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  1. Kiki620

    The Dead Files

    Was last night's episode, "The Convict", a new one? Steve and Amy were in Michigan. Anyway, one problem I have with ghost hunting shows, but this one in particular, is the almost slandering of the dead. Mr. Smith, who died in 1850, may have been a lovely family man and farmer. But no! He is now responsible for wanting everyone in his former house dead! It kind of makes me sad. But last night's episode took it a step further. They actually interviewed the wife of a man who had dropped dead in the house only about 10 years ago. She did say that she felt his presence for a little bit in the house after he passed away, and she actually liked the feeling. This I believe to my core. Amy went on to find him doing Army tactical maneuvers around the home, almost like he didn't know where he was and he was trapped. This was upsetting. This is a man of modern times with people living who loved him. Don't do this. At least she didn't make him out to be the giant dark force in the house, but to me it's almost just as bad. Mr. Smith may not have anyone around who remembers him and you can slap some evil story on him, but don't do it to those living in today's world. It served no purpose. (I'll admit I was only half-watching by the end. Maybe they addressed this more? All I can think is how upsetting that must have been to his wife. What's she supposed to do about it? Just leave him there?)
  2. Thank you for saying this!! I really doubt any of these "ladies" would clutch their pearls when the drugs come out. Completely agree. There are going be be no teen pregnancies with this bunch. Even if it happened, Momma would have a "special appointment" scheduled fast enough to make your head spin. I don't care about Gina so maybe I never looked at her closely enough but has her face changed? Fuller, but she doesn't look like she's gained weight in her body? Or maybe it's just the ridiculous hair. She was stomping around that party looking like a mix of Debbie Gibson, Madonna and 90's grunge. I don't understand what kind of look she's going for.
  3. I thought it was a tattoo covered by make-up. Was she a "friend of"? I need details from anyone who has them! Thank you! Dad should have been more worried about Sean having a child than getting married. Megan may think it's important to be married to her baby-Daddy, for the sake of her child. Making it more than just a "piece of paper". I also think that she would sign a pre-nup. I think we can mark "successful model" off that list. So with the other two, she made all that money? She and Prince Charming are an absolute train wreck to watch. As much of a dolt as I think he is, I thought it was extremely hurtful when she bit the pearls to see if they were real. I know she was joking but it was poor form. On the other hand, as another poster mentioned, loser lives at home! He should have a bit more money for a gift!
  4. So bad! She seemed like kind of a know-it-all for some reason. I don't even remember her dancing...just commenting on everything. Two things I wanted to say but thought I'd get shot down for it: Agree with both!!
  5. Relieved I'm not the only one who's not on the Kat fan train. Yuck, enough. She doesn't strike me as a team member kind of girl. She's out for #1. Others also picked up on Lily's "edge". I remember her cut last year, and finding it surprising, but I don't really remember much about her otherwise. She seems bitter and snotty. On the couch with the others who were auditioning again, she gave me mean girl vibes. Can Melana please leave? Please? Her issues haven't gone away, nothing has changed. Meredith is such a pretty dancer. I swear, she's the first one highlighted who has ever been shown actually turning out. Then Kelli had to go and say....pretty ballet feet don't matter, I'm just going to cover them up with boots. And I guess that's all I'll ever need to know! Love the addition of Charm. There are some interesting candidates here to watch!
  6. Maybe they give a tract, kill the person, and if they watch the soul rise to Heaven, they can count them as "saved"?
  7. Thank you to the person who took the time to post those covers. They evoke such memories and feelings! Kind of like listening to a meaningful song from your past. I tuned in late last night and missed the beginning so I decided record and watch the whole thing later. I was watching trying to figure out who this benign, plain, light-haired girl was. The horror when I realized it was Heaven! I'm only taking comfort in the fact that everyone here is just as outraged. Her hair is sooo meaningful. Everyone has a different vision of what the actual human Heaven would look like. But the one thing everyone envisions the same is her hair. Because it's just a fact and so much of the story is tied up in it. And in her beauty. Who in the world did the casting? Did they even read the book? Did they want to try something "new and different"? Infuriating.
  8. Kiki620

