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  1. I can see this and I'll take your point. Maybe I'm being hard on him. I guess I'm still seeing as the guy with the bouch glued to his ass in season 1. I guess, as Kelli says...it's growth.
  2. This articulates something I remember from last week's episode that bugged me. When Lawrence and Issa went out on their date he mentioned figuring out that he was fine being someone's employee and executing someone else's vision, and he doesn't feel the pressure to be some type of leader anymore. Which is FINE. Everyone can't be a leader. Literally, everyone cannot be a boss, and bosses need employees. The majority of us are employees. There's nothing wrong with being a worker bee at all because all roles are important. However Lawrence saying it rubbed me wrong for this very point you made. Lawrence doesn't like challenge. It just took me back to where he was at in season 1. His whole 'Well I tried, what do you want from me?" attitude he took with everything. He's fine just going with the flow. He enjoys the easy road. He likes to coast. Yeah, he and Issa hashed out their residual issues last week but what happens if things get tough again? It makes me feel like 'new' Lawrence isn't new at all...just the same product in a fresh package. TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN... Molly's gonna realize sooner or later that Andrew's the only person who signed up to eat her ass. And even he's getting tired of the aftertaste. It lingers on the palate.
  3. I mean...it wasn't nice for her to have to see it, and Toby's obviously a jerk for putting her on blast to strangers like that but...damn...even Toby's Crossfit buddies are tired of Kate. To be able to exhaust people you've never even met is a hell of a skill.
  4. The way THIS show goes, Theo will be a match, and Delilah will march into Katherine's office in the middle of the day and say "Give me one of your son's kidneys. You have to! I'm sorry I hurt you but you WILL NOT HURT MY CHILD. Oh and it must remain a secret. Don't be so selfish! How dare you!"
  5. The title of this episode should have been 'Shots Fired'. I had no idea I had anything close to affection for Deja until Malik's mom called her 'that fast lil girl'. Ma'am...ma'am....throwing rocks from the porch of your glass house is an UNWISE DECISION. Deja 'has baggage'? I'm sorry, is her baggage (which was in no way caused by her) any heavier than the literal bundle of joy your baby-faced teenage son walked into the house with? I can just tell she's the type of mom to blame everything on the 'fast girls' who 'seduce' her son. She walked into the Pearsons' house and was rude from the word go. I mean, she even managed to PRAY rudely? Ma'am... When Beth gathered her with the 'raising your child's child' comment I immediately pictured the 'fight mode activated' meme. How quickly Beth went from 'open toe shoes, open mind' to 'open toes straight up your behind'. Jump out her spirit indeed..,I personally love Mama Bear Beth.
  6. The group (Katherine included) of fools has probably agreed to direct deposit 50% of each of their paychecks into Delicate Delilah (Whatever Will She Do)'s account every month. I mean, the way she has these doofuses wrapped around her finger I wouldn't be surprised.
  7. Earlier in the episode I told myself there isn't anything I want to see LESS on my screen than Rebecca's father humiliating Jack on the golf course because I was tired of it before it even happened. Then the show had its 'hold my beer' moment and had Kevin and Cass hook up. I mean, NOBODY was shocked I'm sure, but I had hoped it was still a few episodes away. Serves me right, I guess. On another note...."This one's for you, pop." That whole scene...dammit, Sterling K Brown. I did NOT need those feels tonight.
  8. And we know this show has no issue sticking Kevin with unpleasant partners. Remember the dreadful Olivia from season one? I spent so long worrying she would come back. Shudder. Teen Kevin calling to say "...oh and by the way, I eloped, can I have some money?" was hilarious. I KNEW Kate would go there with Toby about him going to the gym. I KNEW it. He knew damn well why he had to hide it from her. I'm glad she apologized, but this is definitely not the last time she'll lash out at him over it. Toby going to the gym is yet another thing that is 'happening to her'. He is losing weight AT her, apparently. I just wish she would relax just a little. Last week she looked so pretty in that dress she wore to the lunch with Toby's clients, and she looked especially stunning in the 'Manny' flashbacks with Kevin. She's beautiful, but is too angry at the world to see it. Right now she and Cassidy are fighting hard for the title of most unpleasant character. I know Kate is under a lot of new mom stress, but I can't help but think this would have been her reaction to Toby no matter when he started losing weight. There would never have been a time when she wouldn't take it personally. On another note, Randall was right to call his mother-in-law regal. Phylicia Rashad has always been beautiful, but tonight in her flashback scenes at the college with Rebecca and teen Randall and Beth... my goodness. This woman just gets better with age. The woman is 71! How many 71-year-olds do you know who could play the mother of a teenager?! Just drop dead gorgeous.
