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  1. if scheene and whoever have twins will they name them Spring and Fall?
  2. About Ryan and Brett, I love Brett, messy and all, but if their differences are political and/or conservative vs liberal then I GET why Ryan would not want to go forward. I don't think it is all to do with model looks.
  3. I didn't prioritize how big my apartment was. I liked having a fast car. I only made enough to have to make that choice. Same Same with her clothing. I can't understand the judgement in the size or being a rental. if she had people over all the time, she'd change her priorities maybe. It's Just Choice.
  4. i think they are both interested. On her part the no kissing is a power-play, and i hate that. I look at Gil as tho he is in on the "you are the screwed dude this season" and laughing his way thru it. I hope he never gets too raped up in the myth that this is the most important event in your life. nope it is a silly reality show.I think Gil gets it.
  5. Gil did his share at the pool, behind her back,
  6. it was probably a guess it would help. It sure gave kail an ego burst. uggg.
  7. what aires? of being thrifty? buying used anything helps the environment .why bother paying full price when one can be a smart shopper? No one needs to know where you bought your designer gown. My parents became new money folk and in part it was due to Mother finding ways to look the part while she was becoming the part.
  8. i have never thought of consignment as buying something i can't afford. not in either direction, buying used or selling something expensive i don't plan on wearing again. if I aspired to hand down a wedding dress to a daughter one day that is different, but i can't see another reason to store it after wearing it once or even a few times in the case of other type expensive garments. rich folk can be thrifty too.
  9. I think it is not so much the "experts" i think there is a group of bosses that over ride matches that could work. I only say this cuz I can't see all of us (here) to be seemingly better at knowing a bad match than the "experts". I think they are instructed to make matches dramatic and explain it is workable cuz the 'contestants" a balance each other. There is something to a balancing act. My late husband and I were better together in some ways , for example my impulsivity vs his cautiousness, but it is ridiculous to think pet lovers could work out with partners that are either not pet
  10. scoot over please. i brought snacks.
  11. I adore Kayleelove. you go girl. I think she might be the smartest one of this whole sad group. She keeps my attention and knows her way around a bathtub! and YES! How does that dough boy guy get 2 hot mamas? I enjoy Alex, he appreciates his mole girl(pls have it removed I can not see your face), and she so desearves love after being brought up in such chaos. but I fear her heart getting broken.(I hate how the question of bi-sexuality being legit is being brought up and HOW it is being brought up.) I actually found myself liking some of these chuckleheads.
  12. geej

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    Jade? She had to go home cuz there was not enough chaos at Brianna/s.She should have been made to stay and do book reports on how a supportive family acts. Cray cray, but supportive.
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