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  1. miamigal

    S18: Charlie White: Ice Prince

    In one of the interviews today, I forget which one, Meryl mentioned that apparently Charlie has been dying to cut his hair for years but that their coach strongly urged him not to because it was so tied to their identity on the ice. So he took one for the team. He seems really happy with his new 'do. I think it looks good, even if I do miss the floppy hair. I wonder if he'll grow it back out if they decide they want to continue competing.
  2. miamigal

    S25: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

    I think that's one reason why the radio hosts just immediately got on her case about it. I got the sense they had absolutely no respect for her.
  3. miamigal

    S25: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

    Since there's been much talk of Lizzie Grubman on this board, I thought I'd drop this radio interview Maks did today with a Texas radio station. They were talking about whether or not he'd be back next season, he was basically saying probably not, but there are other factors etc., and one of the hosts said “This goes along with my theory that if you don't come back it's because you and Meryl are going to go buy an island somewhere and just go live happily ever after.” Lizzie interrupted, said let's move to the next question, and the hosts just jumped all over her, said they would kill the interview and wouldn't promote Ballroom With a Twist, etc. She relented, the interview continued, but it was pretty awful. http://kvil.cbslocal.com/2014/06/03/audio-interview-with-dwts-champ-max-chmerkovskiy/
  4. miamigal

    In The Media: DWTS

    TVGuide just published a great interview with Maks. My favorite part: I so badly want to see this unused footage. And the dress rehearsals.
  5. miamigal

    In The Media: DWTS

    Hi! I'm new here. Anyway, I saw that, and I was cringing for them. Honestly, I'm impressed with both of them, because I would've told her off. I get that everybody wants to address the chemistry/sexual tension, but really, they need to lay off. I like how Kelly Ripa did it; she smiled at them, said "I really like you two as a couple. That's all I'm going to say." And she left it at that. Meryl and Maks looked so much more comfortable there. They beamed, had big smiles, and hugged a little closer.