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  1. Agreed! I also think some of those past DCC superstars we remember so fondly were such favorite standouts in part because the overall level of dance skill was less than now. There were plenty of past DCC who were gorgeous and well-trained technical dancers, but I agree that the show has brought more dancers on that elevated level to auditions and the team. Some of the past standouts and technical favorites have been local ladies from Texas and the Southwest region-- . And while the DCC have drawn candidates from across the nation and a few other countries for years, the show definitely increased the draw for beautiful and strong technical dancers from farther away. I agree that, if there is to be a DCC squad next year, it likely will be a veteran squad. And yes, it probably would keep some cheerleaders on the team who otherwise maybe would be cut, but I really love this squad and think they would make an excellent vet-only team. It makes sense, in terms of eliminating the unnecessary risk of spreading the virus at auditions for just a handful of positions on the team, because even when this isolation period ends, there still will be reason to weigh the benefits and risks of larger group gatherings. Also, training camp seems unlikely to happen at any length or intensity on par with past summers. Of course, these over the top training camps are a main factor in how they have elevated the skill and talent of the team over the years of the show to the quality they have now. I would be happy for Christina, Amy, Miranda, Maddie and Victoria to retire, though Miranda has grown on me this past year or so, Maddie surely is going nowhere because what else would she do and why give up being teacher's pet DCC, a nd, of course, VK won't be retiring before she's cover girl, group leader, and PBC. I actively like most everyone on the team, am indifferent to a couple, and
  2. Consider me on the obsessed train with that choreo and video! Agree about Maddie's faces, and while I know she was exaggerating on purpose, I've always disliked her pagent-y performance faces. They are just too cheesy and cutesy while also being really unattractive to me. All the ladies killed it, and while I'm rooting for Lily to make it back, she was the only one who didn't seem to nail it in every frame. She looks great in the post picture, though! Natural and fun. Even Meredith was performing closer to the level than Lily. That said, I have seen Lily shine brighter since she made the team and maybe she still is a slower learner and just wasn't as confident with Jen's choreo. Funny, I didn't even realize no VK. How refreshing.
  3. Malena didn't just have memory issues. She lacks some of the technical foundations and power to excel in auditions and camp. And she seems to lack the recognition that she lacks in these areas, hence her constant, "I just need to clean up those small errors and show them that I'm giving it my all," which we heard in virtually every episode. I agree that she didn't really hear the critiques in camp--and surely there were 1000 more given that we didn't see on the show. Last year, the clip of her in the kickline was painful. She looked as winded as the year before, her face looked tortured--meaning no power or projection--and her feet looked sloppy. I truly hope she's just taking these classes for fun. I don't know how someone who got sidelined dancing for the Jets thought they had a real shot at DCC, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and there's no room for competing ideas. I wish her the best, and part of that is wishing for her that she doesn't try out for DCC again. I'm still not ready to think that Bridget might not try out again this year. I have settled into the idea that Molly is retiring, which makes me sad, but I saw that Taylor posted on Molly's thread about wrapping it all up after her "junior year" saying she's still sad. So, I take that to mean Molly is retiring. She seems like she was/is a great team member. Any word about Miranda retiring now that she's married? I know DCC don't all quit after marriage, but I was wondering about her. Especially after seeing that she was one of the lowest-ranked vets at auditions last year. Someone please tell me Christina is retiring.
  4. Kyndall eventually got a job at the Star, maybe in the fitness center, but I don't recall the specifics or exact timing. I feel like this maybe was them helping her out a bit, at least until she could get another professional-track job (or maybe she decided to become a personal trainer, IDK). Just because it's not shown on the show doesn't mean that TPTB don't try to make connections for TCCs or DCCs in need of work. I think gymnastics Kat and Milwaukee Stephanie might have had jobs at the Star fitness center for a minute, too, after they left the team? I might be imagining that. Also, right when I was reading the thread about the Kelli mat talk "Cheer" style, my neighbors started fighting and I can only hear her, and she sounds a lot like Kelli, practically hysterical and shredding her vocal chords. But it's not that funny over here, because this lady is not playing and they're often fighting. I'm of the opinion that they should split up. Today, it's all, "I HATE YOU!! BECAUSE YOU DON'T CAAAAARRRRE." Time to turn up the sound on Making the Team to drown this out.
