Hicksville (Ben's hometown) is also over two hours from Montauk. The episode (where Joanie confronts Ben) made it seem like it was just around the corner. I would have liked a little more clarification regarding this and other things.
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