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  1. Happy New Year, cyber friends! ❤️
  2. Menopause and teen daughters are not a good combination. Just saying. Anyway, Someone posted on another thread that Wanderwoman is still here?
  3. Let's not forget Michelle. JB has essentially kept a mother and daughter apart. Michelle is a nutcase and has views that we don't agree with. But from Jill's point of view, that is her mother and many new mothers really need their own mothers. Jill has been cut off from 18 siblings and her mother. Banned from her childhood home, the place where everyone meets and socializes. She can reach out to her family by text etc but it's not the same and being "part of the group." I told you guys that I was IFB and some of them practice Biblical Shunning. I was shunned. I think Derick and Jill have been shunned. Jill kinda reminds me of Nicki Grant from Big Love, when she had that mini breakdown after realizing her father, Roman Grant, put her in the book of girls eligible for marriage. The reality that she was just some girl to be sold off was a rough. Jill must be feeling like that. After being Jim Bob's little Jilly Muffin to finding out the truth about Jim Bob?
  4. True, maybe the MALES are on a payroll???? The girls just get what Jim Bob gets them.
  5. I think Jessa is worried the show will be cancelled and establishing herself on Youtube will make her some money. Not a lot but something. How much do Youtubers make? Like what does Jessa make for a few thousand views?
  6. Is this the son with cancer? I'm so sorry. Praying things will improve and your son will have healing.
  7. I think that when the kids were younger, Jim Bob and Michelle said it was ALL ministry and no payments/salary involved, making them look like ministers and martyrs. As the kids turned into adults, they figured it out, so that part I find hard to believe. Jim Bob must have a corporation and that gets payments. Jim Bob then hands out what the kid needs. A house. A car. etc. Cash would allow the kidult to be too independent. Maybe Derick was looking for some money and TLC said "talk to Jim Bob". Remember Derick said they made no money from the birth special and that annoyed him.
  8. Assuming that Jessa's closet is legit and not just for show, I'm low key impressed. If we think back a year or two ago to her filthy house, shitty pile of diapers, dust, puked on sheets, and enormous pile of laundry, she has actually improved herself. Maybe Jessa read all the negative comments about her poopy diapers and realized that she was making some PR mistakes in addition to the fact that most parents put dirty diapers in the garbage and not on display like knick knacks! Jessa really got slammed on social media for that post. I mean, we STILL make jokes about the diaper collection! Jessa seems to have changed her strategies for taking care of the house. I'm sure she straightened up for the camera but her house did look better organized, cleaner and less cluttered. She addressed her past issues with laundry overload and has fixed her system. Guys, I think we just saw Jessa learn a few things and grow up. Just a bit. These are Duggars so change is super slow but at least we are seeing something with Jessa.
  9. That blind item has to be the Duggars because it was already confirmed that Homeland Security was there, right? My guess is fraud and money shenanigans. Josh brings the sex crimes. Hope Anna doesn't go down like Joe Giudice dragged down Teresa. Teresa is a bitch but I don't think she knew much about her husband's money scams.
  10. Checking in, Fam. Ok here, I've just been so busy with work, kids etc. I type up my reports for work so when I'm done, I have to just step away from the computer. And menopause is making me feel like garbage. Trying to catch up on the posts. So sorry to read so many issues going on. Sending hugs.
  11. My opinion is that Jeremy might give Lissy a spank on the behind. NO WAY he is blanket training a baby with a fucking PVC pipe. Those Pearls are animals and should be locked up. Actually, it might be JINGER who is a non-spanker. She must've grown up seeing some horrors and might have very strong opinions on how it made her feel. And she must look at her disturbed sister Jill's instagram and feel sick to her stomach at how those boys are photographed always crying with the parents mocking them.
  12. Lauren looks happy. Josiah looks traumatized. Beautiful pictures but my opinion is that it's too much beige. No idea of Josiah is gay because I have found out in life that it's really easy to guess wrong. But I have seen on TV that Josiah is artistic and creative. Such a shame that a talented young man is stuck with some car lot bullshit and working with his molester older brother. Josiah seems like a nice guy (minus his religious beliefs which he might not even believe in). Josiah deserves better. He is one of the smarter and more genuine Duggars. He could've had a nice life. Lauren too. Yes, she is dramatic but being dramatic is one of the few things that she is allowed to be. If Lauren was able to live a more authentic life, that drama nonsense would stop because she would be able to attention for being a normal woman with talents and skills. Lauren reminds me a toddler who is frustrated and attention seeking. The two of them have too much potential for this Duggar Vortex. Josiah and Lauren depress me.
  13. I think Jim Bob might be pacing around the house tonight, yelling about getting that Stick Bug, Derick, under control. Their Duggar brand was heavily damaged with Josh. They somehow managed to slither back and now another blow by Derick, who isn't even a bio child? Jim Bob is NOT happy. Michelle is probably frantically making "sandwiches" to calm him down (brain bleach)
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