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  1. I wonder just how many “cold shoulder” tops Jeanette owns. What must her closet look like?!?!?
  2. Those “cysters” need to GTF off of my screen. Vapid idiots on par with some of the Botched psych cases. I can’t believe Dr. Lee entertained these two, just to drain cysts that came back within days. What was the point of that, when there are actual people who NEED her help for problems she CAN fix?? Nose guy, for example.
  3. My step-dad was in the hospital last month, and when he had to go in for a procedure, we were allowed to stay with him in the prep area. There were only three of us (my mom, sister, and I) not a huge crowd like Jazz had, but it's not exactly unheard of. The hospital staff didn't bat an eye with the three of us in the prep room with him, but it wasn't as large as the room Jazz was in.
  4. Jazz was 17 at the time of the surgery (June 2018)- she turned 18 in October (birthdate is October 6, 2000)
  5. I'm pretty sure that was Korto, and it was gorgeous!
  6. She may speak & understand some English, but that doesn’t mean she can communicate effectively with a medical professional and cameras in her face in English. Having her brother translate wasn’t an inconvenience for Dr. Lee, especially since her nurse/assistant was clearly quite fluent in Spanish. She’s been in the US for 10 years, holds a job, and is raising her kids just fine.
  7. Grandpa is a retired physician. Not sure if they’ve mentioned what Grandma may have done professionally.
  8. Gary has Leah and Emilee, the other girl is Kristina’s daughter from her previous marriage. I believe her ex-husband doesn’t allow her to be filmed for TM, but she has appeared on their personal social media from time to time.
  9. I disagree- her mom was pretty crystal clear about “Stephan is NOT to be in my house,” and Kayla clearly knew that and willfully violated that one, completely reasonable rule. After how Stephan has treated her mom, stolen from mom, treated her, stolen from her- respecting that ONE clear rule and blowing it off right to Mom’s face- she SHOULD be put out on her ass. She was planning to move out but decided to stay at home a little longer in order to save money- well, your actions just took that option off of the table. That said, I’ll bet $$ that her mom backs off on that threat and
  10. It could very well be that if it’s not medically necessary, insurance won’t pay for it. So it’s not so much that a doctor doesn’t want to address it, but that the patient can’t or won’t pay for the cosmetic procedure. I get the strong impression that DPP does these televised or taped-for-YouTube for free in exchange for permission to air.
  11. It’s really freaking sad that the best thing we can say about him is that he’s not as big of a giagangic asshole as the abusive, drug-addicted, pieces of shit that the other baby-daddies are. But you’re not at all wrong.
  12. “I want you to treat me like an adult. I want to live on my own in my own apartment with my baby & roommate. Respect me as an adult.” ”What do you mean, if I move out you won’t pay my phone bill and my insurance??? That’s blackmai!!” Kayla, adults pay for their own shit. All of it. Shut the hell up.
  13. If my daughter got knocked up by some asswipe who justifies breaking into someone’s house and stealing from an old lady as a “whoops- I was drunk- it’s not that big of a deal,” you can bet that I would do everything in my power to help her see the light too. Threats & manipulation are about all Jessica has left in her repertoire- she’s tried being nice, she’s tried talking sense into Chloe- so far nothing has worked. No way would I buy that girl a car. No way would I spend big bucks on professional senior pictures. (A nice head shot for the yearbook & one on the wall will do just
  14. I felt that Lexi is realizing she’s in a completely different place in life than all of her friends, and also Kyler. She’s stepping up and taking care of Tobias, getting her first job, and at least trying to be a mature adult- all at a very young age. High school parties just aren’t her “thing” at this point, even though she realizes they probably *should* be something she’s in to. I didn’t see that as her playing the martyr role, more like a little wake up call that her entire priority structure has shifted. That’s not a bad thing- it’s life as a mom.
  15. I agree with you. I think Bridget is expressing her justifiable frustration with Emily in an unproductive and unhealthy way, but I don’t fault her for being upset. I have a close relationship with my daughter too- not a friendship, but a close mother-daughter bond. If she cut me out the way Emiley has, I’d be hurt too. From the sounds of it, Emiley started ghosting her Mom when Diego came along, and I can 1000% say if my daughter brought a smug punk like Diego home and started treating me the way Emiley has treated Bridget, I’d be livid too. I don’t necessarily think Emiley needs t
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