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  1. I collect vintage Fiesta. Gentrification has throttled my neighborhood and most likely the potential buyers of my building will displace me. Grieving big time...have been here 27 years and live it. Add worrying about finding a place woth the space to display some of my Fiesta and I am a wreck. Does not help that insane medical xo pays has left me with nada....no money to relocate on. I am basically on the verge of a breakdown.
  2. I have the green and crwam hoosier cabinet...it came from a general store on a lake near me. Same old story: by the time it passes to the third generation they would rather have the money and sell what was vital to their grandparents and parents. Mine holds a lot of my vintage fiesta collection. I am always thrilled to come across a fellow enthusiast. To get back to the show, I could watch a Zoey channel 24 hours a day. That girl is just the cutest kid and I love everything that comes out of her mouth.
  3. I can't keep up with all the work Kail has done on herself. When did she have her nose morfed into a snout?
  4. Now it is insane to me that termination would ever be considered an option for a Downs child. Such beautiful hearts these children I have known have. Thank you for reinforcing my belief that God or the universe carefully chooses the parents for these children. I applaud you.
  5. I love her name. Is it crazy that I care that Jinger actually did a great job with pregnancy birthing and naming?
  6. I live up the street from the (recently torn down) building Ellen White had her vision in. Tour busses would make pilgrimages and people would pour out to take pictures. For years there was a dive bar on the first floor.
  7. I have the complexion of my Irish ancestors and blue eyes with no other underlying color. Makes sun very painful!
  8. I will be 62 next month and my hair changed very young. I was coloring by my mid 20's. Three years ago I gave up and let it grow out....it is now white and I love it.
  9. I love it and want to know where she got the top
  10. If I could like this post 1000 times I would.
  11. I have. My Little Women love would not let me miss it. I really enjoyed it, but that LWL would ensure I would.
  12. Last year the side curtains on my bedroom ac just gave out. I had some sheetrock so cut that in tiles to jerry rig (side curtains are 82 bucks a side!). one day I was in the car at the bank drive through when I got a text from my upstairs neighbor. One of my two was sitting outside on top of the ac sunning herself. She had undone the tape on one side, behind the curtain where I could not see it, and made a little swinging door for herself. I have no idea how long she had been letting herself out there. Luckily I am first floor and have an awesome neighbor who got her back in, readjusted the tile the best she could, and got ahold of me right away. Side curtains are still 82 bucks and I am still too far behind after a several years long lymphatic system ordeal, so I will be jerry rigging again, using more copious amounts of heavy duty electrical tape. I am convinced people choose to have kids because they last longer. I am so sorry...I will mourn every one until the day I die.
  13. Ditto. Staring down the short barrel at 62. How did that happen?
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