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss, @CrazyMoon, and that it was compounded by family battles. I recognize the sympathetic slant towards the widow, but honestly, Kandi's defense sounds weak to me. Why would a mother not entrust the finances, heirlooms, and schooling of her children to their father? The date of changing the beneficiaries is wildly suspicious to me, and I'd be hard pressed to think that someone who is actively dying from cancer is operating at full mental capacity. If she had been so concerned about what her husband would do with that money and her jewelry, I'd think she would have changed her policy sooner. And if she was that worried about her husband's inability to care properly for her children, including managing their finances, I would think there would have been additional legal efforts to do something about custody. But, to leave him with the care of their daughters and to take away her life insurance policy to make it harder to secure her kids' financial futures--that sounds fishy to me. But yes, as someone posted above, there likely are multiple sides to this story, as with every story. I wish him well and the best for those little girls.
  6. I'd say...about 6 months. Or whenever they release the next calendar. I'd love to see Ashlee or Kristin make the cover, and I'm guessing Kat could be a real contender (if she makes it back), as they love how photogenic she is and she has a killer figure. Have they ever had a black or Latina or Asian solo cover girl for calendar or the magazine?
  7. I just clicked on Sara Parton's Instagram after seeing @Pau84's post and she's great! I noticed that someone claiming to be a scout or something for So You Think You Can Dance responded to her post saying DM them if Sara is interested in auditioning. Is it wrong of me to hope she stays in TX and auditions for DCC? 😄 I see that she dances (or danced, don't know if/when she graduates) for UNT, where Holly Hubb danced. I know some folks on here were not Holly Arielle fans, but I always loved her. I thought she's gorgeous and always looked so crisp and effortless with her dancing. Sara falls into a similar category for me, but she might be a better dancer than Holly Arielle. Even if there were only 5 or 6 rookie spots, I'd think this one could make it. I've already stated my indifference to Bret trying out again, but I'd love to see UCLA Katy back, and she's looking very lean and more toned in the recent pic posted here, so I hope that's a sign she's worked to get fit throughout the year with an eye on auditions again. I loved her dancing, her smile, how positive and composed she was after getting cut, and how sweet she was with her daddy. I'm serious Team Katy over here! I'd also like to see some serious women of color contenders at auditions. This team is profoundly lacking in diversity--and no, Jenn A., hair color doesn't count. Added: I'd also love to see Madeline S come back and be a rock star. I loved her attitude so much!
  8. I agree about Gina's hair and makeup improvements--I think she's looking much prettier in recent pics and I really hope this helps TPTB see her as triangle worthy this season! I saw this as a recent post on her Instagram and I think she looks so much more polished and glamorous than her first couple of seasons. The extreme bleached blonde just looked so fake and like it wrecked her hair. If Maddie doesn't retire (and I've seen nothing to suggest she will), Gina making point may be a long shot, but I think she absolutely deserves to be in the primary triangle. I mean, it will be year 4 for her and she has proved herself as second leader and a much improved team member over her rookie season. Sometimes, when I watch videos of formations, it literally looks stupid to me that she's outdancing the point folks and my eye gets drawn to the side to watch Gina. I can't even see her when she is positioned behind the point. I'll never understand why they don't reserve that spot for especially tall girls--Erica W got swallowed up back there as well--and there are plenty of strong tallies for the 50-yard-line slots behind point. I think Tess or Hannah would have been better behind point than Gina. Amy was more OK there because she is a bit taller, and also because I don't really love Amy so I was fine that she wasn't that visible there.
  9. Can you elaborate on this? This is not a demand for receipts or anything--I'm just nosy and want all the tea! I keep seeing mentions of Mavs toxic girls, with Lisa's name coming up, but I don't know anything about the Mavs Dancers except that they don't exist anymore and that their director had a reputation for being, well, toxic.
