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  1. 33 minutes ago, Alonzo Mosely FBI said:

    Hate Leah. But.  I thought it was INCREDIBLE TV how Leah provoked Luann when she brought up Luann not paying Dorinda or some such thing (Can anyone remind me what she didn't pay Dorinda for?). Luann LOST IT. Which probs means there is truth to it. That was good. I don't trust Luann she screwed her own kids over w/the house. 

    I think it was when they gang was in Dorinda's Berkshire's home and Sonja had some part in the Xmas Cabaret show and Sonja said Lu was not paying her and then hilarity ensued or all hell broke loose, one of those things depending on your perspective.

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  2. 10 hours ago, SnarkySheep said:

    My friend manages a movie theatre - he says it's absolutely not forbidden to bring your own snacks. However, this is a misconception they don't want to correct, as theatres make the bulk of their profits through snacks.

    We have a historic movie theater in Baltimore, it had been family owned for a zillion years, the son took over operations and such, he gave a talk before a movie premiere and mentioned about people bringing in their own food, specifically the person that managed to pick thru a dozen steamed crabs during a movie and left the remains neatly in a paper bag...that takes guts!



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  3. 2 hours ago, Blissfool said:

    This! Why did it have to be a pit bull? And as people say, dogs sense fear.

    Pit bulls are strong dogs with jaws that can be like vise grips not letting go of what ever it has in their mouths, I know people say it is how they are raised, they are sweet dogs, etc...I am not a fan of a few dog breeds but pit bulls scare me, it can over power me easily, I can understand not being excited to be living one when you told the experts you did not want or like dogs.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Meowwww said:

    Can’t stand Jamie and her too-small dresses. 

    Geeze, even her sleeves were tight, the cameraman was shooting her from the side catching an unflattering glimpse of her upper thigh, I am sure if she watched that episode she would never make that mistake twice.

    Shouldn't one of the producers pull her aside and go over her wardrobe choices?  Maybe she needs to hire a stylist or go to a nice store that has a personal shopper.

    That said, I do not hate her in the moderator role, she does a good job asking good questions.

    The bride that got matched with the bald dog owner, it would be hard for me to marry him, I am petrified of pit bulls.  Do the experts think logically when making the matches or they just names in a hat and make their matches?  They have questionable match ups.

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  5. Candiace's song and video is way better than Ahsley's as well has better production value, Ashely's song was so very early 90's girl group and the most interesting part of the song was sung by someone else also, her voice was not good even with the mixing board magic they do in the studio.

    Never in a million years I would like anything Candiace has a hand in but it was good, I did notice the camera man really liked that girl with the red ponytail dancing around the car, she was in focus a lot.

    Side note, I just binged Girls 5eva, their fake hit music reminded me of Ashley's song.

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  6. 1 hour ago, JonnieUniteUs said:

    Leah waving her hands and jumping around while they sang Happy Birthday to the BIRTHDAY GIRLS whom the attention should be on and then chomping a big mouthful off the head of the penis cake.   Geez this girl is the definition of an attention whore.

    “They’re boxy, but good.”

    I love that line from that movie!

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  7. On 7/27/2021 at 12:06 PM, Kath94 said:

    I agree, MFM.  Mike goes on about "all the lovely gifts" but no one mentioned what they were.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was trolling her with them.

    I am guessing that none of the lovely gifts were monogrammed.

    My guesses of the lovely gifts were, gloves(work), an iron, wood splitting lessons, a tee shirt from his place of work and a gift certificate to hair salon that Mike goes to.

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  8. I forgot to ask about why Leah is not the one hosting a Shabbat dinner, isn't she the one converting to Judaism?

    I can't wait to see her in action, will she even know the brucha for lighting candles or the brucha for the wine or challah?  That is basic stuff she could find on YouTube.

    Still no questions about Leah's conversion from the other HW's which is strange because they never let go of anything and will bring up things that happened seasons ago, how can they let this unmentioned?

    I wish I had the money that these women spend on rented men, sigh.


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  9. 6 hours ago, BusyOctober said:

    Does Leah really think Luann’s horrible, sad attempt at a Christmas song is going to spend dozens of weeks on the music charts?  She was concerned Lu might only give proceeds to charity for a minute, then cash in on the big royalties, with no split sizes for the backup singers?? I haven’t heard the entire horrible, sad auto-tuned tragedy yet, but Leah, I can allay your concern: there will be very little money made from it.  The charity would be better off holding a bake sale to raise funds. And I am not sure who wrote that horrible, sad song, but he/she must have pulled up an online thesaurus app after listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”.  IT’S THE SAME PREMISE!! So does this mean  Springsteen and his stable of lawyers won’t have a problem when my future chart topper, “Birthed in America” is released?

