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  1. Also, that "Addison" line just to dig in how she's too insignificant to get her name right. Sam and Allison suck for cheating, but Jenn also kind of just sucks in her own right so any sympathy I have is purely abstract ethics. I thought it was an interesting little move that they coded Jenn as an enemy character in the sitcom realm with her New York sports fandoms.
  2. I would need to go back for the context, but he also explicitly says that in regard to a kid as well in that episode at another point (rather than it being something cuter than him, as with the dog, it was that he didn't want anything whose needs would outweigh his). I made a mental note since I was curious if they'd explain them not having children. ETA: OH! I remember -- the Belichick hoodie was like a child to him, since he wouldn't tolerate having a real child around.
  3. The June/Nick kiss in front of Fred also felt fan-servicey to me (like that earlier 360 degree spin kiss), because holy cow I cannot imagine that being a moment real people would contemplate in a real situation like this. Fred definitely didn't have the moral grounds to be sickened by that but on a narrative level, I felt him there. Ridiculous as Serena/Tuello could or will be, if it transpires, there was a fake rumor floating around that he'd be revealed as the father of her baby, so be glad we were spared that, at least! The more I think about the last couple scenes, the more confu
  4. I.......hated it. June is my least favorite character, to be fair, so while thematically, sure, I guess this makes sense as a finale, it was just so much June and Fred and quiet talking and then grrl power murder montage. We knew Fred had an expiration date and while I'd seen spoilers suggesting the particution, for a moment during the scene with Lawrence and Nick, I was a little excited that maybe we were actually getting a more book-style outcome of Fred being hoisted by his own Gilead petard. But nope, not the show's way. As a finale, the lack of movement on any other plot thread also
  5. Besides the possibility that Serena still has some fans in Canada from her pre-Gilead days -- who support the back to the home + pro-environment message and probably chalk up the negative info as lies -- the best analogy I could come up with for the Waterford supporters is the tankies of social media. There are unironic fans of regimes like North Korea's out there on Twitter, who will praise the government and everything they believe it's done for economic justice and a clean environment, claim anything bad said by refugees is Western propaganda, etc., etc. These same kids will absolutely
  6. There's a still of Mrs. Keyes and Janine in handmaid garb in an unidentified sterile-looking location on at least one Handmaid's Tale community on Reddit -- I don't know how either get there but that basic tidbit is correct.
  7. Not exactly that, but my weird tic version of that is that in addition to doing it with the word "veneer," this is also how my brain reads the name "Vermeer." So I'd be reading about the Dutch Masters in art history in college and bam, just "VERMEER!" every time I'd encounter his name. As for quotes that have stuck, the first that comes to mind is "Is it that you CAN'T learn, or that you WON'T?" Also "It would just look too weird!"
  8. I just finished this series tonight and the last two months have been me reading the old episode threads on the archived forum and not being able to discuss theories with ANYONE because it was all in the past and anywhere new risked spoilers....felt an extreme relatability with the characters through this time gulf.
  9. Way beside the point, but I was bothered by the time discrepancy in this episode. We're told it's Edward's 21st birthday, which was in March 1985, but also that Diana is pregnant again, and Harry was born in September 1984. So is it 1984 or 1985 in show time? I didn't really see a major narrative need to fudge this, aside from Diana's pregnancy being used as a lead-in to Charles's raising the therapy idea. This is nitpicky but I'm a year younger than Harry so this particular date issue stood out to me, lol.
  10. You know, another thing about that joke and the reception of it -- in isolation, it's just a standard scene of people enjoying off-color humor, but in the context of this season, it feels like another reminder that actually, these high-class people are vulgar and crass and not collectively that bright; they just have enormous wealth and status. I spent a lot of time this episode realizing that my old sentiment of "Shut up, Philip" has transformed into "Shut up, Charles" (I did Shut Up Philip Philip in the premiere though). I mean, it's obvious, too, that Diana was basking in the public a
  11. Keo did great with Evanna and they made it to the finals, something nobody initially anticipated given his early exits and her fairly limited name recognition. The problem was they made it to a finals with Bobby Bones. They were victims as much as Witney and Milo that year. I think he faltered with Jodie, but I believe he's grown a lot as a teacher since then; he's just, like Artem, been in situations where the circumstances of winning it all are sort of beyond his control. Anyway, so on that note I was sorry to see Anne leave so early, but not surprised since she was bottom two last week
  12. As far as Johnny is concerned, I also feel like the judges are being a little overcritical, and I can't help wondering if Britt's level of experience with ballroom is entering into things. Watching her so far I'm getting the same vibes I did with Allison -- there's just something different in terms of technique and ease about those who learn as adults after years in other disciplines versus those who start as kids/teens, even with cross-training (a la the Utah dancers), and who are then tasked with teaching and choreographing for novices. On a related note, welcome back Brittany Cherry an
  13. They did have it last season; the judges repeatedly saving Ally Brooke, including over James van der Beek, has stuck with me. Unfortunately, Sean never made bottom 2 until late in the game, so it was a moot point, and same would've been true for Bobby (and Bachelor Joe that season too). At least this time the worst dancers are already landing at the bottom.
  14. I'm stuck on the show using the Sisyphus metaphor two weeks ago and then spending the last two episodes abruptly shifting gears to "okay and then the goal is cessation." I know it was Michael's language -- it doesn't per se reflect the philosophy of other characters -- but ideas tend to have been voiced by the protagonists because they're intended to be meaningful to the show's overall framework. And that imagery would have lead me to expect a conclusion that in some way suggested maybe it's always a process, and that's the reward. Someone suggested that it might have been better, or mad
  15. I am another who hated the kinda nihilistic overtones to the solution this episode implied -- the best outcome for your life is choosing to vanish into the ether, etc. Not to say this is where the door absolutely leads; it's the hint of it at this point that bothered me. However, I also hated the failure of everyone in this ep to recognize the Good Place's real problem: everything comes with no effort. Now this is something I assumed would be addressed immediately, because it's a message the show's hinted at in the past and was a key component of Brent's issues. What often makes things en
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