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  1. Everyone keeps dwelling on "that's not how that prescription would be written"......I think that's kind of the point. Had he not realized the missing necklace, he probably would have been "caught" in about two seconds. With that being said, a little over a year ago, I broke my arm (of course, in the middle of the night, away from home). After a long E/R visit, I was written a prescription for narcotic pain killers, and we went to an all night pharmacy to get it filled. It was on paper, not in triplicate, and I didn't even get out of the car, my boyfriend and cousin went in (neither of
  2. A couple of points from my perspective: - While I don't necessarily buy in to Tamra's newfound "Christianity" the difference (as I see it) between her professed religion and Lydia's is that Tamra doesn't cite (or mis-cite) the Bible as an excuse to do or not do things, as Lydia does. - Tamra did post a picture on Instagram of her with her daughter at the graduation (I think Simon was in the picture too) so yes, she really did go. - Tamra is not estranged from all of her children with Simon. The two of them have three kids. The oldest daughter (Sydney) is the one she doesn't sp
  3. Well, to be fair to Peggy (LOL) - perhaps she thought they were all supposed to change clothes and WEAR shifts to the hospital.....although it did seem a little cool for that, as I usually think of shifts as more of a summery dress.....but......I'm not Peggy!!!
  4. Someone may have already answered this "downthread" (which would now be upthread....LOL) but in the scene where Vicki is telling Brianna she decided to throw herself a party (who does that???) she said "I decided to have a party on Saturday", which, to me, makes it sound like it was during the week right before the party that she decided to throw the party. So, long way around, I guess I am saying if she didn't decide until that very week to even have the party, it is possible that invites went out on Wednesday for a Saturday party.
  5. Sometimes I think it's better that way - I know to look for things that I would have otherwise missed (ie Kelly at the door/window making stupid faces while Lydia and Peggy were outside).
  6. I feel like I have to say this to people who will understand .... even if they don't agree! LOL 1) I think we are victims of editing on (at least) two fronts with this episode. I suspect there was a lot more conversation in the restroom than we saw. While I understand that Shannon is completely obsessed with her weight gain this season, I don't believe that the conversation in the restroom went from "Oh crap, Kelly Dodd is here" to "Kelly, I weigh 174 pounds and have 40% body fat" in 2 1/2 seconds flat. We missed something. The second editing issue is that about half the time the tr
  7. It's hard for them to have active baseball players since both the spring and fall seasons of DWTS overlap with the MLB season. So this was kind of the perfect storm this year. David Ross retired from the Cubs and is riding high on popularity since the Cubs, perpetual lovable losers were actually lovable WINNERS last season - so he was able to participate. And speaking as a lifelong Cubs fan.....I am glad he is! From all accounts (and I watched a lot of the post World Series interviews and celebrations) David Ross is just a really nice guy and really mentored a number of the young
  8. Well.....there is a 3 hour time difference.... ;-) As far as people saying that we don't know for sure that Jack is going to die this season - I don't think they knew they were being renewed before they were done filming for this year, so.....
  9. I had the opposite problem growing up - everywhere we went there was a SPACE for the personalized item with my name on it, but it was always empty. Oh the hazards of being a Kathy growing up in the 60's. And yes, my first doll was a Chatty Cathy, even though she spelled her name wrong!
  10. I follow the show on Facebook, and just saw a post that they did not get renewed for a fourth season. I must admit, I am disappointed. I enjoy this show!
  11. I think Kelly misunderstood the purpose of Anger Management classes. In her mind, Anger Management classes were to teach her how be angry. Since she apparently stopped the classes BEFORE they taught her how to beat the crap out someone, she didn't beat Tamra up. If she would have gotten to Advanced Anger Management, THEN she could have beaten Tamra up.
  12. I think my favorite part of the "How dumb can Kelly be?" tour was when Andy commented that she was the most polarizing housewife they had ever had..... And she thanked him. I guess on "Planet Dodd" polarizing is a compliment?
  13. I think it's hysterical to say that Icky wanted to slap him, but was afraid he would slap her back...... What does she think should happen? She should be able to slap David and he would just have to stand there and take it? I mean, I am not saying that ANYONE should get hit.....but newsflash Icky! If you did slap David, I hope he WOULD slap you back.
  14. I have a different take on Heather.....probably not a very popular one. SOMEONE needs to control that group, and normally, Heather seems to be the most "in control". For way too long, Vicki has been allowed to make blanket statements and just assume that everyone will accept them and kowtow to her. Finally someone is standing up and making her take responsibility!
  15. http://musclemania.com/ It takes a little digging down, but if you click on Events (I think....it's part way across on the top) and then look at 2016, you can find Orange County. There are results posted, and Tamra is on there. It actually likes a pretty big organization.
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