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  1. Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy! Do I understand correctly that there will be 49 ladies total in camp? 20 rookies and 29 vets? And a regular team of 36? It will be very interesting to see how they come to their cut decisions so much more quickly. Given the circumstances, I think it's good that the rookies don't have to be in limbo for 8-10 weeks wondering if they're going to make the team. Jacey was one of my favorites, too--beautiful dancer. I, too, am intrigued about the conditions of her deferral! A lot of different kinds of programs are doing that, though, so I do think that a global pandemic counts as extreme enough circumstances to warrant unusual considerations that go beyond typical operational procedures. Can't wait to see the new ladies dancing and which vets rise to the top in such a competitive year! My latest group leader and 2nd predictions: Maddie (ugh), Tess, Gina, Lexie for GL; Caroline, Daphne, Ashlee, Amber 2GL.
  2. With such a large space for the wedding, I think there could have been some mild efforts to keep greater distance, if they had had real concerns about the pandemic going on yet still really wanted to have the wedding. Spread the chairs and wedding party farther apart--they don't have to sit and stand on top of each other with all that acreage. Same with the tables--have more tables and let people spread out more. So, what I'm saying is, it doesn't look like they really cared to try to limit their contributions to the viral spread even if they cut down on the guest list considerably. I agree with one poster that this is related to the culture of Texas and not all about Lacey being selfish (not saying there's no selfishness at play, though). I also think that part of their rush/eagerness to get married is that they likely still were virgins and so starting their lives together probably meant that they would get it on at last. At least, years ago when I asked someone why on earth our neighbor would get married at 18 right out of high school without dating the guy for a long time, that was their suspected explanation and decades later, it still makes sense to me (they were similarly religious to Lacey's family). No way do I think Lacey was pregnant before her wedding, even if a preggers announcement comes soon. The ways they both are so deeply religious, I would be absolutely shocked if they'd had premarital sex. Now, I'm not saying the urge for sex is a reason to throw a giant party during a pandemic, and I'm also not saying they would have reasoned it out so explicitly like that, but I feel like hormones are a factor and they now have a whole new set of activities to keep themselves occupied and socially distanced from others while isolation continues to varying degrees.
  3. Lexie seems kind of like a Celinda to me, though I think Celinda is prettier and Lexie probably has more dance skills. Still, I agree there's something off about her dancing. I could hear Judy and Kelli saying, "a little clunky," sometimes "pastel" or soft, and needing "more body language" about her dancing. This video doesn't put her on my short list of favorites for training camp--but it's fun to see what the audition videos and full choreo look like.
  4. Just got to watch season 2 for the first time. That body fat pod was wild. I also didn't understand when Kelli told Abbigail Klein she was one cheeseburger away from busting out of her shorts. I agree, it's interesting to go back & see how the sparkle & polish of the show's production has changed! I think girls from earlier seasons would have a much harder time making the team now than vice versa. Obviously, there are some rockstars would would make it any year on any team, but I think the caliber of dance & level of fitness tone are way up over the years.
