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  1. @lookeyloo I'm so so sorry to hear about your son. This is just awful. Your child. You just don't expect that as a parent. I'm so sick of cancer. It's too much. Please keep us updated. I have this long list of people that I pray for and think about...this horrible disease.
  2. Reverend Fancy Pants, The Pantress and Prop Lissy. 😁Publicity & Felicity rhyme.🤣
  3. @Temperance Yep, I think we all feel that way about many people. They have some good and then they have some bad. The kids are the real tragedy here. I hope the father can hold it together.
  4. I haven't followed the Duggars for the past week or so. I log back on and surprise, surprise, they are STILL doing an Instagram tour of California. Fancy Pants & Pantress are still out there posting foolish things. The fucking food, the selfies, the coffee, the clothes and Felicity shoved in the middle of it all. They are both appear so shallow and self involved. I would fucking run from a minister like Jeremy
  5. Wow. Thanks for the update. I guess she was filled with cancer everywhere. I read that Andrea's mom died of breast cancer. She vehemently said she would never do chemo after what her mom went through and still died. Cancer is so damn evil. I'm sure Andrea was traumatized from her mother's cancer, which led to her distrust of doctors which led to her to not seek medical help. @doodlebug Andrea was breastfeeding a 9 month old. She probably assumed she had mastitis. So sad.
  6. I think Ben has more common sense than Jessa and he is the one coaching her a bit on how to manage the social media presence. After Jessa got dragged through the mud for her poopy diaper collection, Ben might've started to realize that his Hot Duggar Girl needs some direction. Maybe Jinger gave her a few tips?
  7. What the fuck is that picture of Jeremy posing like Little Red Riding Hood???? I knew this guy was a freak.
  8. I think Jessa and Jinger are friends. I think Ben and Jeremy are friends. Jessa and Jill are "friendly" because they are sisters and live close to each other. I don't think anyone likes Derick at all. I believe the entire Duggar clan and Dugg-in-laws rolls their eyes at him. Jessa enjoys going at Jill. She is easy to upstage on social media and they are not emotionally close so it's a fun game for Jessa.
  9. I hate to say this but I THINK Anna is better at doing things with her kids. She seems willing to travel with the kids and find some people to talk with. Explore a bit. Anna might not be smarter or better educated but seems to be more comfortable around different people. Maybe a natural skills she has? her dad also runs a prison ministry and Anna said she led Bible studies? (could be true? Could be an exaggeration?)
  10. I think Ben has helped Jessa and opened her up to new experiences and ideas. Nothing really astounding (sigh) but at least, they seem to be trying. Derick hinders Jill. Whatever little skill and potential she did have is now circling the drain.
  11. Little late responding but yes, Jana is heading down that road. I actually thought of Jana too. I never watched Andrea Mills like a fan. I knew of her and her family. I'm going to keep a closer eye on him. I bet he will be remarried soon...wonder which fundie girl will be the bride?
  12. Much better than Jill laughing at her crying children. Is it the actual girls (Jessa and Jill) or is it that Derick is really nuts and has dragged a fragile Jill down with him? Ben seems far more stable than Derick.
  13. @ChiCricket I'm so sorry. So sad. I have been keeping up with Andrea Mills, the (fundie) Youtuber who died this week. She was buried today. They announced that they 10th baby was a boy. Apparently the paternal grandmother is a retired school teacher and will homeschool the kids. Husband said they will continue on as usual. They have a very large and close extended family so that is a huge help for them all. Husband said they will be using all of Andrea's videos to help him, which I thought was kinda cute.
  14. You are right. I totally forgot about Laura. I never remember that she is like another Duggar kidult. Jana and Laura are doing the pics, the photoshop and running the Insta account. Changing topics...I doubt Jana likes Josh very much. She might have "forgiven" him but that doesn't mean she likes him. I think Jana has a solid relationship with Anna. josh? I bet Jana smiles and says "hey, Josh, how's it going?" and then quietly moves away. Changing topics again, Social media assumes Jana is a doll and a loyal Cinderella. We really don't know that. Jana keeps her guard up so it really is total guessing on our part. The other girls have opened up more over the years so we do have a sense of who they are. Jana? I honestly couldn't describe her if you paid me.
  15. You are totally correct. Good pick up! Figures Josh knows his way around a computer. Ew, gross. I feel sick. Make Josh go away. 🤮☠️ That perv is photoshopping skirts on some young girls in shorts. I am nauseous.
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