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  1. The black didn't look as bad as I thought it would but I still wouldn't want a kitchen with black cabinets. All that copper looked nice but you definitely need to have a staff to polish it.
  2. I said the same thing earlier in the week when it was Boston. The next day I realized they are celebrating a different city each day and decorated for all of them. Much more used to them doing an entire week of each city. The flamingos though-did they do Miami or another tropical city? I don’t remember
  3. They have scheduled two weeks of reruns beginning December 21 and have moved Alex’s final week of shows to the week of January 4th.
  4. CVC

    Sara Haines: Redux

    Sarah has been chosen to host the American version of the British game show “The Chase”. It will feature the three Jeopardy Greatest of All Time champions rotating as the ‘chaser’ against the contestants. https://tvline.com/2020/11/02/the-chase-abc-quiz-show-host-sara-haines/
  5. In 2006 on the show Gameshow Marathon, Ricki Lake hosted a version of The Price is Right. Gameshow Marathon was a summer series featuring rotating Gameshows.
  6. Stephen just tweeted that he is in his office in the Ed Sullivan building. If he’s not going to tape in the theater I wonder if he’s going to tape in his office
  7. Noticed Alex didn’t shake hands with the contestants at the end of the show. I wonder if the shows on now were taped without an audience
  8. Dave was extraordinarily good at solving puzzles. Combined with his luck with the wheel he did extremely well. I didn’t find him a jerk, just a really good player who was also having an amazing run of luck as well. Sucks for the other players but sometimes that’s the way it goes.
  9. The CBS studios in New York are closed now so the show has moved down the street to the Ed Sullivan Theater and are on the Late Show set.
  10. Steven was originally scheduled to do three shows this week and take a break. I don’t know how long the break was scheduled for and if he will be back then or later
  11. I noticed Colbert is keeping his distance from the audience. Can’t say I blame him. No high fives for the front row and staying on stage at the end
  12. Andy and Anderson were doing shots during the show. Andy can hold his liquor, Anderson apparently cannot. I didn’t get the bit at first. I had totally forgotten that Barbara was on 20:20. It was a totally different show back then wasn’t it
  13. Just came on to say the same thing. They even had a promo for the all-stars a few minutes ago. Anyone know what’s going on?
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