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  1. I'm not a Scott hater but he just doesn't seem sophisticated enough for Tinsley. He seems like every average-Joe guy I ran around around with in my Chicago days. And I certainly am no old money socialite! I wonder what they connect on. And I really have to wonder, if he was just a working schlep with a normal amount of money, would he still be her soulmate? Isn't he quite a bit younger than she is? I'm assuming he probably would like to have children. And I can't remember, did she just freeze her eggs or did she have frozen embryo's? And if they were embryo's, who was the father? I think it'll be interesting to see how that part of their life plays out.
  2. Now granted, I only get my updates and pics from what people post in this thread (maybe I've missed something). I don't follow Twit on social media. The pics she posts with the caveman seem only connected to t.v. related events. Where are the random pics of them hanging out at home? Out shopping? Out to dinner? Hanging with friends? It seems entirely too posed. Not buying this for one second. With the size of that ring, I'm surprised she can hold her hand up. It seems like a ridiculous fad these days to only care about the size and not the quality of a ring. There's a set of women who would much rather lie and flaunt a crater size CZ than have a beautiful and quality, albeit smaller, diamond ring. I highly suspect Twit falls into the earlier category, hence the ginormous yellow sapphire.
  3. I was disappointed too and I finally completely lost interest during the phone call with the inmate. I found the former prosecutor to be a little over the top/dramatic. This case seems different from other cold cases because with most cases, you have all the old investigation to review and build off of. There was literally nothing in this case. It seems too much time has passed at this point. I'm not optimistic and feel very, very bad for the family of the girls.
  4. It does. The three oldest appear, dare I say, slow? The middle girls are so much brighter, I want to kidnap them! Sadly, with time, I'm certain they too will develop Nurie's sad affect. And the make-up, my goodness, the make-up. I love how they're all beaten over the head with the "public schools are evil" mantra. I'd like to ask them, "what are these dangers you would encounter in public school"? They would have no answer other than to say it's "bad". If you're going to instill this message in them, at least let them know why. Nurie and Tim can barely string a cohesive sentence together. And now Nurie will be teaching her own children very shortly? Subsequent generations probably won't even be able to speak at all.
  5. Me too. This was the first episode I watched and I also recorded the one about the baby. The doctor and his daughters seemed like such a lovely family. It was a sad story. How awful it must be to walk on pins and needles, waiting for symptoms to appear, and then knowing that there won't be anything that can be done for you. The asthma medication was a new development so hopefully there will be other options coming with time. Some things weren't clear to me. It sounded like a few of the women of the family had symptoms but then the disease never progressed or affected them from there? I wonder if the daughters could have a similar outcome? I also was very surprised that the one daughter was allowed to give birth when before they were saying she had blood vessels that could explode at any time.
  6. I read the forums for the snark but I don't watch the show. For some reason last night, I saw it was on and tuned in. Wow. How in the world is this still on? What an idiotic snoozefest. Oh my goodness, Lauren. I'm going there......she and her Mother seem like a couple of plain old dumb dumbs. When you make Michelle look like the smartest one in the room, there's a serious problem. Asa: created, May 1st....taken to the Lord, May 1st. Sure am glad she had time to make that tee-shirt in between. John and Abbie are cute. I like them. I don't mind the newlywed cheesiness. But please, please, stop with the PDA. Ain't nobody interested in seeing that. Agreed that the gathering of Jessa, Jinger and Kendra was horribly awkward. It was like little girls playing with their new dolls. Do they have anything in the world to talk about other than pregnancies and babies? It's cringeworthy. Jessa seems years and years more mature than the other two, which is interesting. It's funny to imagine the three of them living normal and age appropriate lives. There was a great discussion in one of the other threads where people speculated what these girls would be like had they gone to college. I would have loved to have seen Jessa as a college girl and president of her sorority. Letting her wrath fly on the pledges and taking a different guy to each date party!
  7. It would have been really nice to have had Taylor featured earlier and more often in the season. Oh but I forgot, we've been watching "Meredith and Kat: Making The Team"...a documentary. Silly me. My jaw dropped during the conversation between Kelli and Judy: "Kat and Meredith are still making a ton of mistakes! But I don't feel they are a risk on the field. They really look great". What the heck??? You cannot tell me that out of the whole group who auditioned, there weren't more than a handful of ladies who would have been more qualified to make it this far in the process. No way are these two the best of anything. Wait, except the best looking. Guess there's the answer.
