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  1. flyngzebra

    S04.E10: There Is My Heart

    In what capacity will Emmett be on the show? He hasn't had good connections with any other leads in quite some time.
  2. flyngzebra

    S04.E09: The Player's Choice

    I thought the ep did a good job with the sororities. Daphne gave it a go, but ultimately (decided by them) it wasn't for her. Anyone would be upset if blatantly not selected, but she was able to rise above. I am glad Travis and Mary Beth are done. Her disapproval for Travis's baseball opportunities was a little over the top. She was correct that Travis's chauffeur situation was strange, but no one should ever ask anyone to watch a ukelele circle. Also, she burned her bridges with me when she was such a shit about Bay. Would Bay have been so eager to help if she knew MB thought Bay shoudl know better?
  3. flyngzebra

    S04.E08: Art Like Love Is Dedication

    They probably didn't notice the condom was missing because his boxers hid it. I liked Mingo because he went to the health center with Daphne, and I was proud of Daphne for standing up for herself with Mingo.
  4. flyngzebra

    S02.E01: Recovery

    Topher said that the hospital does not have insurance?! That place is bananas.
  5. flyngzebra

    S04.E05: At The First Clear Word

    I thought the show handled date rape really well. The characters explained a lot of the current issues that have arisen in recent months without it being unnatural and of all the characters I think Bay, even though she's not in college, will be illustrating how a victim's life and previous choices can be dragged into these cases. I'm sure her recent felony, as well as her previous relationship with Tank and fight with Emmett will all be brought up as evidence against her trustworthiness. Vanessa M was great in this episode, and I liked the final scene between her and Daphne. I have been impressed so far, and i look forward to seeing how next week will go when more characters find out.
  6. flyngzebra

    Bad Judge

    I don't really like the show, but Kate Walsh is so charming! She deserves a great show.
  7. flyngzebra

    S01.E07: Blood Brothers

    I'm glad we got to see Dwayne/MRI guy in a previous episode. He had time to develop a personality. I'm going to miss the cranky hypoglycemic. Thanks to I-Kare for pointing out who TC's brother is. It was driving me nuts. His Step Up was the best of all Step Ups. Step Up 2: The Streets!
  8. flyngzebra

    S03.E12: Love Among the Ruins

    I'm pleased that Bay was smart enough to get the morning after pill, but it seemed a bit ridiculous that she didn't know the name was the morning after pill. And neither one of them addressed STDs at all!
  9. flyngzebra

    S03.E12: Love Among the Ruins

    Does Regina even want the Regina/Angelo thing to work?
  10. flyngzebra


    Is he as hot there?
  11. I liked where the conversation went at the end. Many shows begin the death of a young woman.
  12. flyngzebra

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Edith is the best of the daughters on Downton Abbey. She is much more interesting than Mary. I wish she could catch a break.