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  1. Finding the right shoes for my Claire cosplay has been a pain in the neck. I could have been wearing my modern ankle boots this whole time!
  2. I found myself uncharacteristically doing things like talking and scrunching up the sofa pillows as I watched this episode. I take that to mean I was really into it. (But did anyone else sing "In the eye of a hurricane, There is quiet, For just a moment, A yellow sky.") My husband was worried they'd stop the season with Jamie and Claire just floating. The romantic scene "This is so cheesy but I love it."
  3. I can live with the 100 page day if they skip the Dismal Swamp. (How I hate the Dismal Swamp.) The white hair for women was only popular for a short time in the 18th century. If you look at portraits, natural colors hair predominated. I didn't mind Jamie's wig. I expected he'd wear one last season at least once in Paris. It, uh, worked well with the planes of his face. I expect some of the finery they needed for the ball may have come from the captain of the ship who had died. So, the blood scene. I found myself looking up natural anti-coagulants that Gellis might have used to keep it all liquid. How that would have smelled in a tropical environment, and the bugs. Who brings soldiers with bayonets into a governor's ball without talking with the governor first? All this said, I found I enjoyed the episode. Lots of character moments to go with the compressed plot.
  4. This is just life with curly hair. Trust me. Depending on the humidity you could have any length of hair. In damp Scotland it would look shorter. In the hotter Caribbean it will look longer. Also, with curls you reach a point where gravity beats out the strength of the curl and suddenly your hair is 8 inches longer. The thing about burning the bum roll was wondering if she actually had wool or cotton batting in it or had she used polyester. :D
  5. It was molten pewter or lead and is used to make type. It takes a while to heat up enough to melt so I can totally see keeping it molten overnight.
  6. The book Patterns of Fashion 1: Englishwoman's Dresses and their Construction by Janel Arnold came out in 1964. The outfit Claire makes looks almost exactly like something pictured in the book. In the sewing scene she has another book on the table which fellow costumers think is The cut of women's clothes 1600-1900 by Norah Waugh which came out in 1968. The open book has a diagram from an 18th century encyclopedia by Diderot and d'Alembert. (Conveniently, the later would be well out of copyright.) All this stuff is based off of surviving 18th clothing or art produced in the 18th century. That's better than a lot of costumers of any era look at. #immacostumingdork
  7. Facebook reminded me that a year ago yesterday I had the pieces of an 18th century style bodice spread all over my dining room table. I laughed until I coughed at the Batman sewing montage. Deborah Ann Woll I doing great on Daredevil. I wouldn't have it any other way. Love her character. What was I going to say about the show? The 20th century pieces seemed to slide into place. I loved ever conversation between Bree and Claire. Whoever said "Roger makes everything better", I think I need that on a t-shirt.
  8. Given the Hamilton shoutout the week before I expected at least a few lines of rap. Totally threw away their shot. During the reception a line containing the word happy happened to have Happy's face center screen. That was really funny. I loved that Princess Emma was wearing a dress in the style of a real-life princess. I also loved seeing Snow in the war council outfit. I still have the fabric for that in my hoard and now I have a clearer idea of how to adapt it for a baby-affected body. The songs. I wanted to like them but I kept cringing. Maybe I need to watch it again so as not to be surprised. Loved the wedding and the unrealness of the rooftop CGI.
  9. I'm watching this and family members keep walking in during Robin's scenes and saying "I thought he was dead." So in my brain canon Robin has an eye patch and will need to help someone escape from Storybrook.
  10. A friend says "Post a selfie" and my first instinct is to find an image of Evil Snow with a fireball. Might be time for a nap.
  11. I expected that the episode called Winter would start out the new series in a cold and dark way. The one thing I missed was that I can't figure out how to do closed captioning on Netflix. Apparently that was important to my original enjoyment of GG.
  12. I love the contrast of EQ's crazy dresses and Storybrook. Gold critiquing EQ in modern clothes was awesome too. Don't ever put down the bedazzlier Eduardo.
  13. I liked many things about this episode. Snow, David, baby Neil, Henry and Violet, Hook figuring out about Emma. I figured it was the connection between Henry and his moms that made the circle mirror at Granny's rattle. My daughter complained about the dragon without wings flying. I said "That was just a guy, now it is a dragon in a world behind the mirrors, and you are worried about the physics of flying?" Daughter "Yes." Me "Good girl." Why do people even let the Evil Queen monologue. The EQ walking in a Regina to the Charmings apartment was cool. I didn't like how she had the power to change the phone message but I loved that the walk and the flip of the hair were different. I also like how EQ seemed taken aback slightly by how everyone was reacting to what was going on. Do we know for sure that Aladdin gave up the Savior power? I wonder if he has some sort of power to get into Gold's and then set off the Abu monkey toy. It might not even be conscious.
  14. Oh. I once wondered if Rumble had somehow detected or arranged true love for Snow's parents and David's parents in order to distill even more love into Emma. He certainly had the time for such a long game even as he was working on other solutions.
  15. I wonder if a normal sleeping Snow can visit David in sleep curse fire land and vice versa. When I realized this was like Ladyhawk I though "Hey, there is a solar eclipse next summer. " Then realized it won't work that way this time. :( There was so much to like about this episode. I miss Snow and Charming adventures too! A hatch really? Really guys? In the exact spot Ruby found the jewelry box in season 1.
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