    House Hunters International

    The houses in the Costa Rica episode were really fun to see. So beautiful. The wife was like a walking version of a very crispy, grilled chicken leg after you've eaten all the meat off of it. But come to find out, while she was very type A, she wasn't annoying. It was an overall pretty easy to watch episode, in my opinion.
  9. Kiki620

    House Hunters

    I think she was trying to hide her horrible, skin-damaged, chicken neck. In reality, they had to be the grandparents of their little boy, right? They grated on me for no particular reason. More like the type that thinks they have this big group of friends but in reality, no one likes them. Maybe it was a subtle arrogance? And her remodel that she kept crowing about seemed to consist of an excessive use of shiplap. So original. Yawn.
  10. Kiki620

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    The discussion regarding Jinger's potential enlightenment (either having happened or will down the road) is very interesting to read and think about. These girls are sold a dream their entire lives of "prince charming". For Jinger, it happened! Everything that was promised to her has come to fruition (and in reality, far, far more). She was rescued by prince charming (I'm saying in her opinion, not the general opinion!) who now takes care of her every need. As additional bonuses, she gets to live in an urban environment, color her hair, wear trendy clothes and NOT have a million babies. This will only encourage Jinger to become more devoted to the ways of thinking she was taught and raised with because, hey, it really does work! For the majority, (Jill, I'm looking at you), it's a complete failure and these poor women find themselves enslaved to a bigger asshole than their father. These are the ones who I think have a chance of being enlightened. They were sold the dream and the reality is not what they were promised. Now, you still have to have a brain to put this all together and many, like Jill, won't be able to. But there have to be some cases in which the light bulb goes off! (Ugh...but then there's the example of Anna. Can the light bulb ever go off???) I do also wonder, is there an alternative, second "dream" that is sold that we are unaware of? Was Jana's promise that she would find fulfillment in forever being the stay at home daughter? I think Jinger's very, very happy and I don't think there's any deep soul searching going on with her that for any reason she shouldn't be.
  11. Oh, Megan's engaged to Donny Osmond? That's sweet 🙂 Seriously though, he looked cute in some pictures, weird in real life, like a 12 year old in one talking head and a 50 year old in another.
  12. Kiki620


    The Dutch Colonial restoration was great, as usual. Although, all the joys of rehabbing the home are the central focus of this show, I just absolutely love the owners and extra people that are involved too! How do they find such gosh-darn wholesome and wonderful people? Is it a requirement that you are an exceptional person if you like to salvage old homes? I think Brett is a special soul and all around good guy, but I typically like the rest of the people featured as well. The older folks are especially touching, like the Mother in the Dutch Colonial episode. This show leaves me all warm and fuzzy feeling. It's not like anything else on t.v.
  13. Oh come on, this show isn't crappy it's craptastic! I'm in! 37? Hoo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha! In her 50's is definitely more like it. Her face is literally built of plastic. And what is up with her hair? It's like frosted gray/lilac on top? Briana didn't bother me as much as I imagined she would. I kind of felt for her when she said she didn't even know what to wear to dinner. She at least has some self awareness. Her toothless Mom was pretty entertaining. I'm certain it was completely scripted/staged but that ugly beast going after her at the restaurant was ridiculous. I'm sorry but Gentille's boyfriend has to be brain damaged in some way, correct? Something's not right there and I feel bad about it. I don't care about Rosie and wonky-eye. I wasn't impressed by his house or his loft. They most definitely met on a sugar baby website or she sold her v-card. Gross. She's trying to put on some coy, Cher of the 1970's, act/look.
  14. The fact that TLC money is going into these idiots pockets probably makes me more upset than I should be!!
  15. Kiki620

    Our Host - Christina

    I'd like to know who at HGTV deemed a solo Christina show a good idea? I mean, does this woman have a single fan? At most, it seems there are a few people who tolerate her or "don't mind" her. But were fans knocking at HGTV's door demanding more Christina??!! Maybe they gave it to us as a gift of snark. I sincerely believe someone has given her some personality coaching. On Flip or Flop, she was completely flat. The biggest emotion she showed was mild irritation. She's a snot. Here she's trying too hard to be Miss Peppy and is super excitable. You can tell it's not genuine. For a laugh, go back and watch the earliest episodes to see how physically she's transformed herself.