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  1. Hi, @Sydney123, I see that you made two posts asking about Alexis's retirement, and I think most folks here are all wrapped up in current auditions and that's why your posts got overlooked. Alexis actually retired after the 2019-2020 season, when she was a 2nd group leader, so she was not on the team last year. WHAT?? I don't follow the Reddit stuff (especially with all the aspersions about inaccuracies there), but I have read about and seen a few posts from someone who is super enraged at Kelcey (another poster asked about it here a few pages ago, too) for making up some boyfriend or
  2. Congratulations on your MA, @Kitkatkitty! And thanks for this list! I agree that Jenn A seems the likeliest future replacement for Kelli on our radar at this point. I would prefer her in the director role over choreographer any day, as I'm not really a fan of her choreo. She's also highly professional, impeccably trained, and a bossypants, so the hat fits well, probably. Whenever K &/or J are ready to retire, it would be cool to see the transition year(s). I'm imagining a more involved on-screen assistant director or assistant/associate choreographer where we get to see the shadowi
  3. Lovely news about McKenzie and Gina! I remember both vets and rookies cheering her on watching McKenzie in a rehearsal on one episode, and it struck me then that likely was a sign of her good vibes as well as her talent. And Gina has been overlooked as point and such, so it's nice to see her teammates giving her love and respect this way. I tried clicking on Rachel A's post shared here, where folks started saying it looks like she might retire, but all I saw was a pic with boxing bags and "Monday Mood" on it. Maybe I'm missing something? I'm a fan of hers and have been since her audition
  4. Fun game! And surprisingly challenging, in part because I'm not totally sure how to distinguish blondes from dirty blondes, especially if most of them have dark roots). I needed a lot of brunette honorable mentions. Redheads: Emma, Stephanie (from Milwaukee), Jaylyn Blondes: Kinzie, Samantha Clark, Brittney Schram (honorable mentions: Amy T, Ashely Nicole) Dirty blondes: Maggie Rouse, Sydney Durso, Cianna (honorable mentions: KaShara, Holly Arielle) Brunettes: Jacie, Sasha Agent, Bridgett (honorable mentions: Veronica Lind, Jessica Marie, Ashlee Ford, Mary, Jessica Alison,
  5. Ha--the straight bangs with the crunchy-looking curly hair was a big part of what rubbed me the wrong way about her look! But, for whatever reason, I just don't think she's pretty, and every time someone on the show or boards here would say she was, I didn't understand it at all. And then when she gained 11-13 pounds from one season to the next, I was mystified by how she made it thru auditions. Now, in an effort to connect this to the board topic (though I feel badly continuing on my not-so-nice comments streak): Alora-Rose never looked like a DCC to me, either. Aside from her bouncy hai
  6. I don't even have a solid reason, tbh. I just never liked her looks, and then there was never anything I saw of her personality or dancing that overrode my feeling that she didn't look like a DCC to me. (I get it that she wasn't featured much on the show, so I just didn't have much to go on, so this is a totally superficial, albeit longstanding, attitude on my part!)