  8. I agree and can't understand why she doesn't. She and her Mom seemed to have a very loving relationship. I don't see how she's any better off financially, strapped to Pole. Also, I can think of a handful of things that Pole could do: work at a gas station, stock shelves at Target, bag groceries, mow lawns, heck - work behind the scene at McDonalds! He wouldn't have to pursue any education and his contact with others and "stress" would be minimal. No, none of these jobs will bring him any glory, but it will bring him a paycheck. Support your family, weirdo. But then I get discouraged and look at the Duggar's and think....maybe the TLC gravy train never does end, no matter how much we wish it would.....
  9. I'm still catching up on episodes which to me, says so much about this season. I used to have my popcorn ready for every new ep! Now, I watch when I can. I didn't tune in to watch a documentary about Meredith and Kat, possibly two of the most unlikable individuals to ever go through this process. I know there was VK last season and winners like Vivian before, but has any season ever had such laser focus on two contestants to the almost complete exclusion of others? Other seasons have started out with individuals they focus on, but as the show goes along, it seems the focus expands and you start to see all the rookies. For some reason, Meredith's looks made me think there would be something there behind those eyes. Ugh, no? What a no-personality dingbat. A space cadet. Not someone I would be interested in being around. Can't dance, doesn't have a brain....why oh why did they put her on the team? Oh, silly me - she's so pretty!!! Somebody needs to tell Kat to quit with the mouth hanging open, excessive head nodding, super wide, blinking eyes look. Fake, fake, fake!! Or, she is as much of a moron as she looks. The all over the place, hyper active, super wacky freak train, needs to end now. Again, she's pigeon toed and a huge ambassador risk but....she's so pretty! End rant. They need to keep viewers like me. I have no problem with the traditions of the team or feeling like they're stuck in the past. But this season has been practically unwatchable and a huge disappointment.
  10. Late to the comments party - I didn't know who Tyce was either but he and his "sidekick" seemed like they were playing parts and playing them badly. He looked like he just walked off of the set of "Welcome Back Kotter" or was Larry's little brother on "Three's Company" (sorry for the throwback references but he had some kind of 70's vibe to me!). The sidekick was like the superior dancer/choreographer in a bad 90's teen movie who was super mean to the struggling, trying to make it dancer, lead of the show. These people can't seriously be real, right?!!
  11. A lot of these "princess" women seem to sadly be raised by similar "princess" Moms, so this was a head scratcher! Mom seemed as irritated by her as anyone would be. I don't know which is worse, to actually just be that bad, or have been raised to be that bad, or have decided it's "cute" to be that bad. Yuck all the way around.
  12. It was his sister's wedding, correct? Then if he were truly, honestly, dating Whit, he would have 100% been allowed to bring her. If he were some rando family friend or co-worker, then it would make sense that he may not have been given the plus-one option. But it's her brother.
  13. Not only is it the way he's standing and not helping, it's the look on his face! Like you can hear him saying, "come on, Anna! Hurry up!" Ugh. Sex pest.
  14. Those types of social media posts like Lauren did: "you are a warrier, you are not alone....blah, blah, blah", just infuriate me. It holds the poster at a higher regard than the sufferer and able to dole out such superior and all knowing advice. Lauren knows you'll be o.k. and you're not alone? No she doesn't. And she has no right to tell that to anyone. Shut up and sit down. I have a number of Facebook acquaintances who do this same thing. Like they fancy themselves some sort of self-help gurus to the masses when in reality, their own lives are nothing to be desired. I'm always so relieved when they post some stock quote about how they know everyone is going through a dark and trying time, but you'll get through it, they know it! I also am quite confident that Lauren thinks she has married Prince Charming and that she will always be amazingly happy. She's been brainwashed since birth. He could be socking her in the face but she's been sold that marriage is happy so....she's happy! This is happiness! There will be no realization here. These women are the absolute queens of denial. It would never cross this girl's mind that she's married to a gay man. Never, ever, ever.
  15. Awwww......happy to see Saint looking so cute!
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