    Eboni was pretty classless and rude to go on about her Black Shabat and invite the white women in front of Bershan.  My daughter knew not to do that when she was 7.  She never would have asked friends to her b-day party in front of other kids she wasn’t inviting. But Bershan is going to be the winner in that scenario anyway, and she knows it!  Talk about dodging a bullet.  

    I know filming during COVID has really limited their activities, but that dual birthday party was pathetic. I knew the guest list would include straight men waaaay too young for these women (and waaaay too thirsty to be on tv). And of course, obligatory penis cake.  Forgot his name, but the “party planner” who was in charge of the Beauty Pageant really went for his personal worst with this Ramon-Ja birthday celebration.  


    It reminded me of Ramona's birthday party for her 50 closest friends but did not have room for the 5 HW's she films with...Eboni not inviting Bershan was getting back at her for not siding with her at the Harlem dinner.  Black Shabbat sounds stupid, I hate to agree with Ramona, why does there have to be a color associated with it, just call it Shabbat dinner with friends.

    That birthday party was nothing special, it was typical of all of their parties, male strippers are cheesy and rote, a penis cake, really? The too young guy that Ramona brought (at first glance I thought it was Georgi from 90 Day Fiance), could not look more like a rental if he tried.  

    The awkward flirting was minimal, Eboni talking about lady parts seemed so thirsty, watching Leah give a lap dance was not a surprise but what didn't happen (unless I blanked out) was Lu singing a bad rendition of Happy Birthday.  We didn't see any gifts did we?

    Also, a Marilyn Monroe was there, I guess we missed her act due to editing but of course, a MM impersonator but not a good one by the looks of her wig.

    Leah is worried that Lu's song will be Number 1 with a bullet and she won't get a cut of the royalties...laughable, has anyone even heard that song aside from the show? Had Lu not included Leah she would have had her nose out of joint for sure and besides with all the auto tune that will be done with the HW's one line how could you tell who was actually singing?

    Lu pointing out her new piano to Ramona was only so she could talk about her song, Ramona could not have cared less if Lu had Beethoven himself sitting there playing a song.


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  10. 1 hour ago, StatisticalOutlier said:

    I don't know how you define "had to" dress up, but I'm very confident that it was done completely of her own free will.  So if she was uncomfortable, that's on her.

    I imagine that Jovi told her to gussy up 'cause he was taking her out, show her off sort of thing while he wore a tee shirt and jeans, I think he likes the trophy of a hot wife then he  takes a bottle to an empty roof top bar and they drink and she is bored.  I think she thought she was going to South Beach to the art deco district where there crowds of people and she would be seen.



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  11. 34 minutes ago, Uncle JUICE said:

    My theory is this job (yachting) and reality TV both independently attract people with inherent emotional issues, for the most part. People who have trouble fitting in at other jobs, who function okay in a nomadic sort of dynamic, might struggle with adult relationships (at the deckie / stew level) and love to travel for any number of reasons (in this case, mostly because they are super at Instagram and there's a lot of self-congratulation itch to scratch in these locales), these are the people who I think are likely doing yacht work. Reality TV attracts a completely different set: clowns who think they're an undiscovered star if only they could get the right level of exposure, who really overestimate their entertainment value, who think drinking is the way to really highlighting their talents. People who crave the approval of the masses but don't know why and certainly have no real talent that would naturally get them there. NOW, you take both of these personality types: yacht crew + reality TV star and you put them into one person then multiply that person by seven to come up with a crew? You have basically a boat full of self absorbed, inexplicably self impressed, willing to debase themselves in any number of ways, and you're sure to end up with a few sociopath-lites like Lexi (honestly who carries a burn list as an adult? put it in your diary, sweetie). 

    I hate that I watch this show. Bring back Danny the Deckhand. 

    I agree with your assessment except I would like to never see Deckhand Danny again, I thought he was ookie and he hated authority, complained about everyone, I was not a fan.

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  12. 13 hours ago, MrBuhBye said:

    He doesn’t want kids and he knows that without medical intervention it won’t happen.  If he is so religious he wouldn’t have been in bed with that other woman.

    If he was so religious he would have not had sex with Stacey prior to marriage.

    Has even been to church since he arrived in the US?

    14 hours ago, Frozendiva said:

    And we don’t need to see his back pimples.

    I want to call Florian and Georgi back pimples.

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  13. I truly think Lexi wanted everyone to fall over themselves trying to get with her because of her beauty and when nobody paid attention to her in that way she could not deal, she must be used to getting people to pay for dinners and such so she was angry.  She really had no grounds for her behavior, nobody did anything to her, she was like that out of the gate, how does she get thru life being that nasty?