  10. I would love to see both Katy and Madeline S back and be successful at auditions and training camp. I did not care for Julia from her first interview during one of the first auditions episodes, and honestly, my favorite thing about her on the show was when she dropped that F-bomb. There was something a little too orange and thin about Bret for my tastes, but she clearly is a talented dancer, even if she struggled with the DDC choreo and style. I continue to hope that Bridget isn't really retiring this year! Molly, too. I feel like they both would have shots at 2nd leader positions if they stayed. This Lisa business is a mystery to me. I want all the tea! I am struck most by the fact that none of the GLs picked her. I haven't really seen why she's rumored to be so toxic with my own eyes, but during the show, I got the sense that she is very intense and a competitive perfectionist to levels I don't personally enjoy. For me, hints of this showed when Kelli told her to chill and stop worrying about being so perfect, when she messed up her quesadilla a little and was all "don't even look at it" to the camera guy while trying to fix it, and when she praised her mom for "putting up with" her for the summer. These were just suspicions and glimpses on my part, but given the lack of stickers, I feel like I'm not totally off base with my sense of discomfort with her. I'm eager for Amy to retire. And Christina. And Maddie, except she's prolly not going anywhere. Is calendar shoot before or after auditions this year?
  11. So, who is going to break it to Bridget that she is not allowed to retire yet? I know it's not confirmed, so I'm not in full-on mourning yet, but until the word began to spread ehre, I honestly had seen her cheering for 3-5 years and being a star of the triangle and eventual point. Not giving up on my dream just yet! As far as retirees, I'm ready for Amy, Miranda, Maddie, and Christina to go, so that's my list of hopefuls. I agree Tess is not the sharpest dancer, but there's something I really like about her and I assume there's something in her personality that makes her a great leader. She's also gorgeous, IMO, and I like looking at her and watching her dance way more than Amy or sometimes Maddie. I agree with other posters that the 2nd years outshined their more senior sisters in general. Love Molly and Heather and I'm not quite ready for them to go, either. I liked this year's rookie class a good bit (though I loved the previous rookie class more and still think they rock), and to me, I think some of the bad taste folks' have in their mouths for this class has to do with all the VK ish. I mean, we hardly saw much of any rookies besides VK and Kat. I'm not a Kat hater but I'm not a lover, either. I really like Chandi, Taylor, Kristin, Lily, and Amanda, and I love Kelsey, who I think was one of the most outstanding rookie dancers and just flew under the radar a bit because she's no drama. I was rooting for Meredith, too, but I have no sense of how she did this season. Seriously, I just read all of these Current Season pages, and I still have no real idea of how the season went. It was all VK, VK, VK, and a hot second of, blah Amy is going to Pro Bowl. I'm guessing Amanda had a great rookie season, based on her positioning at the holiday performances at the Star, and clearly VK had some flubs on the field, but that's really all I know.
  12. This is what makes it cultural appropriation. Props and thanks to @hathorlive for this clear articulation and for bringing scholar Nicole Phillips to the table to offer insights into what is a complex matter and, as Phillips and others note, a fine line between homage and appropriation. I am sure that Maddie has no consciousness of what she's doing as being problematic, and I think part of the issue here--to leave the politics and long history of African American cultural appropriation aside--is that Maddie doesn't do it that well. She's good at her version of hip hop lite, but she's not great at it. And she definitely is one who does the same tricks year after year. I'd think that, after all this time, she'd be able to point her feet while doing so.
