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  1. cheeztoast

    K-Dramas: 아이구!

    I've fallen down the K-drama hole on Netflix. So far I've only watched Hello, My Twenties (Age of Youth in Korea) and Let's Eat. I don't know if they are exaggerating the amount of food that tiny Korean people eat (I used to be a tiny Chinese girl, now a medium-sized Chinese lady) but it is amazing. I know I will end up watching everything that Netflix now suggests. I am doomed!
  2. cheeztoast

    Midsomer Murders

    I don't like the last two medical examiner ladies - the blonde or Cam. Or Winter. It seemed really forced to have them be good pals with the Barnabys and the sidekick. Whatevs. The last guy, Nelson, was starting to grow on me by the end of season 18. Did the actor get another TV show? I do like the current Mrs. Barnaby, don't care about the baby or the new dog. Was sad that the Sykes character got killed off. Woof! Oh dear - I'm watching ep 2 of season 19 and just realized Richard Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances is on it! "Richard!"
  3. cheeztoast

    S08.E08: Indianapolis Finals

    I don't know where I've been living for the last few years, but this was the first episode I've ever seen of ANW and I loved it. It's like "Wipeout", just not as wacky. I came in in the middle of it but I loved Murray and I'm glad Megan made it. The Tower of Power bros were super-annoying and demonstrate why hot bods aren't everything. I don't think I could have a halfway intelligent conversation with either of them. The Wolfpack were pretty amazing though I agree about the howling - it's probably even more obnoxious if you're there in person. I loved that Lorin Ball showboating and then failing within five seconds. Is breakdancing still a thing? (I'm the olds - I remember when it started.) Anyway, good times. I'm so happy I now have a bunch of other back seasons to go through - no spoilers.
  4. cheeztoast

    Escaping Polygamy

    After reading Jon Krakauer's book Under the Banner of Heaven many years ago, I've always been fascinated by the polygamy cults and everything these girls talk about is pretty much in line with what happens. Also, the Kingston clan is infamous and is considered an organized crime family by the government. I'm sure a lot of the scenes here are staged or are re-creations, but I don't disbelieve the events happened. The footage where they show Paul or some of the other leaders speaking are super-creepy. And it's weird how even though he doesn't know the names of most of his own kids, he is on cell phone contact with all of them, particularly when the siblings are reporting escapees. It's hard not to hate the moms of these girls, but I guess once you're in they do everything in their power to tie you up so you can't leave, through your ties to your children being threatened, and their safety, your lack of education and skills, etc. It's also pretty similar to the "gypsies" culture that used to be on TLC except they don't practice polygamy but do marry young. And all of them are beautiful.
  5. cheeztoast

    Midsomer Murders

    I need to clarify my comments on the addition of the odd ethnic character thrown in - of course, there should be more ethnic actors/characters, but the writers don't do it in a way that makes it seamless or not obvious, maybe because the background is so "white". Does that make sense? Are you telling me none of these villages has a Chinese or Indian takeaway? Even in the smallest towns here in the States, there is at least one Asian family running the local takeaway.
  6. cheeztoast

    Small Talk: Get Flipped by the Red Chair

    I haven't had BBCA in a while - I watch the eps on YouTube. The most recent one with BC is on YouTube.
  7. I was walking down Graham Norton memory lane on You Tube the other day. Faves? Chris O'Dowd and Ewan McGregor (really either of them on any episode, but this one is great - light sabers, dog bit story, Ewan's Velvet Goldmine story), Hugh Jackman/Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy - amazing - all three looking extremely handsome and hilarious and have great rapport and they dance to Blurred Lines, Jamie Dornan talking about how he doesn't know how to walk (Aaron Paul was the other major guest), Adele/Jack Whitehall/Miranda Hart (classic, all of it, Adele's laugh), and Miriam Margolyes on anytime. American guests tend to suck, frankly, or take a while to warm up to the format. I prefer an all-Brit couch (I'm American) because they get it.
  8. Nobody's watched this yet? I watched it on YouTube. Hiddleston is a god. His impressions of Owen Wilson and DeNiro were spot-on. And he blushed.
  9. cheeztoast