  7. Hahaha, yes! Though I really liked Kashara at point, this is the post of posts to me. I'm a broken record about this, but I could not stand the Amy/Maddie point combo and they are two of my top three my least favorite DCC of my whole MTT career (watching since season 3--alongside Paige--but Maddie is by far the one who just rubs me the wrong way every which way possible). I wonder how Lexie feels about her slight demotion in the triangle? She is not the most technical dancer but she does have good pop and power in that DCC way. I would be very happy to see a Gina/Rachel point situation or real
  8. I'm not a huge fan of Daphne's looks--though at some angles and in certain pics I think she looks pretty--and I agree she would look better with a few more pounds on her, but I have grown to like her. I think she seems like a good teammate. She seemed so sincere yet at ease with Darian after their media test interview during TC last season. I love Alanna and would be happy to see her as a 2nd GL next year. I'd also love to see Rachel A as a 2nd. Since I just named half the 2nds I'd like to see, I'll name my other top picks: Chandi, Amanda, Kelsey--and yes, I know there only will be 4. I'm
  9. Ugh, Mama Kalina sitting on the sidelines watching and beaming at VK as she rehearses. That did not look like her final pose for her solo from the last episode--was that this year's solo on Instagram? IIRC, she has traveled in past years to an out-of-state choreographer to learn her solo. Did she fly out somewhere to learn her solo choreography during a pandemic? There are a few things I wish we were seeing this season on the show. One is, I'd like a little more acknowledgement and insight into how different this year's situation is. They're doing this compressed training camp in a so-cal
  10. Just rewatched the episode and I can't even with Marissa's stupid pageant tears of joy when she's announced for Show Group. I'll give it to her that she's a real performer, but there is something about her presentation that just seems so...constructed. I was going to say fake, but I'm not sure that's it. She just seems like she's trying to say the right things and be cutesy charming but it comes off as disingenuous to me. And her looks have not grown on me. Neal earned points with me this episode, which he rarely does. I like that he was so vocal about Kristin's solo and that he stuck wi
  11. Can someone post links to Claire and Amber's solos? If possible, thanks so much! I'd love to see them. And to whomever said they hoped Kelcey posts hers, yasss!
  12. I should have started with this thread after watching the episode rather than going to the episode thread first! All the news and tea are here. Someone posted on the other board that they thought Kristen was getting punished for bringing a social agenda to her solo, and I innocently asked, what do you mean? I did not expect the answer or fallout to be what I found here. I also commented on the other thread (in the same post) that I thought Kristen's choreography and execution looked kind of strange and sloppy, which it did. But seeing the whole routine to the music she chose, night and da
  13. I'm confused on the timing and editing of the last two episodes. Kelli was wearing her leopard print top and Judy her glam red blouse from episode 5 when they cut Meredith at the end of episode 6. So, Show Group auditions happened after Travis Wall's visit and before the MRS rehearsal visit we saw last week? I noticed at some points when MRS was talking last night, she was wearing the red tank and light earrings from episode 5 (like when she was talking about VK rocking point and how Alora-Rose just can't match up next to her). It's just weird editing to have the 2nd half of episode 5 be the M
  14. I agree about how off Maddie looked in rehearsal, but I feel like I saw the scene with Madeline M looking so off a bit differently than others did. I think it was Madeline who was in the right and Alora-Rose was off. Just because Kelli said A-R was having her own something or other while they were dancing doesn't mean A-R was doing the moves correctly--and just about everything I've seen of her pervious dancing and other commentary during rehearsals gives me no reason to think, if there are two people in the frame and they are doing different moves, that Alora-Rose would be the one doing it co
  15. Turns out there was a new episode last night. iTunes already had the episode available this morning, but it still isn't showing as one of the full episodes available on CMT. Since there is no episode thread, I'm going to post some of my thoughts about last night's episode here. It can be moved if it's in the wrong place. So, please note, spoilers below on episode 2! Loved seeing Evan Miller and his positive energy again! It was interesting that he favored both Kelly and Ashlinn--and Ashlinn got favorable remarks from Kelli or Judy, too. I am interested because I can't see yet why either g
  16. I think Madeline is very pretty! Glad to see she made the show poster this year, but the picture they chose was not her best or most flattering. She has those gorgeous bright eyes that pop against her dark hair and a killer figure. I also think the picture they chose of Savannah for this season's poster is not her best, and I think she is very pretty too, even if people go on about the size of her teeth. I was glad to see all 4 ladies they chose for the poster this season--nice that they went with ladies who often are overshadowed (Amanda is the exception and I love seeing her as the 2nd year
  17. I didn't mean to imply they're not allowed to seek feedback from others--I honestly have no idea. What I meant was they don't have DCC feedback from Kelli, Judy, or the vets (unless they have a connection to the team, which sometimes ladies do), in terms of getting corrections and feedback from people who know the choreography by heart. I believe I read earlier that current DCC Kelsey knows one of the TCCs, and she probably could have helped even on Zoom and such, but for TCCs who don't have that connection, I think it would be very tough to learn all the choreo perfectly with attention to all
  18. Love that Phil got to welcome the ladies to training camp! I won't rehash all the bubble and masks discussion, though of course it was on my mind as I watched, but I will say this: At least they put "The Bubble" in quotes on the screen when they first declared it as such when panning over the Gaylord facilities. I am glad that we got to see every group perform a dance in this episode, even if it was disrupted by the slo-mo closeups that don't show much except facials and performance energy (and flying hair and bouncing boobs). @sATL, they were not new dances, or at least not all new
  19. Oh, wow--I must have been looking at only the NFC records. That is dreadful that the Jets have 10 losses and the Jags have 9! The Jets could become one of few NFL teams to lose every game in a regular season. Yikes. I looked it up, and the Cowboys were the first NFL team to lose every game in a season (1960). Guess Dallas should be grateful that other teams are even worse this year. Seems like the shoddy NFL records and some of the critiques about game day DCC performances this season point to these being less than optimal conditions for top-notch execution of plays or dances. I get it.
