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  1. I don't often have a complete LOL moment but this did it for me! Made my day - thank you! 😁
  2. Does she use cloth diapers and plan to for the next 25 billion she's going to birth? Asking seriously. Thanks, GeeGolly!! Oh my....how could I have forgotten diaper mountain!! Ack!!
  3. Cade makes everyone wear a mask but him so his more "famous" companions won't be recognized and acknowledged on the street. Can't take the blow to his ego. I'm surprised he doesn't make Little Mama just walk around with a bag over her head.
  4. Absolutely. For those bothered by Cade, think about how utterly gut wrenchingly awful it is for him to be in the shadow of his wife. He's a nobody, reduced to being the minder of the train on her dress at an awards ceremony. This has to kill him. But before that's too satisfying of a thought, I have to also think that Little Momma got a strict talking to from her headship about not getting too big for her britches, or some other nonsense. I bet she constantly has to be reminded of Mr. Foehner's superiority. Very sad. This is a young woman who could be on the brink of super-stardom
  5. Just came to post the same thing! Hope she served her brothers and father those pancakes first! Also, Jessa said Ivy has "so much personality". Jessa! Better get on squelching that out of her right quick! Personality is most definitely not allowed in Fundieland.
  6. If I remember correctly, Chad's adult children were still supporting his innocence in having anything to do with the death of their Mom. Have there been any recent comments from them? I'm baffled by how Lori shows up in court everytime sporting bright red lipstick and a fully done head of "beachy waves" hair. I suspect she'll get a make-under for the trial, complete with no make-up, spinster bun, glasses and a peter pan collared dress.
  7. Esther is a lesbian??!! Totally thought that Nathan was just a butch chick.....
  8. This is a fun thread - thanks for starting it! I don't like to compliment the Duggar's but it's kind of nice to see affordable, pretty and financially appropriate rings (for such young people). Regarding the trends of today's engagement rings, my friends and I have discussed, would you rather have a smaller, excellent quality diamond, or a huge, flawed, low-quality diamond? I think many of today's younger ladies (I'm old) think bigger is better. Another interesting trend is a ring that looks ginormous but upon closer inspection it's actually a bunch of tiny diamond chips pooled togethe
  9. Kiki620

    Design Shows

    What channel is the new version of "Sell This House" on? I've been watching the old reruns and they are a hoot. Roger is so infuriating with his obnoxious paint colors. The houses usually end up looking just as bad, just in a different way. I'd like to watch the updated version just to see if Tania has improved her wardrobe at all. I don't know if it was maybe on TWOP but somewhere she was nicknamed "Tania Mammaries". Her clothing choices were 99% of the time so innappropriate for work! Put those things away, Tania! And I say that in the kindest way because I always thought she h
  10. Jill is so perplexing. If she believes dressing modestly makes you a better Christian, than wouldn't being modest in your behaviors and actions apply too? She is one of the biggest braggarts I've ever seen. Is it Godly to show off your worldly possessions? The admiration of your children? Come on now, we all know that Kaylee didn't write that ode to Bestest Mother Evahhhh, but say she had. Wouldn't a good Christian Momma advise their daughter that her kind words would be better delivered via a private message in a card instead of slapped on social media for all to see? Not Jill!! I
  11. Obviously, I don't know these people in real life so I can't judge their parenting abilities. Or maybe I just won't speculate on social media. On Instagram, for example, not calling each of these ladies Mother of the Year will have you threatened with death 😆 That being said, I'm concerned with Scheana's inability to not document herself every single second of the day doing duck lips in the camera. I sincerely hope she can put her phone down and enjoy being in the moment with her new baby. Her little girl deserves it. I followed her in the past for about two seconds and had to turn it off
  12. Yes! The technique used to make the pattern on the floor was interesting! The reaction that the daugher of Tapp18's owner had to seeing Sheryl was sweet, but I highly doubt she would have had any idea of who she was on her own. Sheryl isn't exactly hot with the kids right now. The couple whose home was renovated - were those little boys fosters? What a couple of cuties. Not that it matters at all, I just wondered if they had any current fosters or it was something they planned to do. God Bless anyone who is a foster parent. I liked the Big Fish House family ☺️
  13. I'm perplexed by this as well. He's following Mare around like a little puppy when he was supposed to be the stronger detective who was brought in because she was failing. He seems a bit timid and stumbling. There have been references hoping that this isn't like The Undoing......I'm hoping it's not like Little Fires Everywhere where I absolutely hated EVERY character. Right now the biggest mystery to me to solve is why a woman would name one of her children Kevin and the other Siobhan!
  14. Regarding the house with the major foundation issues, I was sad they removed the arches inside. I know Christina would state they were dated but I saw them more as giving the house character. Which again, Christina can't have. Tarek seems to have so much more personality now and be much more lively than he was when they first came on the scene. I have to attribute this to being free from the anvil around his neck that was named Christina. I'm not a fan AT ALL of kids being added to these types of shows (like the God awful House Hunters Family version....barf), but I don't mind
  15. TLC....please cancel them and put an end to the gravy train. JB, Meechelle, Jessa, Jingle, the whole lot of them are lying liars who lie. This is a total headscratcher because how does lying and being secretive about the truth regarding everything serve Jesus? Is this Christian behavior? Well, I can answer my own question. Lying keeps the money rolling in because it doesn't drive away people who would be disgusted by the truth of what they stand for. I have sympathy for Anna to a point. She is a brainwashed member of a cult. However, look at how many of the most brainwashed
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