    Matt reminds me of an ex friend of my husband's, he would fly off the handle, throw fits for no reason, storm off and pout, talk inappropriately and when it made people uncomfortable and was asked to stop he wouldn't, he had to be the center of attention, would say horrible things to people, needed an enemy at all times, had to right, always.  I think narcissist is the word I am looking for but maybe it is something else, maybe we have a psychologist among us, please chime in if I am calling him the wrong name.  The point is, nobody wants to be around that behavior so good for Matt packing his bag and leaving without getting fired first.  

    Z's adoption story was so touching, he seems so nice or at least nice enough to not push Lexi back when she pushed him.  

    Did anyone else notice the difference in table setttings for the last morning breakfast with Drunk Roy and his friends? it went from a green, yellow and lemon decor then switched to a blue, white and floral decor then back again all during that breakfast.

    My thought about Matt not being on the boat after they all came back from dinner, I would have been looking in the water around the boat, he left and was upset or in a bad frame of mind...you never know someone's frame of mind and he admitted to having anxiety, just my thought.




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  14. 12 hours ago, KateHearts said:

    you don't masturbate as it's "against your religion"

    I find the hypocrisy of masturbating being against his religion, didn't he have sex out of marriage and he let the BJ happen, thus spilling his seed needlessly...Michael needs to just give this act up already, there will never be a baby from Angela of the Wet Tee Shirts and you will never get to the states, call it a day, it is over.

    12 hours ago, KateHearts said:

    Jovi- stop nagging. Treat her as the special mother she is and she'll warm up to the idea of romance again. For heaven's sake, I know exactly how she feels and it's NOT wrong! All the "all you talk about is Mylah" and "you're no fun anymore" are a sure guarantee that she will not want to have sex with you. Get a clue.

    Jovi is a spoiled brat, bullying Yara in to having sex with him.  I really don't understand why she had to dress up, he was wearing a tee shirt and jeans, they drove 30 minutes to go to an uninspiring roof top to drink a bottle of champagne and watch the sunset, okay they did that, no dinner during or after?  It did seem stupid to be away from Mylah for just that, maybe they could have done a family thing the first night and let Gwen and Mylah have dinner, take a walk then maybe the next night go out.  From the mothers we have seen on this show Yara is actually a really good mother to her baby, Jovi is lucky to have a partner that is totally committed to being a good mother.

    And then the girdle dress, poor thing could hardly sit in that dress, she looked so uncomfortable.

    I have no words for Jovi and his "Me first," attitude, I hope he is just playing with that sort of Danielle, "I want my secks," shit.

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  15. What goes on with Natalie's friend Julia, her wig and headband...it is not a good look.

    The conversation between them was so interesting, like I was watching a Chekov play.

    Am I wrong for thinking all the conversations between Asuelo and his family sounds like 5 year olds talking.  

    Did a kid magically appear on the couch between Sister Asuelo and Asuelo?

    Mother Asuelo seems to be able to fly back and forth from Samoa a few times a year, where does that money come from?  Maybe Asuelo should not send money to his mother but save money for airline tickets for the kids and Kolani to fly to Samoa to visit them for once.


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  16. 1 hour ago, dosodog said:

    Are we going to ignore Mia going from bartender, to stripper, to escort (but not THAT kind of escort) in less than 30 seconds at the spa?

    That whole thing was crazy, first I do not think her now husband got a call from friend insisting he go to a (hahahaha) five star restaurant/strip club because Mia made a good drink, that is not what a man at a strip club gets excited about. 

    Second, I do not believe that Mia strutted around in an evening gown and never took it off, that is not what a man at a strip club gets excited about.

    Third, I do believe the evening gown was the sort of gown that showed more than it didn't and it came off 5 seconds after she got up on the stage, (I know someone who worked in a club like that and management actually had a rule about how the clothes have to be off within a certain amount of time upon walking on stage).

    Fourth, the Champagne Room is where money can be made and I do believe that Mia and husband were no stranger to that room.

    The escort thing, I do believe that the client pays for the time the girl spends with them, if the client wants sex it is the girls choice to say yes or no, saying yes would mean more money...Mia likes money, just sayin'.

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  17. 9 hours ago, Iguessnot said:

    She didn't make one, but she presented Karen with her generic white candle in clear glass.

    I figured she took a candle, scraped off the label and glued her's on the jar as a mock up.

    9 hours ago, RealReality said:

    Wendy has to know this is going to crash and burn, right?

    I love the candle pun!

    Seriously, does the world need another candle brand?  Wendy says she wants to create home goods line, I picture her trying to be a Craig from Southern Charm.

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