  9. Loved all the sibling bonding this week (Tess and Deja as well as the Big Three). Sometimes siblings do more than fight and resent each other. Meanwhile... A grateful Jack to Miguel: Any time you need anything, man, anything at all... My husband, the eternal class clown: "Like your WIFE?! Hahaha." I won't be watching with him next week.
  10. Respectfully disagree. I definitely don't think too many would be that up in arms over what looked to be an accidental knock, (I could be wrong but it didn't look to me like she intended to hit him,) even if it were a man. It looked to me as if she was just trying to yank her arm away and accidentally hit him. I just don't see people making that big of a fuss over it because for most of us growing up (and that child was certainly no toddler), yelling for a parent who is in the middle of a conversation with another adult, continuing to do so even after being told to hold on, and then proceeding to yank on said parent who is still in the middle of a tense conversation, would at the very least have gotten us told off. She was under extreme mental pressure and her son unfortunately added to it at that moment. I am in NO WAY advocating for a child to be socked in the mouth for disobedience or for being annoying, I'm just saying that people would probably have been just as understanding if it were a male soldier who snapped at that moment and made a mistake. That frustration was understandable, regardless of gender. And from what I've seen, people are WAY less understanding of a mother who loses control on her kid than of a father, ESPECIALLY if he's a vet.
  11. Agree with this totally. She snapped, and I think the kid was more shocked than hurt. I think the husband overreacted. If THIS is what he considers a 'ring the alarm, get out of my house' child abuse situation then he has not grown up anywhere near a West Indian/Puerto Rican/ Dominican household. Because BAYYYBEEEE.... To be honest this is the direction I was worried they would go with if Kate had a daughter. I was just NOT looking forward to her projecting and lashing out at her pretty, talented daughter, the way she lashed out at her pretty, talented mom. And God forbid if her daughter were tall and thin?! That kind of jealousy and insecurity doesn't just disappear without some deep introspection, which I don't think any of the Pearsons are really keen on (her in particular). So it will be interesting to see how she treats her son.
  12. Well that makes sense as it's pretty indicative of the fact that everyone who joins this family is expected to give up their identities/lives/relationships and focus on the family business. Who needs friends/other relatives/other people when you have the Reagans? In-laws don't even get a Sunday to themselves as everyone is expected to go to church with the Reagans, have Sunday dinner with the Reagans and basically spend the rest of the day bumming around the Reagan manor. Every single week. And they'd better like it. I remember Nicki complained about being shackled to this schedule in one episode and Erin completely guilt-tripped her until, of course, Nicki changed her mind. She also guilt-tripped her out of going to an out-of-state college, accusing Nicki of just wanting to get away from her. And this was after Nicki again complained about wanting to spread her wings and get some space from this claustrophobic family. I mean, how dare the girl try to have her own life? Didn't they all go on vacation TOGETHER once for TWO WEEKS and stay in neighboring beach houses too? You can't escape these people. I know they wrote it that Linda (RIP) was conveniently not close to her own family, (and of course neither is Eddie) so she had no reason to want a life for herself on a Sunday, but I can't help but wonder if she didn't resent being expected to be there every single Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So it makes perfect sense that Eddie was alone and escorted up the aisle by Frank. This is her life now. Her whole life.
  13. I know this show loves a mystery reveal, but if they're going the How I Met Your Mother route, dropping breadcrumbs and having us grasping at straws trying to figure out who's the mother of this child for seasons on end, only to pull some foolish switcharoo at the last second, I will SCREAM.
  14. I agree. It's not right, but sometimes people fight dirty. What I find interesting, and VERY telling, are the different reactions after the 'bombs' were dropped throughout the night. Beth apologized immediately after her anxiety comment, of course validating Randall's peeved feelings and facilitating him departing in a self righteous huff. Randall, however, unless I missed it, has YET to apologize for insulting both Beth and her students. His response after she turned up at the dinner (meaning he had got his way) was to say "I went off, I wasn't my best self, I'd appreciate it if you deleted the message." Sir, WHERE is the apology? And to deny he was steamrolling her, even when she had the receipts? Even when she listed out a mere handful of the many times she has bent over backwards to give him whatever the hell he was demanding time and time again? He just CANNOT stop trying to gaslight her. I don't think he can even help himself. He has been raised to believe he's the center of the universe and that everyone is here to make sure everything comes up Randall. He can't even see what he's doing wrong. I had to laugh at his parting shot: "I don't want to be in this house with you right now." Well good, because didn't she TELL you to sleep in Philly in the first place because she can't stand your face right now either? So now it's YOUR idea? Once again, boy BYE.
  15. One of the REALEST fights I have ever seen on TV, down to both parties being too jittery to be able to sleep properly afterwards. THIS RIGHT HERE. I mean Randall is no axe murderer, he's generally a good man, but boy do I wish he would climb down off that cross.
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