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  1. Kiki620

    Naomie Olindo: The E is for Extra

    My first thought was that Naomie wouldn't tolerate a cheater, but she put up with a lot of crap from Craig before they parted ways. Anyone know how long they were together? I don't get the Metul love......especially the over the top behavior from Cam. I don't think it has to be orders from Metul that have Naomie not wanting to go on the trip with Craig. I do think it's a disrespectful thing to do. However, it's also her job, so let's be honest, it's not a real situation. I'm very "whatever" about her. But I could definitely see her being a stereotypical, 20-something, know-it-all. And that bugs.
  2. Kiki620

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Brittany's dress was awful. Like Pnina Tornai completely forgot about her order and ran it off the sewing machine at 3 a.m. the morning of the wedding. It just doesn't look very polished and none of the components go with one another. I'm actually surprised she didn't go for more of a "princess" ballgown....big enough to rival a gypsy gown that couldn't fit down the aisle. I used to feel bad for Brittany but now I don't. She's a willing participant in this mess.
  3. Kiki620

    House Hunters

    Las Vegas: The husband talked and acted like Dave Chappelle playing a character. I truly believe that no one wants to go to any of their parties!!
  4. Kiki620

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    Well, I think I've been a pretty loyal watcher but count me in with those who are getting bored. These people are phoning it in and picking up the paycheck. There doesn't seem to be anything natural about their interactions anymore. Like they all know what time to show up for filming, get it over with and go their separate ways. Even if Madison's absolutely made-up, lame excuse was true and her friend orchestrated all of it, SHE should still apologize. So stupid. I continue to be perplexed by this relationship. It seems to consist of Kathryn being an asshole and Danni running intervention against her foes and then building her back up again. Are we to believe they go shopping, have a girls night, watch movies...whatever "best friends" should be doing? I don't see it at all. When the boys were fighting around the campfire, there was all this overly dramatic music playing over everything. Like that was supposed to create excitement and drama. Nah. Fail. Does anyone else think Eliza and her boyfriend thought months ago about maybe perhaps taking a trip with their friends. Maybe they never even got to the discussion stage. But now they were 100% ticketed and booked on the flight that crashed and had the closest near death experience evahhhhh? Sorry to be doubtful. I just wonder about the realness of the actual situation.
  5. Kiki620

    House Hunters International

    Thank you for pointing the way to the Bali bashing party - I'll have to check it out! At the end, she was literally standing on the balcony of a hotel or castle sized home. All for $200k? Gee, thanks Daddy!! Barf.
  6. Kiki620

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Absolutely! I tried to find out information online if they were suing, but couldn't find any evidence of it. Very baffling. The dorm situation upset me as well. Back in the dark ages when I lived in the dorm, it was like Fort Knox. Complete with "night security", where you had to produce your ID to even get to the stairway. I remember another case where a very mature/adult student (probably 25+) was allowed to live in the dorm and he ultimately had full access to kill a student there. I think it brought to light that many dorms did not have age restrictions in place. In Lauren's case, the fact that this criminal, practically middle-aged man, was able to live among students as young as 18 years old is chilling. I can't believe some astute dorm dweller didn't blow the whistle on the fact that he appeared to be living there unauthorized. No shred of victim blaming here but I would really like to know more about this relationship. I know the murderer (what was his name?) said he was a master manipulator. I must have missed the very beginning....he wasn't a student was he? How did he present himself to Lauren where this cute, socially active, athletic, young woman would even give him a second glance? He was twice her age (admittedly, lying about that fact), physically intimidating and "creeped" other young women out (as her friends attested to). Infuriating case, all the way around.
  7. Kiki620

    S06.E03: Slide Into Your Dms Like . . .

