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  1. essinad

    S08.E02: Duking It Out

    Porsha is steady trying to lock down some NFL checks. I AM saying she's a gold-digger. It could not have been more obvious the way she was trying to move in with and get this young dude down the aisle after only a few weeks of dating. Ugh, TACKY. If she were smart (which we know she is not), she'd prey on millionaires in other fields. NFL money is volatile. And if she sincerely wants to get married, she needs to avoid the African princes. She's too dumb to hook a young professional, so maybe she should just have flings and focus on her lingerie line. Cynthia is frustrating to watch. Cut your losses. Don't worry about what anybody else is saying - just kick Peter's trifling ass to the curb.
  2. essinad

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    Thank you. As a child of the 80s, my mind immediately went to Swaggart. And he still has a television ministry to this day!
  3. essinad

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    Josh confesses (Official Duggar Family Blog)
  4. essinad

    Basketball Wives LA

    Doug is scared to leave and I can't say I blame him. Jackie would be climbing through his windows and snatching his people up for all times. Look at how she acted when Malaysia went on a pre-authorized What's Wrong With Your Girl? meeting with Doug. I think Doug has counted the costs and realized it's just... safer to stay put. Let her stay busy with her cognacs and charity events and girls' trips. And while she's occupied outside the home, Doug is truly alive. Do be have an official medical diagnosis for Jackie yet? The symptoms are delusions and profound dumbness. Is there something like that in the DSM thingy or does she have a whole chapter to herself? When her "diamond" fell out, I fell out. I've been dead since Sunday. Lawd.
  5. essinad

    Cynthia Bailey: Model Behavior

    Yeah, that's not how you kiss your niece -- or your grandaughter, Peter. Will "You Big Dummy" Cynthia wake up now?
  6. essinad

    S20.E07: Week 7: Eras

    I wasn't the biggest Willow fan, but no way she should have gone home before Chris, Noah and Robert. This is just ridiculous. I think we know the voting demographic: older women with poor judgment. Thank the lord Derek is going to recover quickly. We just don't see enough of him.
  7. I hope Kim's sober living companion knows that [Her] Sobriety is OFF LIMITS.
  8. essinad

    S03.E14: Marla's Story

    Woo. That was not a good look, Marla. That attitude is not acceptable for anyone over the age of 5. Congrats to Dr. Now, because I might have resorted to the Bitchslap Method when she was pouting and rolling her eyes at the people trying desperately to help her. I'm not convinced she is trying harder now. After Dr. Now left her house (!!!) she was back in the bed, "leg excercises" or no. If she really lost 250+ pounds she should be trying to stand up every day to build up her leg muscles for walking. Of course, I was sure she was going to be dead by the end of the episode, so... progress? Yay. Marla's daughters and Pauline's son need to get together and start a support group.
  9. essinad

    S20.E04: Most Memorable Week

    Add me to the chorus of haters of Noah's song selection. Was there no Toby Keith "Proud 'Murican" song available? Ugh.
  10. essinad

    S20: Riker Lynch: Gleeful Contestant

    He is a nice surprise. So, skinny though! R5 is him, his sister, brothers and friend.
  11. essinad

    S07.E14: Hello Mr. Chocolate

    But why did he even pick up the drill? Unless he was doing some last-minute home improvement, I'd say it was to intimidate her. Above all, though, Apollo is just plain dumb. NeNe on WWHL: I think she is saying "bridemaid" as many times as possible now, just to fuck with us.
  12. essinad

    S05.E16: First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer

    I came here just to mention this. That scene was totally bizarre and it looked like a re-shoot after the fact. Do they normally talk directly to the cameras when not on the TH couch? Anyway, that was fake as hell.
  13. essinad

    S03.E15: For Better or Worse

    Schwartzie's tie was like a Mexican charro (cowboy) tie. He should have gone all out with a sombrero and gold-embroidered mariachi suit. It wouldn't have looked any worse.
  14. essinad

    The Great Wife Swap of 2014: The Dark Wife Rises

    I think Robyn said on Twitter that Dayton is a nickname that combines his first and middle names: "David __ton". I forgot what the middle name was. She also said that he is known as "David" at school.
  15. essinad

    S05.E14: Anthropologists Move In

    Did I hear Logan say he is "not religious"? It was when they were talking about Madison's conversion. All the older kids are backing away from the trainwreck.