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  1. Ummmmmm............ Alex Wong. Is so many shades of awesome. Lord, have mercy. I NEED to have his babies. That's all I got.
  2. How much control do the dancers have over things like costuming, choreography, and props? I caught on immediately that it was a saxophone in the song that Megz danced to, but the choreographer handed her a trumpet. What was she supposed to do? Neither Travis nor Twitch caught it. What could she do about the tightness of her pants? Ok, enough rant, some thought on the dancing: JJ and Kate's routine was cute and fun, but very light on content. I think they did what they could with it. Ariana and Alexia (I think) had the makings of a very cool routine. I agree that they could hav
  3. It was! I thought it strange that no one came running to check on the awful racket coming from Trant's chamber. I guess staff have learned to turn a deaf ear as well as a blind eye.
  4. It's pretty funny when sellswords get up on their high horses. When your hired murderers are disgusted by you, you have really done a very shitty thing.
  5. If Dani had paid money for the Unsullied, she'd be entitled to a refund.
  6. Anybody else think that after tonight's episode there's no more money for special effects for what's left of the season?
  7. All that crazy, over the top CGI battle action put me in the mind of some kind of barbarian zombie video game! I was exhausted by the time it was over. Tonight was the first time that my friend that I watch with and I didn't really discuss the episode after. We were totally gobsmacked.
  8. I just saw the professional cuddler on the encore show. Based on everyone's position on the sofa, does that mean that the rest are Mel B's bitches?
  9. I was so glad to see Ghost, cuz Sam, bless his heart, just wasn't getting the job done. My question is: Where did Ghost go afterward? He seemed to just....vanish.
  10. Sansa to Myranda: "I'm Sansa Stark, BITCH." She was back to her original beautiful red color, which, to me, was like a return to her former vulnerable state. Up until the moment that THAT happened, I just knew (hoped) that there would be some kind of dramatic intervention. Brienne, Theon, a servant, someone. Of all the horrible things that have happened on this show, somehow, this feels like one of the vilest. :( Just before it happened, my friend reminded me that anything could happen to anyone at any time on this show. Damn. The Sand Snakes indeed are lame. The fight scen
  11. The bottom of her lingerie ensemble was..........................unfortunate.
  12. I was really disappointed in how the show ended up portraying Tiyanna. I was so glad that she blew off Hakeem, initially. She seemed to be a strong, independent young woman who was focused on her own life and career, not interested in or impressed by Hakeem and his connections. Go, girl! It would have been cool to see Hakeem have to man up and work to earn her attention and respect. Then, at the end, there she was, coming when he beckoned, and offering to have sex on the floor. Sigh.
  13. I love this show. So. Much. I do wish for more diversity in Valencia. Maybe this was explained and I missed it, but, why is Isabella the only brown person in Valencia? Is she adopted, like Syd? I adore her character, she's smart, resourceful, gorgeous, and has delightfully unladylike flaws: snores, chews with her mouth open. Fave moment: when Galavant tries to get Isabella not to drink out of the cup, but she protests, saying that she's already drank from it, and he just lets her continue.
  14. Here is a link to Tyra on HSN: http://www.hsn.com/shop/tyra/12936?rid=3752&query=tyra%20banks&isSuggested=False&
  15. I caught the end of the last episode. Since I haven't yet seen season three or any of this season, I'm not caught up to how the show got to the point of the Wonder Triplets trying to eradicate Papa Pop, but I was beyond pleased with his speech to Olivia and him slipping through their trap. Hee! Seeing any plan that Fitz is involved in foiled is so very satisfying.
  16. And, sadly enough, she does seem to want it, most of the time. She gives in, anyway. Sigh.
  17. Now, here is a show I would watch! Freaks in the City?
  18. Even with all his flaws and deadly training, still a better choice for Olivia than Fitz.
  19. YES! Coming here and discovering this thread has given me life! I've been catching up on this series, and just finished Season 2. I love the show, so far, but I feel that Olivia and Fitz's relationship is the least interesting part of the show. I fast forward through any scene that looks like it will develop into a sex scene. This man has treated Olivia so badly that I literally scream at my television everytime she goes running back to him. From the first episode of season one, Fitz gave me the creeps. He has such a reptilian, date rapey quality. I do not see the attractio
  20. No, you are not alone. Honestly, looking back, prom and graduation were not that big a deal. I mean, prom was pretty meh, and, sure, the diploma is important, but not so much the ceremony. If I could have gotten an awesome job like modelling where I could: a) travel, b) make good money, c) meet all kinds of people, and d) get the hell out of my small town, I would have been so thrilled.
  21. Emily comes across as confident and professional, someone who had worked to hone her craft and her style. She can really sing! My partner thomas, commented that she was on key the entire time. She is really seizing this opportunity and running with it. Kelli, for some reason, just comes across as a whiner. I think that Emil and Dariel should join forces with Lindsey Stirling. That would be a very cool act. Quintavious is a better singer than Mara Justine, but, I find his song choices atrocious. I guess they suit his voice, but the subject matter just doesn't sync up with a bo
  22. I just so want Nina Burri and Andrey Moraru to get together and make tall, intense, contortionist babies.
  23. I am totally stoked for this show! But, Fish Moody? Really?
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