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  1. This episode was so dark and so soft that I felt like I didn't actually SEE most of it. I had the volume up so loud that the commercials were BLARING. That said- I liked Negan leaving Maggie to die, and I'm sad that she probably didnt. I also kind of love Princess, even though she's annoying as fuck and batshit crazy (the actress seems like she may be a little unhinged herself, from what I saw on talking dead). But observing the intricacies of all the relationships was very HER and turned out to be very useful as well.
  2. sadly, those kinds of cuts are from what we call "non-suicidal self injury." People do this as an unhealthy means of dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, etc. It's sad and makes me wonder what's up. On the other hand, I could definitely be wrong, as there are other things that can cause scarring. Heck, I burn myself all the time from cooking, and have some big long scars on my arms. Hers just fit the pattern, and her emotional vs closed off vs "I've been hurt before by relationships" behaviors fit the profile of someone who cuts as a means of managing their emotions :(
  3. now i'm going to have to watch again, but I paused and stared at my bigscreen for a while. I thought it was Will with the cuts at first. But the scene is her face on left, his hand/wrist, her arm (her hand and fingernails above), then his face. It's clearly the arm next to his face (her arm) that has light horizontal lines against darker skin, which is how scars from cutting often look on non-white people.
  4. Korey and Olivia's chats with EACH OTHER are really awkward! My husband thinks they're just awkward people, but actually into each other. I just can't decide. I like Korey, but find Olivia bugs the shit out of me. Her interest in men seems to be random and fleeting. She would have happily gone with Andre had Korey not picked her first. She pretty much said as much prior to the recoupling.
  5. Oh no! In the opening sequence to tonight's show, during the opening song, they show kyra and will in bed, with their hands up by their faces. Kyra clearly has multiple healed horizontal scars on her wrist/arm. Now I'm sad for her :(
  6. this cracks me up, because they actually both live in LA! I think they actually live closest to each other of any of the couples, and are also the closest to each other of the entire cast. But, having lived in NYC for 5 years, I also know that depending on traffic, public transportation, and ease of access, sometimes even living in the same city feels like "long distance!"
  7. I totally understand why they were dumped, but man, i loved Elly so much! Her doing the cat yoga with Charlie was hysterical, especially since everyone pretty much said it wasnt that out there for her. I wish they could have done some rearranging without dumping. Trina and K-ci seemed to have some chemistry with the whole smoothy thing, and andre and elly seemed to have a similar lightness and silliness to each other.
  8. For anyone interested, i found this obituary for Josh's sister. No cause of death listed yet, other than a "sudden illness." She sounds like she was a lovely person. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/ctpost/name/lindsey-goldstein-obituary?pid=199711594
  9. Is anyone else finding it incredibly rude that the villa population cannot seem to be bothered to learn how to say Alana's name correctly? She literally said during her date with Jeremy, "It's Alana, like Alanta without the T." It kills me hearing her name said incorrectly over and over, by both the men and women alike!
  10. I liked Isaiah, but I totally understand why Cash chose Korey. I think the "problem" with Isaiah is that he was actually honest, which people don't always understand. For example, the "same thing he said to 3 girls" was along the lines of "I really like you, and I've been thinking about you." He may have even said "the most" or something, but keep in mind that this may be true if he meets one girl, then another, then another. It was true for each one, but he's not going back to girl one to say, "I still really like you, but now I'm thinking about someone else MORE." Same as when he first coupl
  11. I have really enjoyed this season, especially with June in Canada. She's an imbecile for taunting Serena however. Perhaps it hasn't fully dawned on her that if Fred was able to impregnate Serena, then June's baby may not actually be Nick's. If Fred is the father, he now has some claim over the child, which is the LAST thing June would want. Had she kept her mouth shut, most likely, Fred and Serena would have focused on only Serena's pregnancy, and cut their losses with June.
  12. i'm so glad that friends addressing Zoey's selfish, judgemental behaviors is a theme, and not in a "but it's charming" way (for example, like in House, where it was FUN to see him be an ass). Zoey is a pretty, rich, charming girl, so it makes sense that she attracts friends like flies to honey, but thoughtful college kids learn what they really want out of friendships and relationships, and she deserves to be called out. It's unfortunate that she seems so unable to LEARN from being repeatedly called out though. Someone up thread mentioned that Aaron could defer loans while in grad
  13. so wow, I really dislike adult Kate. Watching her list off to Toby what foods their baby can eat, and repeatedly questioning whether or not she should take him was like she was talking to a babysitter, not the FATHER of the child. Maybe this is the real reason they haven't bonded. Toby is completely reasonable in having the fears and sadness he has about his son's disability, but Kate takes over so completely, even in the face of his grief, that she doesn't even allow him to BE with their child. I saw last episode's retreat without Toby as being more about him not being able to handle HER than
  14. I am very grateful that I had read the last episodes's posts and had someone mention the alternating timelines, because I did NOT pick up on it myself, and have also had a very hard time keeping track of names/characters other than Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri. When I saw the bloody queen Calanthe this episode, I had my husband pause the show to confirm if that was the same woman as Ciri's Grandmother, and told him what I had read about the timelines. then HE had an a-ha moment, and the whole episode made so much more sense with the knowledge that we were seeing different time lines within the s
  15. OMG, the note to Snake Lincoln saying "Ssssss" made me lose it. This was one of my favorite episodes of all time due to all the snake absurdity. Snake Jazz is my JAM!
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