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  1. Joe rants. Mika rants. Joe interrupts to start a rant. Mika speaks under her breath during Joe’s rants. And occasionally they ask a guest a question that they interrupt and answer. That’s the show.
  2. Does Mika always tell Joe what he actually meant when he said something? Joe went back to explain how important Bernie was to Biden’s campaign and Mika two or three times interrupted to say “what you meant earlier...”. Since when does that happen?
  3. Mika and Joe having been speaking very loudly all morning. Makes me long for Willie’s segments and his conversational tone. Now Joe is speaking directly to Pence, who undoubtedly doesn’t care what Joe has to say. I’ve watched this show three days this week and it has given me a headache every time. I can’t believe I was ever a daily viewer
  4. Thank you. She seems to be winding herself up more and more with every passing moment. I rarely watch since their move but all the news has me back. The contrast between the lack of control from Mika with the smoothness of Willie - it’s just jarring. His control makes her look unprofessional.
  5. Serious question - when did Mika become Joe with all the yelling and ranting? Does she not realize that when she speaks over Joe we can’t hear either of them? She seems really out of control today which makes Joe seem calm and rational. And it’s only 15 minutes in...
  6. Mika sounds crazed. Joe is restrained and thoughtful. What is going on?
  7. I haven’t watched in a long time but have the show on today. Does Mika regularly blurt stuff out loud but under her breath, talking over people and making everything that’s being said unintelligible? Joe’s always done that, but Mika seemed to talk through most of what was said in the first 30 minutes. What’s up with that?
  8. I turned the show on for the first time in months this morning, just as Joe was scream ranting. What was that about? Dude, no one needs that at 6 in the morning. He did remind me of why I’ve stayed away. So, I turned on Psych.
  9. Mark Halperin. Chris Matthews. Donald Trump. All friends of Mika and Joe. All given air time and/or relentlessly promoted by Mika and Joe. All powerful men who objectified and allegedly harassed women. All defended by Mika and Joe, who blame the culture instead of the men. The culture that should be under a microscope? That at MSNBC/NBC. And Miss KYV should be leading that charge like Maddow has done by publicly taking on her network. But if today showed us anything it’s that Joe and Mika are comfortable in their rarefied world and will strike back if that comfort is threatened. I ca
  10. Joe got that from Donny, who has said it a number of times on the show and is also an outer boroughs guy. As outer borough born and bred, it’s insulting to have Trump’s psychopathy laid at the feet of an accident of birth. It also demonstrates the Manhattan media elite thinking Joe is always decrying. Joe, a hypocrite? Hm.
  11. If Ashton had three stripes, we’d constantly hear about how the stripes should be respected. It’s so awfully misogynistic this season it gives me a stomach ache to watch. And I watch to escape, not be made ill!
  12. In a new interview for PBS, Megyn Kelly calls out Joe and Mika for enabling Trump’s election and says they’re not journalists for socializing with him. As reported in The Daily Beast. https://www.thedailybeast.com/megyn-kelly-calls-out-former-nbc-colleagues-in-new-frontline-interview
  13. I am not enjoying this season and this episode only reinforced that for me. I miss the old show that had a story which the characters never seemed to take too seriously. I’ve always been interested in the core characters on this show. It’s what drew me back. But the dumb sped up action sequences and the ongoing angst have taken a toll. It’s not a show I want to watch anymore. And that seems sad yet inevitable after this half season.
  14. It amazes me how Nash will denigrate Katharine to beatify Delilah ... every single time.
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