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  1. Ava's inappropriate giggling is a big problem. I could barely watch. I wanted to yell, "wipe that smirk off your face"!! It seems like she finally did once she realized how serious Kelly was taking it. Every year I get to the point where I spot a face or two in the rookie class and I still have no idea who they are. There's a blonde girl in a few shots that I'm certain has never even been named. Just kidding, but I have no idea who she is. But I also never saw Lea before this episode. I loved her dancing! Curious to see what they'll do with her hair to help make her more "facial
  2. The above is a screenshot of a comment on a picture of Joy and Abbie on Joy's Instagram. Who knows who the poster is. Any other slips that this may be true?
  3. THANK YOU!!! I came here to say the same thing. It really made me dislike Mel. The dude is in a difficult position of having twins with an idiotic woman and Mel starts crying about wanting him to have a baby with her too?? For real?? How about putting on a muzzle at least until the kids are born? Ugh. I found this highly annoying. I'm a little halfway through the season and I came here specifically to try to be spoiled. It's just too frustrating to watch. I seriously thought I had read in another post that Charmaine miscarried the twins so I keep waiting for it to happen. I do
  4. I certainly wish no harm to come to that poor girl but if/when something does because of Howie, wow, I hope they don't look for much sympathy. Even if they believed he had changed and it was their responsibility as good Christians to support him on his effort to lead a good life, my goodness, do it from afar!! You just encourage and assist your daughter in being with a murderer? Can't wrap my head around it. This episode most definitely did not require two hours.
  5. This episode was jarring. My husband and I were convinced we'd skipped an episode. We go from Jack dying on a hospital bed to him flipping burgers at a party? I also thought maybe it was a dream sequence but that doesn't appear to be the case. I love a lot about this show. But I am completely uninterested in the teen romance and drug cartel storylines. Lizzie needs to get her ugly lama mouth off of the tv screen and never be seen again. I too am confused about Preacher's absolute loyalty to Paige when it seems they barely knew each other or were just friendly at most. He's ri
  6. It's really amazing when you think about the fact that the Duggars operate under the intent of "breaking the spirit" of all their children to make them robotic followers. But in the instance of Joshie, the chosen one, they did nothing but feed the monster and allow it to grow. Stories have been told of the other kids displaying personality signs of independance or selfishness (solely according to Boob and Hairball) and it was beaten out of them. But Josh molests his sisters and it's all poo-poo, it's not his fault, let's set poor little baby up for a comfy life and hide this all away. It i
  7. Is Naomi even connected to any of the women on the show at this point (not counting Pat)? Am I forgetting someone? She was tight with Cameron and Chelsea. Certainly not with Katherine. I don't think with Madison? She knew the guys through Craig. I'm not concerned about any kind of a "reunion" there. I think they've both far outgrown each other by now. I wonder what her motivation is for coming back? Seems she'd be embarrassed to. Her family has money and I thought she owned a restaurant and clothing boutique? It doesn't seem like the paycheck would be the sole reason.
  8. Stassi posted an IG video yesterday of her and a friend (not sure who that was?) terrorizing Hartford with a tall skeleton Halloween decoration attached to a roomba. It was jerking around the room (as roomba's do). Hartford scrambled to get away from it, looked at it with horror, shaking her little hands, while Stassi (I'm assuming) filmed it and laughed. Now the baby was obviously in no danger and won't suffer long-term trauma from it but at the base, it was cruel. I didn't think it was funny to watch. She was scared and her Mom found delight in it. It was reposted by a Bravo f
  9. Thank you! I've never bothered to listen to him speak and I will say that even despite the lisp, "um's" and rambling nonsense, he still sounded better than I imagined in my head. I think I always thought he sounded just like the girls! Oh my....then the singing started! Jill dyes Timbits hair just like he was a child she kidnapped and they're still on the run. I always hold out some sliver of hope for the courting that they will actually like each other and have some joy in life. Then I think of how many guys I dated, or even talked to, and immediately was ready never to see ag
  10. Can we speculate? I'd like to build on this because I agree. I'm sorry, I thought a lot of this episode was borderline stupid. What was the timeline for the memorial service? Because it appeared to me it was held the day after Nick's body was discovered. Really? There was enough time to pull together an event of that size, complete with a giant glossy poster/picture of the deceased? And I know everyone grieves differently (and these aren't real people, afterall) but I would think they would all be down in bed at that point. Hardly getting dressed up to go make a public appearance a
  11. "God is so kind"....referencing being able to have pizza?? I actually take that as a pretty sarcastic comment about your Lord. Not a good look, Rev. Fancy Pants and Mrs. Stepford. I have to admit, the net worth/money factor of most of the reality jokers on t.v. does always fascinate me. Most are jobless or don't have jobs that can warrant the lifestyle. Even if Jer and Jing do have 2 million dollars, they are young and have no employable skills (at this time, don't see that changing) to utilize to support themselves. It used to be you had to have a million dollars to be able to ret
  12. She could do some major catfishing with that top airbrushed-within-an-inch-of-her-life photo. Wowza. I don't think I'd even know that was her if I saw it somewhere else.
  13. My Mom has a saying that applies here: "Why do people make themselves so ugly?" This is a deliberate choice and I'm sure there's much behind their "statement". I'm in the camp that you can't feel too good about yourself walking around looking like that. Neither has much to work with naturally but come on, you can do better.
  14. I don't either. I think something is deeply, deeply flawed in this man. Like probably was always there and is not fixable. He's gotten away with things he shouldn't have numerous times which feeds into his belief that he will not punished...EVER. It also reinforces his superiority complex. I'm in the camp that he really isn't worried in the slightest right now because of his complete belief that once again he will be let off the hook. This might sound silly but you know those murder cases where upon review, somehow the murderer had dodged punishment time and time again for crim
  15. Twit walked up alone to the ride and they called out "Solo Rider!!!" and this random poor guy had to sit with her. His wife and kids were in another cup.
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