  13. I'm excited for all the rookies who made it. Good for Lily and Kristen, and they might win me over this season. I still don't know why I like Taylor, since they hardly have shown her, but she was one I was blindly pulling for this summer. I hope we eventually get to see and hear from her and the other rookies on the show, and not just VK, Kat, and those who get cut. I'm a bit troubled when people say Chandi has a "unique look" or that she made the team for diversity reasons. She is beautiful, yes, but seriously, her "exotic" look is not that "unique" in terms of global populations or even here in the US. I think that POV just shows the narrowness of the DCC look and perceptions of what an America's Sweetheart looks like. Although we have yet to see extensive footage of her dancing, I would say that she appeared to be among the strongest rookie candidates--solid training and technique, showmanship (especially that gorgeous smile), natural beauty, and in the semis episode, she seemed to catch on to the choreography more quickly and accurately than just about any other rookie candidate. So, I feel like suggesting she made it only because she's exotic or checks the diversity box is a disservice to her and to the perception that diversity only brings difference--one of the main arguments for diversity is that it can promote excellence and inclusivity. Now, as for Kat, I will have to wait and see what I think; I suspect that this is part of what went in her favor, but we've seen before that they sometimes take girls just because they are so pretty or have big sex appeal. However, it rarely is a woman of color for whom they make that particular choice, so I don't know. Maybe she miraculously started nailing all the choreo and kicks in the final weeks of camp and will be a standout rookie. Maybe she'll be a one and done. Interested to see how she does in camp...I'm just hoping that's not all we see in the next episodes. Can anybody elaborate on the rumored dislike or beef between Julia and Lisa, please? I've been intrigued by the crumbs of discord dropped here and there, including the suggestion Lisa went out to celebrate after Julia got cut. I'm more intrigued after perusing Instagram and finding a posting by Lisa that included a pic of her and Julia smiling and Julia commented on it "my loves" or something like that. And then a flattering comment on one of Julia's pics by Lisa. Are they frenemies? I feel like I just need more dirt all around on the Mavs Dancers (including Ashley and what went wrong with her in TC) and their team culture and why so few made the DCC. Whoever has tea, please spill!
  14. This is a hard challenge to pick only one in each category! So I kind of cheated... Fave former: Jacie Scott (close behind Sydney Durso, Nicole Bulcher, Holly Hubb, Lacey Munoz, Veronica Lind, & Emma Mary) Fave current: Bridget (close 2nds: Caroline & Ashlee) Grew on me the most: Stephanie (redhead from Milwaukee) (close 2nd: Tasha)
  15. M1977G

    S14.E03: It's Going Down

    Just had my first viewing of the episode--of course I'll be going back to rewatch to pick up on all the things I missed and look for the vets and rookies who were less featured in the episode. I didn't catch much or anything of Madeline M, Erin, Caroline, Daphne, Miranda, Molly, Savannah, or Tess, and I probably missed a lot of quick clips of rookies dancing as well (aside from the few who have been granted 90% of the screen time). Amy's solo was meh when posted online; it looked better chopped up and in a lot of slow-mo on the episode. I thought it was a kind of weak solo to start the whole thing. I was hoping to see some dancing and discussion of Miranda, who looked out of DCC-shape in finals photos to me, because I want to know what TPTB/judges see and like so much about her (it's always been a mystery to me) and because they cited Gabby being out of shape as the main reason they cut her. Miranda clearly was above her rookie weight last season, so I'm sure she's been on WW, and like others here, I'm curious why obvious weight gain is an issue for some vets and not for others. I'm sad about it, but I can see why Gabby was cut. 😒 Loved that Charm went to bat for several of the ladies, especially Katy. I do think that Katy would be better off taking a year to get into DCC shape rather than trying to lose weight and tone up in 10 weeks (or really, by uniform fitting, which is just a few weeks into TC). A year to do that just seems healthier and more sustainable than crash dieting and manic exercise regimes in the first weeks of TC. Of course, she looks healthy and fantastic and these are just the crazy DCC HD standards. I also want her to do something with her hair. It just looks a little stringy to me. Maybe some serious deep conditioning, some more glam waves or curls, and take out any extensions that might be in there. I really loved Katy's positivity, dance spunk and technique, and that her daddy made the trip out with her for all the auditions. So sweet! Come back, Katy! I think she would make a great DCC.
