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  1. I simply couldn't believe the level of conceit, haughtiness, and self-absorption that every single member of the Crawley family exhibited with respect to that wedding. Not only was the scolding tone of voice that Cora used absolutely disgraceful, even her apology was filled with conceit. Although she was generous in lending the coat for the wedding, the fact that she decided to make it a permanent gift was extremely insensitive. No matter the cost of the garment, she was taking her used clothing and acting as though it was some type of legitimate wedding gift. She treated it as though her used
  2. One thing that I do find interesting about the Edith/Marigold/Drewes story is that it seems to be the greatest example this show has ever had of how dramatically one's position can vary between different hierarchies. We are used to viewing Edith within the hierarchy of the Crawley family, in which she is at the bottom. However, with this particular story line, we see Edith as part of the whole system, as part of the family that is clearly at the top of the larger social hierarchy. That's why I find some of the scenes of Edith's utter lack of regard for the feelings of the Drewes to be so inter
  3. Although I think you make some nice points, one of the problems with the help that Mary gives to servants is that she picks a very specific type of solution, and insists that the person accept. Rather than ask the person if she/he wants help, Mary usually picks a specific solution, and insists that the person take the offer, even if the person has concerns. For example, Mary insisted that she was going to help Anna avoid seeing Mr. Green again by having a discussion with Tony. Anna didn't like the idea, and expressed some of her fears, but Mary insisted and that was that. Mary is not alone in
  4. A few random thoughts: I'm giving Caila the benefit of the doubt with respect the breakup with her boyfriend -- partly becaue the story was split up between her intro package anf her date with Ben. She said that her chance meeting with him 2 weeks after they met on the plane had had her thinking that it must be fate. When Ben asked her what led her to change her mind, she said something like, "the actual relationship never caught up to the fantasy." I actually think this was a very insightful comment, and indicated that she had moved away from believing in the importance of fate in serious r
  5. Agreed! Both the one-on-one date and the group date would have been a lot more fun if the 2 men had gone some place with the group of women instead.
  6. This is one of my biggest pet peeves about this show. In interviews, the show's creators have been claiming for years that they are showing how much this way of life is changing. And at first glance, it seems to be true: several times over the last few seasons the Crawleys were shown to be cautious about automatically replacing lost staff members. So it looks like they are reluctantly changjng their lifestyle in accorandance with the changing times,However, absolutely nothing about their way of life has changed. If they are operating with one less cook, the Crawleys are not eating less; if the
  7. I agree! Plus, he's very handsome and nicely groomed. He seems genuinely nice, too. I can't remember the last time I liked the lead on "The Bachelor" this much. If he stays like this, I think he'll be my all-time favorite.
  8. Yikes! In the space of that tiny article, the author managed to mix up the words "woman" and "women" twice!
  9. A few weeks ago, I made a post in the media thread about the little bit of information I had about tonight's show, which had been called a "2 hour special" in a commercial. My TV guide is now listing this as the season 3 premiere. Unfortunately, Hallmark sometimes will do this with a series: showing a 2-hour special weeks or a month or two before the regular season starts. They sometimes do only one or two reruns of the special well in advance of the start of the regular season. So people who tune in at the beginning of the regularly scheduled season find that they have missed the season'
  10. Hi, everyone. I only caught the tail-end of a commercial, so I have very little information on this, but there will be a 2-hour "When Calls the Heart" special aired on December 26. I'm looking forward to this. I hope that with this special, the shown returns to its essence, and focuses on the things that made it so unique and enjoyable in season one.
  11. jordanpond

    Home Fires

    It was very interesting (and in my opinion, very sad) to see that the two most powerful women in the village were not only rather powerless in their own marriages, but they didn't seem to mind their lack of equality. It was very clear from the way Joyce described her family's upcoming move was that the decision had been entirely her husband's. And although she wasn't happy about the move, she didn't express any objection to his making the decision without her input. And although it was a much more subtle example, the empty place setting at Frances' anniversary dinner had her husband sitting
  12. jordanpond

    Home Fires

    Dcalley, yes, both the lower estimate supplied by Dustoffmom and the higher one supplied by you cleared up my confusion about the value of their goal. Whether it translates to somewhere in the high hundreds or the low thousands in 2015 US dollars, the local WI would be contributing a small portion of the cost, not 4 or 5 ambulances. MischaMouse, I'm glad you shared your opinion on this. Although I sometimes find Miriam delusional or even selfish in her thoughts and actions, at other times I think she is absolutely right. The thought of innocent young men getting maimed or killed because of H
  13. jordanpond

    Home Fires

    Thanks to all of you who gave input on this. So, from what I've learned from all of you, it seems that the fundraising goal broke down similar to this: The local goal of 50 pounds would translate to about 75 US dollars. A really rough estimate of both the above figures in 2015 figures would be somewhere around 500 pounds or 750 US dollars. It appears that the local WI contribution would be added to other WI contributions around the nation to arrive at a figure that would enable the purchase 4 or 5 ambulances. Nick was dismissive of this because he felt that 4 or 5 ambulances would be nex
  14. jordanpond

    Home Fires

    I had a difficult time grasping just how unrealistic it was to have a fund-raising goal of 50 pounds for the village. Is anyone able to clue me in as to how much that would mean in 2015 US dollars? And was 4-5 ambulances the village's goal? A combined goal for all WI branches across the country combined? The WI members seemed to think the goal was unrealistically high, while Nick seemed to treat the number of ambulances as too smallI to even botherIng pursuing. I was rather lost trying to understand how big of a goal this was.
  15. jordanpond

    Home Fires

    But, in any given time, there are always people who do not follow what the majority is doing. Besides, Laura is an adult. One thing that I dislike about scenes in which one woman slaps another woman in the face is that these scenes seem to occur rather frequently in shows with female-dominated casts. They seem to be some ugly stereotype that just mindlessly gets thrown in.
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