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  1. I don't think I saw Meghan on the phone with Jimmy at all on this trip, with a newly pregnant wife you would think he would call to check on her. Vicki is so needy for sexual attention she is now flashing her boobs to the women at the dinner table? Even Terry was shocked and he sees boobs all day long! I wonder if her new guy is down with that. Heather had the classiest flask I have ever seen, a $2,500 Chanel leather case flask, THAT is how a fancy pants rolls. Kelly needs meds. Tamra is still a shit stirrer, she did not need to text Kelly from the bar, she could have tak
  2. I am pretty sure that white skirt Kelly was wearing was on backwards, looked like a hi-lo skirt if worn correctly.
  3. Oy vey, Nicole walking up that hill in the dessert, Aznan couldn't stop saying, "she need more workout." The funny realization that Nicole made was that maybe, just maybe she is not what he wants physically. Gee, ya' think? No red flag there, right? Jorge and the never ending black hole of consumerism he is engaged to makes me want a show just about them, for every time Jorge puts his head in his hands we could take a shot. Every time Anfisa says, "You going to buy me somethink'" take a shot. Where does Jorge even work, does he have a warehouse or lab he goes to? If he is home all the
  4. In the previous episode Chantal was trying wedding dress (they all looked beautiful on her) but knowing full well she had about a week till she absolutely had to get married how did she think the wedding dress was going to happen? It takes months to order a dress then there are fittings so I call BS on that, producers wanted to make Chantal a little emotional because she knew it was not going to be that kind of wedding. Honestly, why didn't she look at dresses during the time she was waiting for Pedro to come to the states, a city hall wedding in a wedding dress is not all the crazy.
  5. I really had to wince when Jac described the birth process about how the baby was going to rip/tear Ashley's lady bits...so immature and odd coming from a woman who has given birth before. Please get her off my screen. I changed the channel when Jac was doing the chocolate diaper thing, she reminds me of a 10 year old girl who knows the littlest bit about babies and where they come from. Siggy, oy vey. I thought they were going to a Holocaust museum but went to a memorial instead, although it was interesting to hear her father's experience about being a child during the Nazi occupation
  6. I always have second hand embarrassment for Vicki and her loudly proclaimed sex life or lack there of but I would pay money to see her and Ramona spend an evening together in some club trying pick up men or trying to have men pick them up. Two of the most socially awkward women out on the town! Vicki embarrassed the group at the bar when the dancing was going on, nobody else was cat calling the guy dancing, it seemed like production told her to hoot and holler because everyone else would be doing it too and then they didn't! So she gets flowers at check in from stateside lover boy
  7. Do we even think the ring Aznan gives Nicole is a real diamond?
  8. Bethenny is moving out of the apartment she bought/renovated at the start of the season? You mean she will be homeless again? Oh no, poor Bethenny will be relegated to a hobo lifestyle with only the finest hotel suites at her disposal and her house in the Hamptons? Can we survive that again?
  9. Wait, did Alla and Azan not go thru with their weddings?
  10. Bayley kept showing up in the random scenes, we saw him throw and egg Freida and on the street when Poussey was lost/separated from her friends in NYC. It really broke may heart that they killed Poussey off and Suzanne's back story was awful, so sad. Such good writing it really drained me emotionally, (I had been fasting so there is that).
  11. Who cares if Heather got a loan for the lot, you have to back up that loan with something and apparently they were approved and even had some money to build a cozy shack with a porta cochere, (sp?) lol, I wonder if Kelly could come up with that kind of scratch with a loan or otherwise. Didn't Kelly think that when the camera's are rolling any secret you spill will show up on the show before the reunion is filmed? Heather would have seen that episode even if Tamra hadn't said anything.
  12. Didn't Heather convert to Judaism when she married Terry? She mentioned something about her Jewish lineage, um she has none because her mother is not Jewish. That aside, the stereotypical funny Jew thing from Kelly is crazy and had to be awful for Heather, I work with a woman who implies I am cheap because I am Jewish, not fun at all (btw, I am not cheap, easy yes, but certainly NOT cheap, lol). Vicki used good common sense not putting a dime in that bar fight dollar, it's a shame that Tamra had to open her mouth.