  5. Very impressed with Brianna's post, which I find both honest & somewhat diplomatic--& that, I find to be quite impressive in this difficult situation. Good for her for openly addressing her struggle & her disappointment in the Cowboys organization. I agree that there is some risk to her making it back on the team now that she's issued even this small statement in a public forum, but she did so as tactfully as she could. If there is fallout from this during training camp for Brianna, I will have to reevaluate my relationship to the show & how I feel about this team (DCC, not Cowboys). I am so curious about whether they ask questions about this situation (&/or the pandemic & isolation issues) during the interviews. Much like in the spring 2016 auditions happening during the presidential campaign & someone asked Caila (& presumably some others) what they thought of some of the campaign promises & issues, I think the judges might feel like this would be an important opportunity to test their diplomacy skills & see if they feel they could trust candidates to speak on behalf of the Cowboys/DCC if they're asked tricky political or social issue questions. Side note: Can you imagine how Maddie would handle an interview question about what she thinks about all this?! Honestly, I think that, no matter what Judy or Kelli think or would want to say in this moment, they feel pressure to take the lead from Jerry Jones & the Cowboys organization. I would think that between Kelli & Judy, Kelli would be the one more inclined to make a statement, IF there was any real desire or contemplation on either of their part to speak up. This feeling is based on very little, of course, but two things that keep coming to mind when I think on this are that Kelli has a black pastor & Judy made a post in the midst of the Kapernick stuff about thinking not putting your hand on your heart & standing for the anthem is wrong & poor upbringing. Growing up & living in the South, I know how segregated a lot of churches are & I continue to be so struck by Kelli having a black pastor, that I still find myself rethinking what I had thought were her racial politics. All that said, I don't know that K or J are feeling hampered by the Joneses in keeping silent. I also will say this. There are a lot of empty statements of outrage & solidarity out there right now. While I do think those who wish to offer up their support or voices in this moment should do so & that this is quite obviously a conversation the nation needs to be having (or we wouldn't be witnessing such upheavals again or still), I do not appreciate empty statements of racial tolerance or moral outrage, & I never would believe in such a statement issued by Jerry Jones or his head office or from a lot of other teams, including most in the NFL. Based on NFL vs NBA/WNBA past actions & alliances, I'd believe & appreciate just about any statement from an NBA or WNBA team before I would from just about any NFL team or owner.
  6. Bridget was on the dance team at Arizona State before returning to San Diego & cheering for the Chargers. Kelcey danced at U of Nebraska. Heather, Megan C, Gabby, and Chandi all were on the dance team at Arizona.
  7. I just finished watching part (OK, most) of season 1 for my first time ever on Pluto & I'm just beside myself! Apparently, Nicole H. already was a rockstar vet by the time the show started. I cannot believe Megan F.'s painfully inarticulate book report on Jackie O.--just wow. It was really fun to see some of the first segments and the first MTT rookie class. Now I see what folks mean about too much focus on Jay's fitness segments. There were a lot of them! Fun seeing Larry Brown (wow!) and the other player come test the girls and Yoshiko asking what "Yee haw" means. One thing I'd love to see them bring back to the show that I saw on one of the later episodes of season 1: After each group of rookies danced on the practice field, Kelli asked the vets, "Which rookie is game ready?" Interestingly, the vets always were right about who they said--Kelli and Judy agreed with them each time. I really like it whenever we can hear vets' opinions on rookies and see them working with the rookies and groups. Whew! Watching that took up much of my morning, but I've never seen seasons 1 or 2, so it was worth the time investment, haha. But I'll have to wait until another time that season 2 comes around. I need a break! That said, season 2 is starting on Pluto now--I know lots of other folks here are like me and haven't managed to see it yet.
  8. Jacie, Emma, Olivia, Sam Clarke, Megan C, Erica, Melissa, and Holly P definitely would be in my top 10 technical dancers. I also missed the first two seasons (hence my tremendous excitement about Pluto, but I just have to catch those seasons and have, well, nothing to do for several hours when they happen to be on). That gives me someone else to look out for when I finally get to see those seasons! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the storied Nicole Hamilton and Abbigail Klein's rookie year in those seasons, too.
  9. I'm a huge fan of both ladies! Congrats to them! Has a 2nd year vet won VOTY before? I recall Heather O got it after year 3. Clearly, the team agrees that Bridgett is awesome, but this makes me feel like her retirement is more likely. I'm in mad denial about it. But I'm so glad she got such an honor from her teammates if she isn't around long enough to be point or in the triangle, 2GL, GL, etc. I agree that Kelsey was the strongest rookie dancer. She is smart, articulate, seems very mature and sweet, and a nurse (or at least training to be one and was studying for boards during training camp). She also is beautiful in a very natural and understated way--she has stunning cheekbones and her eyes really pop in photos--and is the one rookie from this year I've pegged as one I'd love to see at point. I'd love to see both Kelsey and Chandi as leaders on the team down the line and hope they stay long enough. I wonder how a certain rookie took not getting ROTY...