  20. Interesting deets from the NYT article @dccfangirl posted on Cowboys home games this year. All Jerry Jones wants is his money. The 'Boys are dead last in their division with only 3 wins and not one team has lost more games than they have. Per the NYT: Jones’s “aggressive approach” runs counter not just to what other N.F.L. teams have done in recent weeks, but to what medical experts say is prudent public health. The number of cases in the county has jumped more than fivefold since the start of the regular season in early September, when there was an average of 1,500 confirmed infections a
  21. Yeah, still no posting for season 15 on iTunes or Amazon, and today is the premiere. Don't shows usually try to pre-sell seasons or at least promote that a new show is coming by posting the upcoming season at least a week or two before the premiere? It's almost like they don't want anyone without a CMT cable package to watch the show. 🙄 For those outside the US trying to get the show, I feel your frustrations! I remember being so upset that I could not access a Canadian show for a year after it aired, and I kept feeling like, Canada is right there, so why can't I get this on iTunes or streami
  22. To me, there are about 30 other ladies I'd rather see front and center in the photo than Maddie, so I have no complaints there. I, too, thought Alanna was too far back at first, but it's true the center girls always draw my eye. I do not think she is any kind of dog house with K&J; I think she is a team favorite, an excellent spokeswoman, and a very clean dancer with a killer figure. Marissa looks like a 12-year-old next to her. I do not find her face or personality attractive, but I will try to reserve judgement til the show. Love that Ashlee and Bri got prime spots in the photo, too. Kin
  23. Jacie and her man broke up? I stan Jacie and only want her to live her best life, so if he wasn't it, good for her. But, I'm sure there is real heartbreak in any broken engagement, even if the person realizes it's for the best, so I wish her well in mending her heart (not saying I know it's best or that she feels that way). I don't think Kelsey corrected herself with the 100 yards. I think they asked a vet the answer. Based on her total lack of knowledge about other parts of football until the first year she made the team, I'm not sure I buy that it was a brain fart. That said, I looked a
  24. It is interesting to see the lack of "power, pop, and projection" in these videos, and it helps me understand that K & J aren't just saying that all the time to hear themselves talk. These dancers need to hear it! And I agree, @Jesiklyn, that some Kitty performance training would not be out of order, even if she never comes back onto the show (which is fine by me). These videos also help me appreciate the editing work done in the audition rounds of earlier seasons of this show, which I think does make the dances look better because we see such quick splices instead of a full round of chore
  25. "I am also surprised that Maddie is so low in the rankings considering she shared the point position with Amy last year." [Not sure why the above isn't in a quote box, but it's from another poster a few pages back and I guess I copied wrong and now I can't find the original. Sorry to the original poster! I'm not trying to quote without proper credit!] I wasn't surprised that Maddie was so low in the rankings last year, because I am not a fan and I can see how judges would like her less than most of the other vets for appearance and dance reasons. What surprised me is that they chose 3 lea
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