    What is up with that? It's very annoying and stupid. Like Austen. You summed this up so perfectly. It is totally perplexing! It appears to be a completely one sided "friendship" with Danni being some sort of guard dog to Kathryn. Why this loyalty? Does Kathryn have something on her? I like Cam but it's not like she's bravely opening up the "being a Mom is hard" conversation. This isn't the 1960's (70's?) when women started to feel that they could whisper about the reality of motherhood and not feel that they had to always pretend everything was perfect. Maybe it's because I see it on her Instagram too. This "Mom Life" schtick is growing old. While you don't have to lie and hide behind a façade of perfection, sometimes keeping a bit of your business to yourself is admirable (Amy Schumer, I'm looking at you - gack).
  8. Is there a single attractive one in the bunch? We're supposed to believe that holier than thou Vinny is going to lower himself to being with a bottom of the barrel reality show contestant? I about choked when Pauly said it was important that a girl be down to earth. Oh, down to earth like Aubrey O'Day, Pauly? I only hope he said that because he learned his lesson.
  9. Kiki620

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Agreed about the bringing the dog into the house. No, no, no. A few positives though: I absolutely did crack up when Calvin was doing all those happy, spastic circles in the one bedroom! And the husband's basement bar at the end did look pretty cool with all the shelving. Heaven forbid they ever have a baby. Calvin will be lost.
  10. Kiki620

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    Watching this show I have often pondered this exact point! I regularly worry that the extra 20 or so pounds I carry will push me into diabetes, stroke or heart attack territory. And then someone like Jeanne just continues soldiering on?!! I guess it really is pretty remarkable what the human body can tolerate. Although, it certainly can't go on forever.
  11. Kiki620

    Ghost Adventures

    I just watched Demon House. It was enjoyable to watch as a total parody. Pretty laughable actually. Absolutely. This was either a pretty smart money-grab for the family or there was an environmental factor (like black mold) in the house that made them delusional. Gary is such a beat down, hopeless, place. They should have kept the house in tact and turned it into a ghosthunting destination.
  12. Kiki620

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I haven't watched this show in a while. The opening shots of Jeanne piling food in her pie hole seemed extra graphic for some reason? Really "up close and personal" work by the camerman! It was literally stomach turning. With hoarders, I would often wonder what would actually happen to them if their hoard was removed without their permission? I mean, would they literally work themselves up until they exploded? Like confetti bursting into the air? Or would they somehow, gasp, just keep on living and breathing? The same applies to Jeanne. As others noted in her initial office visit, she was one mean hornet when challenged. What would she do if her Mom simply withheld food or offered only reasonable options and quantities? I bet there would be a ton of hollering and thrashing about, but what is she literally going to do? Even in Mom's bad shape, she'd be able to physically out run Jeanne. Unfortunately, I don't think Mom had the spiritual strength to endure the demon possessed behavior that Jeanne would exhibit.
  13. Kiki620

    Design Shows

    Apparently, you and I are the only ones! On an instragram post about the show, all the comments are absolutely gushing. The only slight criticims were that her design was too much like Joanna Gaines. Which I don't agree with. Agreed!
  14. Kiki620

    Design Shows

    Did anyone catch the new show on HGTV last night (at least new to me?) called, I believe, One of a Kind? The couple featured had a sprawling 1960's ranch and were only the second owner. The designer is a "kooky" artist type. The couple shared that they had written love letters to each other when they first started dating and she was all excited to get her hands on them to incorporate them into the design. She ended up making wallpaper of their writings. Good God. I think the husband was going to pass out when he first saw it. I was so happy when he said something to the effect of how he was scanning the walls to make sure she hadn't chosen anything embarrassing. I would have done the same. It still was embarrassing. The kitchen of the home was very Brady Bunch but something about it was still so lovely! Of course, it was torn out to make way for "open concept"...weeping...in a 1960's ranch 😞 She even took down a brick column and repurposed it into the stove hood which was completely out of place against the modern black tile she chose. But again, a ridiculous choice of a large sign over the stove that read, "I love you schweetie". It looked like a diner! Not a fan. Kind of reminded me for some reason of a Trading Spaces kind of design? Very homemade? Would love to hear if anyone else saw it.
  15. Kiki620

    House Hunters International

    Auckland wife bugged me. If Tate is going to fling himself over the balcony railing, maybe don't let him go onto the balcony alone? Tate this, Tate that. Ughhhhhh. Husband seemed totally smitten with the wife and it sounded like he really credited her for expanding his horizons. I fear he's been relegated to the sperm donor territory now that she has her precious Tate.