  10. I noticed this when I watched episodes on iTunes after they had aired on the CMT website. I don't know the reason, but it sucks, and this is why I try to watch episodes when they first come online whenever CMT is feeling generous and makes the new season episodes open access. Thank you for the Pluto discovery! I read folks talking about it here all the time, but I guess I wasn't too motivated to try until this pandemic, as I have a couple of seasons on iTunes--but I'm tired of those seasons and this is such a fun trip down memory lane!
  11. I think I remember reading here that Haley went and worked at another NFL organization for a hot minute and there was some speculation that it was part of her grooming process. Seems wild that she's one of the few first-round judges, though, especially since she has so many close friendships with the girls. I just don't see how she's qualified enough to make up for her impartiality. By that I mean, if she were an amazing dancer herself who had an eye for technique, I'd think it's more reasonable she's one of 4 or 5 first-round judges. I hope that, since they cut so many and are bringing in a more usual number to semis, that they have a guest choreographer who has worked with the team before as a judge. I really liked Charm last year and think she has a great eye for not just the excellent dancers but also the real performers, which is not always the same thing. I don't need it to be her again (though I'd be happy to see her again), but I want to hear from the dance professionals, not just news anchors and weathermen and sponsor execs weighing in on the candidates. It's one reason I hate that we hear so little from Judy during auditions deliberations in recent years. She's always focused on the candidates' dancing. Or maybe they just bring in the choreographers during training camp/finals--however they work it, I want to see the real pros give their input on both rookies and vets like we've seen the last few seasons. I like hearing from more than just than same old same olds, and hearing from the judges makes me feel like I'm getting more of a sense of what goes on in the studio than just what I see in the edited clips of the ladies dancing.
  12. I'm not convinced that marking her 35 years of service is a "thanks for 35 years--we'll miss you" crystal sign. I mean, it may be, but I would expect both K & J's replacements would shadow them extensively for at least a season before changing the guard. I imagine they would seize upon the opportunity to highlight that on the show and milk it for all it's worth. Now, sometimes people retire rather suddenly or unexpectedly for various reasons, so I'm not ruling it out, but I would be shocked if that' show the organization or Judy announced her retirement to the public.
  13. Vet of the Year: I'd love to see Heather get it a second time! Rookie of the Year: I'm going with Chandi or Kelsey. I think Lily could be a dark horse candidate, since her teammates think so highly of her, and I'm hoping it's not You Know Who.
  14. "Awkwardly uncomfortable" is on point but just scratches the surface. That Lisa video is painful and unprofessional. For someone who is coming up on her second audition, she should be more aware of her presentation and being evaluated as an ambassador/representative of the organization. She came off so ditzy and seemed nearly hysterical a few times in this video. Part of my discomfort was a new level of me wondering, what is she like in person?--which I've wondered a good bit about her before this, in part based on the mean-girl rumors but also because she came across as soooo intense to me on the show. I wanted to like her because she seems to have a lot to offer--smart, driven, biomedical engineering degree, powerful dancer, bilingual, Alanna seems to like her--but this video finally pushed me to the "no" side for Lisa and it should put her on Kelli's radar. Not only does she come off so strangely here, her outfit is ridiculous and brings me right back to wondering why/how she's not more aware that the social media postings they're doing are going to be considered when evaluating the rookies coming up on their second auditions. I mean, this is right on top of auditions, and frankly, DCC should know to treat their whole rookie year like an audition. She seems to think she looks cute and funky, but her outfit looked sloppy and far less than glam girl-next-door. Those shorts could hardly have bigger slits in them to show off more leg, the Flashdance sweatshirt with the hair and the hat looked a mess, and with those heels, ugh. Even allowing for the heels reference in the song as justification, just no. If you want to dance in heels, don't wear such hoochie mamma shorts. Don't get me wrong: I love me a Flashdance sweatshirt or T-shirt! But even with a body like hers, I would not put it together with an outfit like that, especially if someone else like my boss were going to see me in it. Guess I had pretty strong feelings about this video. 😅
  15. I AM IN SO MUCH SUSPENSE WAITING TO FIND OUT WHO MADE IT TO SEMIS! When is banquet again? I need verification that Christina is retiring and Bridget is staying for another 3 years. I really hope they give us good training camp tidbits through the summer. They can still surprise us with things in the show and not spoil it too much while still giving us glimpses of who's in camp, what they're doing, and how they're going to pull this off this year.
