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  1. I appreciate White Josh's perspective, as well. Yeah, Rebecca is the lead and sitcommy will-they-or-won't-they romances are a common trope for lead characters but I wonder if the writers are toeing the the machismo line a bit with her love interests. It's been my personal, though not entirely unfounded, observation that a fair number of guys find "neediness" attractive. The less independent (or clingy, fawning, etc.) the woman, the more attractive she becomes to insecure men. The show hasn't yet anvil-ed us with this relationship dynamic, but IMO at least, it's present.
  2. I recall the S1 off screen drama between Archie and Jughead stemming from a planned road trip Archie forgot about. Was Jughead going to drive them both around for the entire trip? Jughead drove his drunk dad home last season but that only implies having a license to drive.
  3. Just had a thought... What if Jon and Co. run into - and bring back - Benjen to Kings Landing?? Since they've brought back almost everybody else from S1, his actor may as well make an appearance too.
  4. I think we may find out why Jon was resurrected with this second NOTW storyline. It'd be an interesting twist if he were unaffected by nightwalkers. Meanwhile, where's Theon and the rest of the Ironborn? Are they getting Yara back this season? Hope they can rescue Ellaria along with her.
  5. Despite the consequences, I'm glad Danaerys listened to Tyrion instead of Olenna & Co. because she needs to be at homebase when Jon shows up. The iron throne will mean next to nothing in one short season. Conversely, this show hasn't managed to gut-punch me like this in years. Nymeria. Yara's face after Theon's dick move. Jorah writing his suicide note to his Khaleesi. Hot Pie! GoT fired on all cylinders with this one.
  6. Cheryl was absolutely the best part of the episode to me. Giving her brooch to Jughead so he could pawn it for burgers and 'S' t-shirts? Pure awesome. Then she turns around and sets her damn house of fire. Cheryl is this generation's Kimberly Shaw, and I couldn't get enough of Melrose Place back in the 90's so I'm looking forward to see where they're taking her character in S2.
  7. Is the audience to interpret at least part of FP's story as factual? If so, then he admitted to abducting Jason, then ransoming him to his father, IIRC. Apparently, Mr. Blossom shows up to "pay", then shoots his kid in the head, leaving FP to clean up the mess. FP then dumps the body in the river after law enforcement has already dragged it for a body. Hopefully, whatever happened will be further confirmed next week.
  8. I don't know... I'm not disappointed with the new season so far as much as I'm just fed up with Jane. Gina Rodriguez is incredible and does her damnedest with the role but Jane is still the weakest link for me, ironically. Too much of the "straight man", IMO, and the other characters are less interesting to me when they're in her orbit. Jaime Camil is the star of this show in my mind and is the main reason I keep coming back. I like Bridget Regan in whatever I've seen her in, so I look forward to her performance as JtV's Bond villain. Yael Groblas is consistently entertaining, as well. S
  9. Roose Bolton is a bear-poker and therefore, much stupider than I ever would have given him credit for. Melisandre's moping was getting on my nerves so I'm glad she got up and did something productive. What other reason did they have not to throw her a$$ out, otherwise? Jon's resurrection-face scared the crap out of me. LOL.
  10. Honestly, just have all parties go to court for visitation rights for Mateo. I could care less who Jane's eternal luv is. Both she and Rafael are guilty of using the kid as a bargaining chip and it paints them both in an unattractive light. Jane, no one asked you to throw a party for Petra and the person responsible for pushing Alba down the stairs is behind bars. I'd feel les apathetic about the sanctimony I Jane didn't lord it over people.
  11. Adam Rodriguez is phoning in this role, IMO. I do think he was better when he shared scenes with others aside from just Jane/Gina Rodriguez, but maybe he's as dispassionate about this storyline as I am. I'm all in for Jaime Camil. He makes this show for me. Aside from the recent reveal about Rose/Mutter, nothing else is really holding my attention.
  12. Michael is still too shady for my tastes. Having Sin Rostro tell Nadine to ditch her cell phone as part of the negotiations so the cops couldn't track her is tres underhanded. Jane has a baby with another man she still cares about; being Mateo's sole savior didn't change that. At this point in the story, there's more at stake then this pathetic love triangle, IMO. In any case, still loving the usual suspects: Rogelio, Xo, Petra, and the narrator. Hoping for a bit more of them and a lot less of sappy Michael and neurotic Jane. Also hoping Rafael has a real chance at trying to be a good
  13. Here's what I don't get about the Watchers' betrayal of Jon Snow: if they were so bent out of shape about the Wildlings, then why open the gate to any of them? Now they've got to contend with thousands of angry Jon Snow loyalists. No wonder Maester Aemon didn't trust Alister as Lord Commander; he's fickle and reactionary. Glad to see Varys. I hope he and Brienne take the Iron Throne, together. Meanwhile, no sign of Littlefinger. What have he and Lady Olenna been up to since getting Cersei arrested?
  14. I feel the same way, for the reasons quoted above along with her dogged intrepidness, which, granted, has always unnerved me about fictional characters. Karen is the Zoe Barnes (from House of Cards) of this show, IMO. I've got three more eps to go, but I suspect her recklessness is going to negatively affect everyone around her. This is a trait that peeves me about Matt, as well. Ben was very apt about him punching information out of everyone. Try a different tact, Matty. A minor (perhaps) fourth wall complaint: Netflix on the roku is hard to hear on the best of days, but I can understand Char
  15. There was a notable close-up on the syringe while Ravi was injecting the rat with some substance before it bit him. I don't think Ravi will turn. Instead, I think he's discovered a vaccine against zombie-ism.
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