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  1. There was no song number this week. I am disappointed.
  2. I threw up in my mouth a little. I personally DO like the ponytail look on men. However, it has to be the right kind of ponytail. That Pebbles Flintstone look is not it. A low, long ponytail on a man (preferably dark haired streaked with gray) I like.
  3. I'm not sure how exactly this was a "tell all." Questions about babies are off limits. No new information is given. We still don't know what Robyn's big announcement was. This show was a whole lot of nothing.
  4. She then proceeds to set bread on fire while trying to toast it in her oven. That seems a lot safer than using a toaster. /sarcasm
  5. One of my uncles had 14 children. Another had 11 children. They were not polygamists. These people do not impress with their measly 9 children and 3 parents, nor do the Browns impress me with 17 children and 5 parents. My uncles and their wives all impress the hell out of me, though.
  6. No matter how they got to the point of bankruptcy, I still don't believe that when someone is already in a position of bankruptcy should that person be thinking about bringing another child into the world. Kids are expensive. I have four of them. Fix your financial issues before you bring another child into a financial mess.
  7. Hasn't Paulie worn some scrubs in some scenes? I assumed she had a job in the medical field but I could be mistaken.
  8. Not only was she told to quit her job but she was trying to adopt a baby and another wife is actively trying to get pregnant. Obviously, bringing more children into an already disastrous financial situation is a great idea. Except it isn't.
  9. Did anyone else notice that during a majority of the group meal scenes they were eating soup? If I recall correctly, it looked like the same soup every time. They either really REALLY like that soup or it's always the same group scene. ETA: Ha, I see someone upthread mentioned the same thing.
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