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  1. I suspect she found it easier to accept bio dad (Craig) because (1) she didn't have a father already in the picture (not sure what happened between her and stepdad once Gloria and 2nd hubby separated/divorced) and (2) perhaps Craig gave her the space/time she needed to adjust in accepting her biological family. I feel for Shanara, and I can't imagine the pain she's living, and think Gloria's actions are unforgivable, but I think Shanara's approach towards Kamiyah/Alexis was a bit aggressive. I'm not sure if they are on speaking terms at the present. Sad. But it's easy to understand her anger. I saw the "Behind the Headlines" show following this movie and Craig and Kamiyah/Alexis were on the show, but Shanara declined to appear. Kamiyah/Alexis also has established a relationship with her paternal half-siblings.
  2. Were the scenes of the supporters/protestors outside the courthouse based on real events? Because one of the signs someone was holding up (in support of Gloria) said something to the effect that "bio mom was too young to have a baby." Seeing that sign took me out of the movie and made me question humanity.
  3. I'm hardly an expert on anything Royal-related, but according to this article Harry will remain a prince. https://www.yahoo.com/news/prince-harry-meghan-markle-royal-exit-frogmore-185121564.html
  4. I'm confused. Will Harry and Meghan still be called Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or will they be private citizens Harry Mountbatten-Windsor and Meghan Markle?
  5. Sounds like there is a thin line between campaigning and bribing for votes. I don't understand why nominees are allowed to campaign. I get that as a nominee you want the voting body to see your work, but campaign tactics can get real tacky real quick.
  6. I too grew up with the original trilogy and LOVED it! Saw the prequels and didn't like them very much. I liked The Force Awakens, perhaps more than most people, and was disillusioned with The Last Jedi. Have not seen Rise of Skywalker because I did not enjoy Last Jedi. I saw Rogue One and found it serviceable, though my opinion seems to be in the minority. None of the characters in that movie IMO were memorable and the best scene in that whole movie was Darth Vader showing everyone who is boss, and of course, for me, seeing Princess Leia (albeit CGI Leia). Rogue One came out after Carrie Fisher died. As a girl who grew up in the 80's and 90's, Princess Leia was my all-time favorite heroine. I had no plans to see The Mandalorian until my brother encouraged me to do so. His thoughts on the whole Stars Wars franchise mirrors mine, and he said The Mandalorian was like "the old Star Wars." I watched it after the first 4 episodes had already streamed, and I quickly binged watch it. He was right! The Mandalorian reminded me of why I love the original Star Wars. And since I've became a fan of Mandalorian, I started to watch Star Wars Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Resistance (this one feels like a kiddie-cartoon and I'm not feeling it, but I will try to finish the first season). I have not seen Solo and I don't know if I will. I've heard it was trash and also heard it was a lot of fun, LOL! I also went back and watched Attack of the Clones (which I consider the worst Star Wars movie ever) and Revenge of the Sith. Sith still holds up well considering the issues I have with the script, and oddly, Attack of the Clones was a wee bit better than I remembered, though it was not a good movie. I have tried to watch Phantom Menace but I can't stomach Jar Jar. Lord have mercy. Maybe he won't bug me anymore this time around 🙂
  7. Yikes at CATS! Not surprised at the opening US numbers for Rise of Skywalker. I had a feeling poor word-of-mouth was going to result in lower numbers than what was originally predicted ($190 million), though some media outlets are saying ROS' numbers were impacted by the final weekend for Christmas shopping.
  8. I'm almost afraid to ask this, but what is Finn doing in this movie?
  9. Last Christmas is doing so-so/underwhelming in the US but seems to be doing better (overall) worldwide. Could this movie be considered a hit/moderate success?
  10. Olivia Munn's character seemed like she was shoe-horned into the show. What was her purpose?
  11. Spoiler details for Spanish Princess 2
  12. The Oviedo scene of him getting hanged/lynched made me uncomfortable. I watched the episode on Demand and was able to FF it. Only then did I realize he was saved. Even when I went back and watched it again, I was still uneasy and it was a hard watch. I've been tolerant of Lady the King's Mother all season long up until 2 episodes ago, but yesterday I was ready for her character to die (and I want to emphasize it's the character depiction of Margaret Beaufort that I detested, not the real woman, LOL). Margaret Pole -- I still like her, but she acts put-upon at times and I find that an unlikeable trait. Why on earth was she merciful to Margaret Beaufort?? Let her get her own cup of water! Catherine and Harry/King Henry VIII. I know most of their depiction in this series was fictitious, but their final scene got my interest in a way that none of their previous scenes together have. Their marriage is starting on a foundation of lies and deceit. I cannot wait for Spanish Princess 2: Diary of a Mad Marriage.
  13. Question -- Do most movie studios rely on overseas sales to turn a profit, or is the expectation that domestic sales should do it and any overseas money is icing on the cake? At what point is a movie considered a flop? I'm noticing that Detective Pikachou (however you spell it) hasn't broke even domestically and Men In Black, Dark Phoenix and Shaft likely won't break even domestically either.
  14. Does anyone know how many more episodes are left? I feel like it's only 2 more, maybe 3. I kinda like this show in spite of its faults, but the pace . . . the pace. Maybe I'm ready for the real drama to start, but that'll likely happen in Spanish Princess 2: The Later Years. And I'm gonna take back what I said about this being my favorite incarnation of Margaret Beaufort. She has overstayed her welcome.
  15. We're getting a 2nd installment of Catherine of Aragon? That's probably for the best because there is so much more story to tell and they are still in the very early stages of the Catherine/Henry VIII story.
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