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  1. It was also nice to watch a romance set in a large city instead of a small town and not have small town ideals forced upon us.
  2. Another Hallmark book was recommended too me and while most of their books sound as bland and boring as their recent movies this sounds somewhat interesting. Jenny always dreamed of getting married at Heart’s Landing. But when she finally visits the charming small town, she’s there to make wedding arrangements for someone else: her cousin, who also happens to be her boss and a famous movie star. To keep the event secret and avoid a media circus, Jenny pretends she’s the one getting married. Nick is intrigued by this bride-to-be who starts visiting his bakery every afternoon for sweet treats and conversation. He has to keep reminding himself that she’s already spoken for. As Jenny deals with her cousin’s ever-changing demands, she tries to hide her attraction to Nick. Planning this wedding couldn’t be more complicated…and what will happen once the truth comes to light?
  3. It's been awhile since I watched Casa Vita and Late Bloomer but I have them saved to my Google Drive along with Diagnosis Delicious so I can watch anytime.
  4. I'm watching The Wedding Do-Over again.
  5. It is one that they never released. It was filmed in 2016 I think. I remember hearing about it during filming.
  6. A few of us talked mentioned it in the UP thread too.
  7. ION aired Blue Bloods all Christmas day instead of Christmas movies
  8. It always makes me laugh when they do colorblind casting for the family members in these movies. Ashanti having a white mother, Vivica Fox as mom to those obviously Eurasian girls, Tiya Sircar having a black mom and white dad in a movie.
  9. ION doesn't produce their movies in house. They just buy the rights to air some movies from different studios.
  10. I don't understand why they don't at least make holiday themed Christmas movies. Most of their Christmas movies are from cozies mysteries any way and there are whole cozy mystery series themed around Christmas.
  11. Her character was white in that movie
  12. I'm not even Jewish and I thought the same. I said he doesn't seem like a Hasidic Jew who never left a small community so I don't buy for a second he never heard Christmas carols or experienced Christmas. Especially living in NYC. And as an actor. I didn't get UP TV vibes though. UP wouldn't have acted like Jewish meant alien from outer space.
  13. At this point Hallmark seems to be catering to conservative Christians. Ironically UP which was founded as a Christian channel has always been more diverse.
  14. Its not bullying to want representation and love and respect shown during the holiday season. One Million Moms runs like a hate group under the guise of caring about the children.
  15. Yes, her sister was a bitch. Wasn't even interested in the family company until she heard about that marriage stipulation and decided to take it away from her sister. I don't visit the site anymore. Stopped visiting it when I noticed how hateful they were to gays and dismissive of POC. However they used to do reviews but then stopped doing them. Like you said they mostly just keep track of the schedule, collect ad revenue, and collect revenue from affiliate links.
  16. They didn't even try with the photoshop at the end of Snowbound for Christmas. Like all the budget went to that dogsled scene and securing the resort.
  17. A couple of years ago UP had a movie where the girl was trying so hard to form a relationship with a guy with the intent of getting married so she could take over her family's company. Well the guy revealed he wasn't that into her because he was gay. The folks at ItsaWonderfulMovie threw a fit saying the movie wasn't family friendly. The way they ranted you would've thought the movie had a gay love scene.
  18. UP will be doing movies every day starting in January. I noticed they picked up alot of the movies that aired on Pixl as well as some filmed for Pixl that never released and they'll be having premieres on Sundays.
  19. I don't understand the conservatives rational about the children to begin with because these romance movies are too damn boring for children to watch. The kids see more action on the channel catering to them! I really haven't watch Hallmark closely in a few years so this is no loss to me. I've mainly been tuning in to Lifetime, UP, and ION for Christmas movies.
  20. They're losing viewers either way. Conservatives are not the only ones watching Hallmark at Christmastime.
  21. He's from South of Nowhere and General Hospital. The acting was too cartoonish from the beginning for me. And the way they were acting like this guy who lives in NYC never experienced Christmas was ridiculous. Especially when he was practically drooling over being in a hardware store. I was in NYC this past weekend and there's plenty of Christmas spirit there. And then saying he didnt know the words to Deck the Halls because he's Jewish. Since when does being Jewish stop you from hearing a song played internationally every year?
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