    Murder, She Wrote

    I find her immediate support for family and friends (who are always the accused in every other episode) to be questionable. If DNA was more available at the beginning of this run, I'll bet she would have been proven to have been wrong half the time. Grady could be the Zodiac Killer, who knows?
  10. cheeztoast

    S03.E12: Charity's Story

    I liked Charity too despite the weirdness of the boyfriend being her daughter's uncle. Maybe if she continues to get more therapy she'll realize how wrong that relationship is. The single most disgusting image I've ever seen on television (and I say this as a fan of Hoarders) is those masses being taken away from the surgical table and put on the side table - just these bloody, fatty masses - you could still see the dimples on them. So glad I went to the gym today. I wish her so much luck and hope her daughter gets a clue.
  11. cheeztoast

    S03.E07: Pauline's Story

    Wow, I just watched this (on the heels of watching Penny). Pauline and Penny both need to go to physical therapy alongside vets who've had limbs blown off and kids who are born without limbs, etc. They should have Overeaters Anonymous meetings at the pool Pauline goes to for water therapy so they can fit both of their gigantic egos in the same building. I want them to hear from family members being honest about what their fat and their selfish desires are doing to them and what will happen if they don't get out of bed. At first I thought, well, at least Pauline kind of gets out of bed occasionally, which put her miles ahead of Penny, but the road to Denial had the ruts left by Penny's fat-heaving van carting her to places that did not include her son's graduation or to PT. Grrr. Free Dillon!
  12. cheeztoast

    S01.E03: Where Are They Now? Penny and Tara

    I just saw Penny for the first time (just started watching the show last week and read the forums before I saw this episode). First, I'm ashamed she's from my home state. Second, her attention-whore-i-ness is more disgusting than her soiled pee pads and her treatment of her husband. He's definitely an "abused" husband in the same way that hoarder spouses are abused - I'm sure he gets a torrent of shit if she doesn't get her way. WIth that said, he repeatedly states that he knows how bad the food is that he feeds himself and his son in addition to her shitty choices. After the nutritionist leaves and she's like "what a bunch of bullshit" he laughs. Obviously, he thinks everything coming out of Penny is genius and everybody else doesn't understand. Nobody understands how hard she's worked at losing weight (lying in bed, scarfing down home-made deep fried wonton, hand-mixing hamburgers from her bed, lying in the corner, so far away from the TV she might as well be in the parking lot). Edgar is clearly a Stockholm Syndrome victim - he's bought into the lies. He doesn't work because lord knows Penny couldn't soil herself on her own. Poor Liam. Cute kid, BTW - sad that I see him having a horrific adult life. And with Edgar's luck, Penny will live to a miserably old age. He will never see the light and leave her on his own. It'll be his death or hers.
  13. cheeztoast

    Noelle Reno: Model Material

    I just saw that. How awful. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. I don't know if this show is coming back or if Noelle will be on it but it's probably the only thing that would make me feel any empathy for her. RIP Scot.
  14. cheeztoast

    Seasons 1 & 2 Discussion: Midwifery Memories

    I finally finished watching all up through the current season. I don't think Jenny will be missed in the future, frankly. She was a bit stiff and is almost always a wet blanket. For newbies who are afraid of birth scenes: there must be at least 4 births in every episode, and I, who generally hates "the birth scene" in most shows, am not bothered in the least by it. It's kind of like breathing on this show and is almost used the same way that "Six Feet Under" used deaths to highlight various parts of life.
  15. cheeztoast

    Willie Geist: Free Willie!

    I'm really surprised that people like Willie. I can't stand him. I love his dad. Maybe it's the comparison to his dad that's unfair but when your name is basically a nickname off from your famous dad and you're in the same industry, expect it. I'm a GMA watcher, if I watch morning TV. I can't believe Lauer is still on. The whole show needs a re-boot.