  13. I thought the most un-organic conversation of the show was from the jeweler, Matt and Alla...what sales person even asks how many times have you been married and other personal questions. For all I know Matt may have bought every ring for every wedding from that guy! Poor Alla, I think she sees the writing on the wall but just can't walk away. Anfisa, oh my, she just had the best day ever, playing dress up and gazing in to the mirror at herself. $45,000 for a dress to wear to a city hall wedding or maybe a dozen people at a reception, none of which she will know, that makes sense. I am
  14. Vicki has no barometer for bullshit, she makes bad choices about men to date such as Brooks, bad choices about her business such as the jeans, vodka, wine and now this Kill All Cancers. She would have more money in the bank if she just worked for a living. I can only imagine the eye rolls she gets from Brianna every time she comes up with some new crap to sell.
  15. Mohammad confuses me, is he allowed to work? How long does one have to wait to get his a green card after he was legally married? How long do you have to wait to be able to get a job? What does that women in Miami see in him, he is not movie star gorgeous, not a fantastic physic, seems rather dumb and is unemployed. The blonde keeps telling him to keep a good attitude and he will find a job but only if Mohammad is allowed legally, right? If he could not work in Ohio then he can't in Miami no matter what friends she says she has...maybe she can hook him up with a job that pays under the tabl
  16. My confusion with Meghan is that she had no fertility issues, correct? This was simply a case of Jimmy's frozen baby batter needing to meet up with one of Meghan's eggs, right? She was not high risk or infertile. She is quick to champion every health related cause but her passion for this seems a little stilted in this one because honestly, Jim did not want another child but for some reason decided to freeze the last of the goods just in case? So when Meghan wanted a child they used IVF pretty much ignoring the big issue of another child with a man who most likely before they were even engage
  17. If Jac is not crying she is screaming, that woman has no in between when she is with all the girls. Kim G. got a new place? Posche looked postively 100% better than ever, you could actually see the merchandise, maybe Envy is competition.
  18. Even if the drink sucks she will always have the memory of being in the presence of greatness, lol.
  19. My daughter met Bethenny last night in Philadelphia, there was a meet and greet at a liquor store and she got a signed bottle and a photo with Beth...daughter and some friends are heading to Atlantic City this weekend and they needed some adult beverages, I warned her to have back up booze in case the Skinny Girl sucks.
  20. Call me old fashioned but when I decided I wanted to have children I saw my OB, I didn't run off to a fertility clinic first thing. Jackie is only 35, she said she was regular to the day, most OB's don't consider a there is a problem until you have been trying at least a year. And yes, what is their method of birth control? My mind went to other ways of grown up fun...lol. I have decided that Chyka can plan my next event, everything she touches is gorgeous. Lydia needs a story line and this is the best she can do? Figaro has had it with her too, he was not having it with her, do
  21. I am kinda bummed, all the psycho's I meet are not buff at all. Truthfully, I did not watch the first season that Danielle was on but when I tuned in this season, I thought she and her daughters were "slow" or "special." I am sure that there are records kept somewhere by the government about the statistics of how long these green card marriages last, it could be very telling.
  22. Every now and then Jim says something funny, when Meghan was getting calls from the harpies about Vicki his quip was spot on funny, "Let her call Brooks, let's play golf." Deadpan and succinct. I thought Shannon looked cute in her golf clothes, some clubs do not let women wear very short skirt like Meghan was wearing on the course.
  23. Did I hear correctly when Siggy said her father survived the Holocaust? She said that his family got out of Germany (or Poland) and escaped the horrors of the camps, that is not surviving but lucky enough to escape, my friend's father survived the Holocaust, was in 3 different camps, lived the horrors. There is difference, maybe splitting hairs but Siggy seems to exaggerate to make for more drama. Are we taking bets on fast her kid dents the brand new car? He seems like an okay kid but I have flash backs to my son getting a new used car at 17 and well, several cars later...he is 27 no
  24. Didn't Vicki go to the ER a few seasons ago because she was bleeding from her anus? It was during Alexis' fashion show, (I am using that word sparingly, lol). I wonder if she went alone then? Obviously none of her friends like Tamra ran out the door to be with her then and she was probably in an ER closer to all of them.
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