  16. Yes!! I've been a fan of Rachel A since her rookie audition, and I've always felt she gets overlooked a bit--I even overlooked her on my list (my bad!). I think she has been getting more spotlight as she enters year 3, which I am pleased to see. She made Show Group, has gotten some good calendar features, and she's been selected for some of the promo videos (like with Bradie James). I was hoping she'd be a 2nd leader this year, and if she sticks around for another year, I will keep hoping for that. She was a captain of a national championship college dance team, so she has both serious dance skills and leadership experience. Her weight has been a bit of an issue with her, I think, with TPTB, but given Miranda has been in the same boat and isn't (in my opinion) as good a dancer or as pretty and still got 2nd leader, I still wonder how/why they overlooked Rachel A for a leadership position this year. Love her shorter haircut! Oh, and Maddie's solo. Cute and she has some good moves, but seriously? It was whatever to me. Yes, it was exactly the same as last year's, down to that awkward aerial cartwheel landing in a plie with elbows on knees trying to look krunk or something. The sweat stains in her pits were not sexy and neither were all those cutsey pageant faces she made throughout the whole thing.
  17. Wow, I was sure I never would catch up on this thread! I kept reading and new page numbers kept appearing faster than I could click to the next page. And then I got to the pages of "Gina quit" hysteria, which was pretty...hysterical. Not to say my heart didn't pound a bit when the "news" first broke. But that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen and experienced on this forum. I loved it! I'm beyond underwhelmed by the Amy-Maddie point thing. And when I look at dance photos of Caroline, I keep thinking, I can't wait til this woman is in the triangle and hopefully point! That photo posted above is beautiful. She always has gorgeous lines and extensions, but that photo is fierce. I, too, love Rachel W.'s expression. She's on the edge of her seat watching her team mate. I truly do not understand selecting Maddie or Amy--let alone both of them--over performers like Caroline and Gina. Someone posted a GIF of the DCC (I think it was at Hall of Fame), and Kash's first year at triangle, Amy was back in the third row and not even on the front line of the triangle. So, I'm not sure what sense it makes for the new point to have been literally so far behind the previous point, especially as I think they were in the same rookie class. It just suggests that TPTB did not see Amy as being on par with Kash, and now she has a better spot than Lacey ever had. Puh-leaze. I am not yet familiar with enough of the TCCs (now rookie DCCs!) to weigh in on the forum question if this is the blandest rookie class ever. So far, from what Ive seen in the first two episodes (waiting for episode 3 on iTunes, sadly), it's a good thing this is a small rookie bunch. Currrently, I feel fine about Julia's cut. She's a good dancer, but I don't think she's that pretty and she looks like she's 40. I do think that the 2nd years are carrying the majority of the team's fierceness and wow factor, and it sucks a bit for them that they are backup dancers to Amy and Maddie. Hopefully, A & M at least will model excellent leadership to the more junior DCC and then both will freaking retire. I expect Maddie has nothing else on her horizon and will want to stay to be teachers' pet for a while. [Insert eye roll.] I can only hope her position at point is supplanted next year by rockstars, or at least that she is flanked by photogenic powerhouse dancers in next year's triangle. Lexie definitely is there to "pretty up" the gameday photos of the triangle, but I want some real badass dancers up there next year. This is the first year since I started watching the show I've actively disliked the selection of triangle and point girl(s), and it is a bummer. I'll be over there with @go4luca watching Bridget--and Caroline, Gina, Amber, Rachel W., Ashlee, Hannah, Cianna, Heather, Tess, and pretty much anyone who is not Amy, Maddie, or Miranda.
  18. Unpopular opinion (maybe): I think Kelsey is gorgeous and seems very sweet, but I admit I am weirded out by all the cosmetic stuff she does. Maybe if I were that gorgeous, all I'd be able to think about is what to do to try to make myself "prettier" and document it for social media, but I'm not and so I don't and her postings just leave me feeling like she's kind but obsessed with shallow stuff that doesn't actually make her more attractive. The injections, the lashes, the fake boobs, the extensions, the cellulite treatments, and the million pictures and videos of herself. I mean, she seems to have a good gig going, what with sponsorships for her wedding and lots of followers and that giant rock on her ring finger, but it all seems kind of...hollow to me. Add that to her years of vapid interview answers (50 yards, etc.), I'm left feeling like she's sweet yet shallow and isn't that interested in much that is not related to travel, her dogs, shopping, social media, cosmetic enhancements, bikini photos, and her man. That's just not that wow to me.
