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  1. Catching up on this messy show. Here are my thoughts: Kelsey seems so awkward in her scenes where she is confronting people. The words are coming out of her mouth, but they just don't feel like they are hers (regardless, I like her better than Juliette.) Love the glam hair and the beach shots-- it is a very pretty show. The producers are going to be in a bind. They feed these kids a ton of booze, set up arguments and drama to film, and have used all of Juliette's past antics for their ratings. She became the "star" of the show after one of her past fights, if I am not mistaken.
  2. Catching up on some episodes. My thoughts: 1) Why is Heidi wearing a regular bra out to a club? This thing looks like a Sears bra, like she legit just forgot to put on a shirt. Girl needs some sort of makeover. 2) As far as Jason's strange new voice--- If I recall correctly, he only grunted back on Laguna Beach. He said maybe two actual words, and the words he said were slurry, wasted sounding. I wonder if he just became more articulate in general, and now we are hearing him speak rather than grunt like a stoned teen. It is still odd though! 3) This Caroline chick, Kaitlynn's fr
  3. Noah is giving me Goose in Top Gun vibes 🤣
  4. In wealthy families like this, it isn't that they can't pay it. It is just sometimes that parents say they would like to cover the cost of the education, and you just let them. There are so many scenarios. I wonder if Grace's DNA is on Elena from the kiss, and that is why they went straight to her?
  5. It looks like Balboa Island to me-- I am trying to figure it out too...
  6. I live in CA, and they have a cop on campus at our town's high school. That cop would have called for backup immediately and not only that; they would've done some sort of lockdown. We had a lady (with a mental illness) throw a rock at the school office's window and shatter it last year. The front desk woman in the office pushed some sort of secret button on the bat phone and within minutes the entire school was locked down (all classroom doors were locked and no one was allowed to leave where they were.)
  7. I could have done a way better job on Reese's closet! Can't believe Rachel Zoe's closet just looked so normal. Thought it would be full of chandeliers and wood. Eva Longoria's son's closet? Meh. I hated the ladies at first but they really did grow on me and I started liking them by the fourth or fifth episode.
  8. This needs to just become a game show, like, the Hunger Games type of show. Who can stay in the pit of snakes without leaving? Who will 'win'?😄
  9. Unfortunately, I knew exactly what she was talking about 😂
  10. Not typically no, but we can't say for sure-- which is why it can't be said as a fact.
  11. This is assuming they are vulnerable and doing it to survive. What if it is just a sex-positive person who enjoys what they do, and have decided they want to do it for a living? Not that this is common, but it is a possibility. Not all sex workers are slaves.
  12. Just finally getting to this episode. Leah, really? The very worst thing somebody could do to another person is to ignore them? I think there are a lot of worse things someone could do. Ramona bugs me, but she was the host of the event, and was trying to greet all of her guests. Leah, you should have been a big girl and went and found something else to do instead of assume that you needed to be entertained personally by the host. Ramona was disgusting? Is that really the word? Selfish or narcissistic maybe, but I would not choose "disgusting" . You grinding with your dress up around your
  13. Here is what I think happened: The ladies found out Denise got a million-dollar contract, or whatever it was. They found out she makes more than them. So that is number one; they were irked/jealous. Then number two: They didn't think she "earned it"-- not dressing up, not getting glam, not really caring or attending events or getting involved in the way they were (not that this is true.) I think they were on edge for these reasons. They perceived her as not "living up to" the million-dollar contract, that they feel THEY should be getting, because they gave blood,sweat and tears to the show.
  14. I just got through watching the Jeffrey Epstein documentary on Netflix, and he was doing the exact same thing while being deposed. He was pretending he didn't hear the very clear lawyer, or that he didn't understand very clear language. It has to be a trait of a...whatever they are!
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