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  1. I did a spit-take when someone in the newsroom said about Altamont something along the lines of: "It's as if the sweetness and innocence of the hippie movement just died." Some of this dialogue seems to have been written by a high school intern using Wikipedia as a source.
  2. Finally catching up with this show on Netflix! Glad (if not surprised) to see that I'm not alone in finding the Special Snowflake Max Braverman School of Coddling and Enablement storyline ridiculous. Apart from a couple brief forays into the world of political management, and a few mentions of her cah-ray-zee college days, we have seen NO evidence up to now that Kristina had any interest or experience with child education. Suddenly she's in charge of a large school for teenagers with emotional/psychological disabilities? Wouldn't the head of such a school need to have some kind of advanced deg
  3. To my mind the crowning moment of this storyline would be Nicole (after weeks of fanfare/buildup of course) dropping the Big News on Rick, and Rick being all "Well DUH. Why do you think I love her?" Then we could learn that all those pink and purple shirts that Rick has been wearing over the past few years have been his tentative experiments with exploring his gender ambivalence, and that Maya has inspired him to go all the way. We could follow him as he transitioned into a fabulous transgender woman (Rochelle!) and she and Maya would be the second cutest lesbian couple on the show. Now th
  4. Kelly Kruger (aka Eva, aka Mac2, aka Mrs. ChickenHead) may be annoying, but it was so funny to see her onscreen yesterday with the "models" Hope and Ivy, because she actually looks like a model -- super super skinny, delicate but striking features, reasonably graceful comportment. The other actresses/characters on this show (Hope, Ivy, Maya) are moderately to very pretty, but they do NOT look like models, at least not the kind who would be the faces of a high-end fashion house. MAYBE a Sears catalog. And they all look to be a reasonably healthy weight.
  5. This show is hilarious soap perfection right now. (And the commentary it's inspiring here is equally fab.) I wish the Y&R writers would take note! Laughing so hard at the comments on SK's shirtless scene. I still have a soft spot for him, even if he's become something of a soft spot himself. Will NOT miss the actress who plays Hope. I want to complain about how one-note she is, but the writers seem to have given her the same script every day for the past several years. No wonder she sounds tired all the time, gives her lines weird inflections, etc. How many ways can you recite the
  6. TK is only 48? He looks older. I think the actor is very appealing, but, as others have said, he'd be better as a new character. Ronnnnnn Mossssss was iconic as Ridge, and just should not have been replaced (especially by someone who is a completely different physical, facial, and vocal type). Ronnnn already looked as if he had been created by a plastic surgeon to fit the mold of the Handsome Hollywood Guy; surely there must be other men out there with similarly cartoonish features who could have slid into the role more convincingly? Is there a Ronnnn Mosssss impersonators club? Plus, the brea
  7. It would be so nice to have Raul back! I miss the larger Winters clan too. Dru (dead) and Olivia, Nathan (dead) and Malcolm (disappeared) and little Nate, and of course Aunt Mamie (also dead?). Poor Neil went from having such a large group of family and peers and now interacts only with his adult children and whatever chick he is boning. I also miss the days of black characters having interesting problems and things to do. Remember Amy and Jazz? And the other guy who was an undercover cop and had to go around in whiteface? The tribulations of Neil "Hey we're dating, now let's get married"
  8. Hi everyone! Like marshmallow, I am a lifetime Y&R viewer. The show began when my mom was pregnant with my younger brother, so I have been hearing "Nadia's Theme" since I was three. The old-time characters (Nikki, Paul, Victor from that days of Julia and the dungeon, Jill, Mrs. Chancellor) have been in my life longer than anyone else besides my parents! Crazy. There was one time -- I think it may have been when Lauren was buried alive -- when my mom actually kept me home from school so we could watch together. My grandma and aunts watched too. In any case, I have been reading and laughing
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