  16. Great list, y'all--thanks for the sleuthing and compiling! That's a pretty impressive list of potentially serious contenders. I find myself a little sad that so few spots are open this year but there are few vets who I really want to see retire. I feel like, however training camp actually will work, there is potential for a very strong rookie class. I agree with the other posters that a lot of these ladies don't look like serious candidates even just based on superficial quick glances, but it looks like there are some very beautiful dancers and ladies in the mix. I saw on the post below that they claim to have gotten "1500+" applications for round one. That seems wild, given the drop in numbers over the past several seasons and the exaggerated claims of 400 candidates each audition season. Still, I suppose a lot of folks who would not have been able or wanted to spend the $ on travel for auditions might have decided this was their cost-effective year to go for it. I'm guessing they will have ample footage for the are-these-women-really-trying-out sequence in the first episode from these submissions. Loved the post Kelly did watching one of the videos (with the cows) and hope we get more of those, too!
  17. Yikes. Agree all that tagging is a risk. Not sure how I feel about her look. She has a great figure and gorgeous hair, but the hair color needs to be something else and her makeup is too dark around the eyes and and lips and too light on her face. Maybe she's a fun makeover candidate. I can see where she could have the look.
  18. 😂🤣 I always have liked that the DCC have more than just beautiful Barbie doll lookalikes on the team, and Amy and Maddie were two I always presumed brought more to the table than just their looks--otherwise, I don't see how either made the team their rookie years. But, I also always like the idea of a point and triangle with the real "DCC look." They don't have to be glamorous, but as the prime photo op girls, they should be photogenic (how many pics of Maddie with a weird smile or all her teeth showing?), pretty or at least have that semi-glam girl next door look, and have clean lines and good curves for the photos. My list of vets who exceed these two in those categories is quite long. I'd love to see any of these girls in the triangle/diamond more than (or I guess I should say alongside) Maddie this year: Lexie, Gina, Caroline, Rachel W, Amber, Tess, Hannah, Ashlee, or Cianna. Very eager to see who GL and 2GL are this year! I predict Gina and Lexie will get the GL promotions if Miranda stays. Would love to see Ashlee, Caroline, Rachel A, and Amber as 2GL this year, though I expect only 3 new spots will be available. Unless I missed the announcement that Miranda is retiring? Looking forward to whatever we get to see of banquet this year and learning who all is retiring. Especially looking forward to Bridget announcing that she has decided to give it another year, in which case, I want to see her as a 2GL and in the triangle!
  19. That "Then & Now" video of Maddie is ridiculous--it's every clip that made her look bad and a scene-by-scene recap of her in TC for 2 seasons, and then we jump to her last solo at auditions. That's it. Why not show her getting GL! Or mentoring/working with TCCs as a vet? Or her doing anything else as a vet? Falling out at Hall of Fame week rehearsal. GETTING POINT. I mean, come on. So ridiculous to do a "Then & Now" of a rookie, and then to do a half-ass job of a longstanding vet. Weak editing. They have plenty of footage to do some great videos! All that video of Maddie did for me is remind me of two long-term things I've not liked about her dancing--her exaggerated faces she makes and her tight kicks, which still are tight (esp her left) for a vet let alone group leader and point. I won't even get started on her hip hop. They better keep splitting point if they don't want to demote her. I would be so bummed to have her entirely as point for a year or more. There are so many gorgeous and fun dancers on that team I enjoy watching so much more than Maddie.