  19. I guess that makes it easier for VK to get in, and I suppose the upside is that there won't be that many of them. With such a strong set of 2nd-year vets, that is especially disappointing if that's true. The season preview at the start of the premiere episode certainly suggests it could be. In one quick clip, Kelli says she's not impressed with any of the rookies that night. I wonder if we'll see a team smaller than 36? What's the smallest team we've seen on the show? 32 or 34, maybe? @SmpIsimon, do you have any more details about what their weaknesses are as individuals or as a rookie class?
  20. A few years ago, I started watching on the sides of screens on the second viewing of an episodes, looking at the dancers on the side and background rather than whoever the cameras were focused on. It helps me get a better sense of all the dancers instead of CMT's favored few strugglers and darlings. Once certain girls caught my eye with their dancing on the margins/backgrounds, it became easier to spot them when the camera showed quick flashes of them during auditions and practices. That's how I started to watch both Amber and Caroline last year and became a fan of both ladies.
  21. Judy's voice is the one that praises VK for her post-pom recovery.
  22. I don't recall any SG TCCs who then didn't make the squad their rookie year--and I don't think they showed much if anything about SG in season 3, Sunni's first time trying out--but I do remember Abbigal Klein and last year's rookie Amber both getting called out after making SG. Kelli told Abbigail not long after SG that if she danced like that at SG auditions, she wouldn't have made it and that she needed to remember making SG didn't mean making the team. And last year, they called Amber out for not performing well on media training day. She was the one who got chewed out for not knowing about the discussions around flag football as a means to reduce head injuries in the sport. It was kind of an unfairly phrased question, because Brenda just said "they're talking about" flag football, which sort of implied the NFL as the "they." Such a suggestion was kind of funny, because no way are they turning the NFL into a flag league; but, really, the discussion is around flag football instead of tackle for young people. I get it, DCC should be up on such things, but that definitely was the hardest and ambiguously phrased question I heard asked that day. Anyway, they told Amber they were weren't going to send her on SG appearances yet because they worried about her ability to talk with folks and represent and she needed to work on that. I feel like Amber gets overshadowed a lot mostly because she hardly appeared on the show last year, but she is a stellar dancer, and she has beautiful eyes and an amazing figure. I was a fan last year and still am.
  23. I know nothing about her, but I am rooting for Phoenix Suns Taylor. I think I like that she really looks like the girl next door, super cute and approachable, and I think she could be glammed up a lot. I liked what little I saw of her dancing. There was real joy in it, which to me always makes someone fun to watch (hello, Bridget!). I mean, even horrid dancers are fun to watch if they're feeling it and just full of joy. Also, I think I'm rooting for her because Ashley Nicole was one of my favorite DCCs and she was a Suns dancer. So, you know, based on these hugely insightful issues, I'm hoping she makes the team! Also, I was shocked when Julia said she's 25. She looks at least 35 to me. Also also: Not a fan of Malena's triangle bikini top outfit. At the end of the episode, when they show the preview for the next week, she's on the field learning the semis choreo, and her boobs are falling out of the bottom of her top. Not a good look. I can't imagine what would have happened to her top if she were a more energetic dancer, so I guess in this regard, her softness and lack of power did her and everyone else a favor.
  24. In the meeting with Kelli, Judy, Charm, and Melissa, I actually think it sounded like Kelli saying she hoped VK came back stronger this year and then it was Judy complimenting how she recovered from her pom incident. I couldn't even watch the whole of the Eagles cheerleaders dancing with Queen. So sloppy and only half the ladies pointed their feet. Literally Dance 101. Speaking of pointed feet, super-blonde Maddie (Ice Angels) who has tried out many years seems to have worked very little on her feet. She has those gorgeous long legs but when she points, her foot is only half pointed. Since she started dance training so late, it's not surprising, but if she wants to keep going for a more elite team, I think she should take some serious ballet classes to get some of the fundamentals down. I was not a fan of the Danerys-blonde hair she was sporting, either. Very interesting and surprising that it seems to have been Kash who didn't give Jalyn a sticker. Sounds like some serious tea waiting to be spilled. So, spill, tea, SPILL!
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