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  1. "Is that Shawn Christian in the visual aids as Donna's new himbo? People will know him from soaps, but to me he'll always be Shawn Christian of Star Search, Tremors 3, and that one episode of the American Coupling." Where my years of binge watching TV shows fills my head with random facts also...but he was also on Friends. He played the doctor covering for Rachel's regular OBGYN when she was going through her "horny phase," of pregnancy.
  2. The whole "Kelly running the clinic," storyline reminds me of the Golden Girls episode where Rose loses her job at the grief center and wants to apply for a job as a "hospital administrator." It's completely ridiculous that someone without a degree (most likely a master's) specifically in hospital administration would even be in that position. So, Kelly has a degree in psychology and that makes her qualified? Don't even get me started on Rose who said on her resume she was a homemaker for like 30 years, wanting to run a damn hospital!
  3. I always said I wouldn't go to a high school reunion because the people I want to see and/or care about are people that I DO see on a regular basis. No idea why the gang made such a big deal about it--they all hang out together anyway! (reminds me of when People magazine is like, "The Full House cast REUNITES," yet I feel that we see photos of them together all the damn time). That "Where Are They Now," program talking about Donna's virginity was so bizarre. Why would that ever be something you would put in a program like that? And, as Tara and Sarah pointed out--who knew about that enough
  4. Are those horse pills in your pocket, Donna, or are you just happy to see me? Also, her terrible posture can't be helping her back pain either. Is Kelly's belly button peeking out of her cardigan supposed to be cute?
  5. Seriously! Even for the year this episode was in, 1998, those dresses are WAY outdated. By about 12-15 years I would say. I wish someone would choke David and Brandon with their chain-link and double, dainty necklaces (respectively).
  6. Add "cassettes," to the list of things Brandon holds obnoxiously. Donna's kissing is so gross. I wish someone could ask Vincent Young now just how awful it was. Kelly slapping Emma pissed me off. Did she slap Steve too?
  7. I don't know why the dartboard has me laughing so hard. I'm not going up to my room to watch TV or read...I'm going to play darts! "Would you like to join me in my bedroom...to play darts?!"
  8. I am behind in my podcast listening due to Christmas music, but to add to the commencement discussion, my university had a general commencement where everyone came and could sit wherever we wanted and did NOT cross the stage there. I went to a ginormous school. The separate colleges and grad programs then had their own ceremonies at different times and that's where we crossed the stage and were handed our fake diplomas.
  9. I was not only bothered by Kelly's annoying handwriting, but by the weird "Dear Valerie," on the first page. Is she writing her a letter? And, shouldn't there be more punctuation? Like a hyphen before Kelly? I don't know why I analyzed it so much but it really drove be crazy. I would have just written--To Valerie From Kelly Done!
  10. Is that floor buffer blind? I'm not one for schmoopy anniversary stuff so David's stupid picnic in the stupid Peach Pit After Dark can kick rocks. I would be so annoyed if I were Donna. You called me away from studying for this?
  11. I don't know why the capital L and capital Y bugged me more than anything in David's note. The woman in the red jacket in The Cleavern photo reminds me of Mary Lynn Rajskub. And who is drawn to so passionately make out with someone in clothes like those?!
  12. Kelly's "writing," would be a lot more succinct if she didn't "write," as if she was talking. Who actually writes, "I mean..." even in a journal? Speaking of writing, that dialogue between Kelly and Brandon outside the store was the worst. them just repeating each other like a couple of myna birds.
  13. So annoying to me that Kelly is wearing clunky shoes while walking on the beach. The sand, the sand!!
  14. Re: wondering why Brandon was being such a dick to Tom upon their very first meeting-- I have a coworker that is just like that. It's as if she thinks everyone has some sort of ulterior motive for every single they do (even if it's just saying,"hello.") or that they're out to get her. It's so odd, but that's exactly what Brandon reminded me of in that clip in the podcast.
  15. Forget the hair--is Claire wearing a sequined cardigan?! Seriously! Or they missed a chance for the traditional "carrying a lot of books in my arms and get accidentally bumped into they go spilling onto the floor," meet cute.
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