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  1. Thanks for that link, Electric Boogaloo. That was an interesting article.
  2. I thought Turtle was going to win for sure. With Frog coming in second and Night Angel in third. I never thought Night Angel was all that great. I still can’t believe Kitty didn’t make it to the Final 3.
  3. What a complete waste of time. This season is dragging on and on. The finale isn’t until the end of May! I hope next season goes back to fewer contestants. No more of this Group A, Group B and Group C crap please.
  4. I didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would. I hated the 2 sidekicks, James & Alice, and didn’t think they were funny at all. They always seemed to interrupt at the wrong time. And I thought it was just a waste of time when they brought those 2 ladies from the audience up to do the re-creation. Jamie reading the story was funny enough to me. The porn was hilariously bad.
  5. No kidding! He used to be so hot and he looks like he has aged 5 to 10 years! You know that expression "Rode hard & put away wet?" That's him to a T. I swore I heard Jared still reading the letter out loud when Amber & Justin were walking around looking for a place to talk. Anyone else?
  6. I think Jared is really hot but when I saw this picture I laughed and laughed. Those of you that saw "Team America: World Police" will appreciate this. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CLbzQJaUAAAmX5g.jpg
  7. I don't see what is so special about Samantha. She does have amazing eyes but that's about it. Her constant hair flipping and giggling is annoying. And did Dan say at the end in his TH he wanted to get to know her better or was I just hearing things? Carly's constant giggling grates too.
  8. That was friggin' sweet. How long ago was that? Nick looks totally different now. Did not recognize him at first. To me the hottest guy on there is Jared. He may have fangs and wackadoodle facial hair but he floats my boat. He's very dull though. Jade is right up his alley.
  9. There were a lot of things I didn't understand in this episode. If JJ was leaving why was he allowed to give out a rose? Why did Dan consult with Carly before he gave out his rose? Carly of all people! That was just weird. Dan really surprised me when he gave his rose to Amber though. If everyone was so concerned about Whoolia why didn't Jared give her his rose and let Ashley go? He doesn't like her anyway. And why on earth did they bring back Mikey? I was glad that Whoolia was finally hitting the road and here she comes right back again. And all this crap about a connection or a
  10. Samantha reminds me of actress Veronica Hamel.
  11. Why would you wear high heels on a beach? I thought the sandals some of the girls wore were way cuter. Andromeda, I could totally see Jillian and Mike together.
  12. I don't get all the Jade love either. I don't think she's all that attractive and I find her boring. Ashley & her sister are both irritating. The whining, the crying...everything. They both act like they are 12. And if I were Ashley I would stop talking about my Princess Jasmine obsession. Not exactly a turn on.
  13. Britt AND Kaitlyn? No. I even thought I heard some boos in there for Britt. I saw Jade & Samantha sitting with Ashley S. So, after Chris asked Ashley about being on Bachelors in Paradise again I figured Jade or Sam would be announced as Bachelorette.
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