  20. Thank you so much for posting this, @scorpio1031! I have adored Lacey since her rookie season. It's wonderful to see her so loved and happy! I see he proposed on the day my dad had a stem cell transplant, so this was in a period I was off these boards and missed all this entirely. I remember hoping to myself she wasn't marrying some tool, and this video suggests to me they really are perfect for each other. That's 1000x more prayer than I would ever want in a proposal, but that's the point: he's perfect for her and the kind of family and extended family environment she needs and deserves. Go, Lacey! I can't wait to see what beautiful children they will make!
  21. My wishlist for comeback girls in TC this year: Tied for 1st: UCLA Katie and Medeline S. Next: Gina Marie That's it! If cute Lindsey comes back a much stronger dancer, she'd be a very sweet and probably much loved DCC by her team and fans alike. I'd like to see Gina Marie and Lindsey make the team, but I'd love to see Katie and Madeline S as DCC. I like that I really only have 2 faves/significant hopefuls going into this audition, as that leaves me room to develop a handful of rookie favorites who currently are totally unknown to me and therefore will be kind of fun surprises. I am picturing that, when this airs, I'll be at next-level fatigue of isolation and anything new or exciting will be especially welcome. I really, really hope that they don't do a media lockdown on camp this summer! I would love to be able to see pictures and peaks at camp while it's going on. It would be nice to have as something fun like training camp to distract/hold my attention during all this stress and scariness.
  22. If it walks like a nepotist and talks like a nepotist...
  23. I hope Gina Marie comes back much stronger this year, too! She had a lot of performance personality last year and gorgeous eyes and hair, but she also was in way over her head in terms of skill, experience, and maturity. High school dance team captain to DCC is a tough leap to make. You basically have to have the technique and choreographic memory of a Lacey, Jenna, or Holly. Not many 18-year-olds make this team. (I never have been a Cassie hater, but I don't know that I would count her at the same level). Who are some others? Was Raylee right out of high school? Sydney? I can't remember any recently but might be missing some obvious ones. Oh, not so recent, but how could I forget: Abbigail Klein! 💡
  24. Oops--that was supposed to say "college and pro teams"! DCC is Caroline's first pro team. She was a Golden Girl at Mizzou, like Amy Trader, another of my favorites. Both incredibly smart ladies, well-spoken, seemingly well-liked by teammates, beautiful, and fantastic dancers!
  25. I'm not saying it won't happen, but they would be beyond foolish to pick VK for 2GL over women who have been captains of their college and professional dance teams and cheer squads. Daphne (who I think Kelli's had her eye on for a leadership position), Bridget (who I've decided can't retire), Rachel A, Taylor J, and Ashlee (who I'm really* hoping gets 2GL this year or next) all are much more qualified in leadership and team positions than VK. Many more DCC also have more than 1 year's worth of experience on a professional dance team, not just as DCC vets but also on other college or pro teams (Hannah, Brianna, Savannah, Caroline, etc.) I see several of her rookie sisters being far more qualified to be decent 2GLs in year 2 than VK, again, based just off of team and leadership experience (esp. Chandi & Kelsey, 2 of my favorite rookies this year who I think both would be great DCC leaders down the line). I believe VK will be 2GL and GL someday, but I seriously am hoping TPTB can see she needs time to mature, learn how to be a good team mate (which requires more than high fives and going for facials together), and learn a lot more about how the DCC function first. I would think she'll be 2GL by year 3, but I'm hoping not before year 4. Like someone said above, can you imagine VK as a leader for 4-6 years??? 😵
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