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  1. Just my two cents. Claire had an irregular education due to her nomadic life with her uncle. And despite the fact that he was an archeologist, the thing she learned best/mostly was how to survive outdoors. Maybe, after spending so much time in archeological sites she didn't feel so keen on history after all. I think she listened, but she didn't listen carefully enough to her husband's tales. While she is ignorant in history, she might well be talented in languages, and that's why she speaks such a good french. She also got to spend a lot of time in France during the war, so she must have prac
  2. Oh I agree, the triangle/quadrangle was unecessary, it rarely does any favours to characters (I always say that it takes away from them instead of giving them something); there are tons of ways to build a relationship without using it. But well, it happened so we have to deal with it. I give kudos to the writers for a thing: Violet was gracious and had self worth enough to walk away from something in which she was second best. And they didn't turn her into someone evil or jealous. I also think Daniel was genuinely attached to her, he loved her, but he also loved Peggy more, and what can you do
  3. I want them too. I admit it's my favorite outfit of the whole season lol! Oh, I loved the episode. Maybe the Whitney thing was resolved a bit too easily, but overall a great season 2 finale.
  4. It's when Steve visits the museum and sees the video of Peggy talking about him. (And now I actually have Steggy feelings, sob). It's just my shipper speculation! ;-) I like to think that Captain Rogers helped the saving the 101st Airborne in the Bastogne Siege. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce3JYmay_nM
  5. Peggy and Daniel have had such a good dynamic and chemistry since season 1, so I'm really glad they went for the pairing because it works well. Daniel respects and understans Peggy, but he is also capable of keeping her on her toes and tell her when she is wrong. He doesn't just follow her like a puppy, which would have been a shame. He is a man of honor and good heart, and seems the right partner for the a life of adventures Peggy likes. There aren't many men like Daniel Sousa in the'40's, there are more Jack Thompsons infortunately. I thought it was quite telling that they made Daniel s
  6. I literally jumped off the seat when I heard Bastogne. BoB is one of my favorite tv show and I thought "Well of course Daniel was one of them". He is just that cool. He and Peggy have a wonderful relationship. Very good episode. Loved to see the flashbacks, especially Whitney Frost's one. She is going to be a compelling villain. Loved that Peggy's brother wasn't the ordinary brother who tells his sister she can't do anything. Quite the feminist! I am a bit disappointed that the fiancè was such a douchebag, I thought Peggy would have choose better, but then she did make the right decision.
  7. I just loved this episode, and I can't believe the ratings. Finally Stark is back, he's jerkish, but he's the kind of jerk with a good heart. I laughed out loud at the scene where Peggy told him "who's a good boy". Team Carter work so well (just throw everybody in it, Sousa, Jarvis, Stark, now I think we can add Wilkes too). Can't wait to see what sort of villain Whitney Frost turns into, we've only seen the beginning. Could have lived without Thompson coming to LA, and I loved how Peggy called him out. I usually love Peggy to the moon and back, but gladly they remind us of some of her
  8. Agent Carter could and should have done better with the diversity but I guess this is the road they took and I'm going to enjoy the show for the other good things, starting from my wondeful Peggy. I find absolutely refreshing the fact they changed the setting to Los Angeles, the passage seemed harmless to me. Jarvis/Peggy's banter is brilliant. And I find the situation between Jarvis and Bernard absolutely hilarious. Who would have thought that about a flamingo ahahah. Ana is fantastic, such the opposite of Jarvis and they just suit together. Dr Wilkes is very nice, of course he ain'
  9. Oh welll, I'm just going to leave here my fics...and the go back hiding! Lol This is the first I ever wrote, nothing special but I'm proud that I actually started and finished it: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10064432/1/One-song-at-a-time This one I started recently. I think I got myself into trouble because I'm not sure I'm capable to finish it... https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10862400/1/An-arrow-from-the-past If you are willing to read them, I would appreciate! :)
  10. Oh I live in Italy! Florence isn't exactly near where I live, but I could definitely think about this con. Would love to see Caity, David and Manu. From what I've seen, they are quite cool! :)
  11. Media are really noticing and praising Olicity! :-) They are leaving a mark!
  12. "I occasionally talk to x, y and X" Ok, yes, of course. It wouldn't make sense that they made a goodbye scene, and if they did, it makes sense that they didn't include it. Oliver couldn't just randomly go and say good bye to her with a "hey I'm going to a trip". It would make Laurel suspicious, this I credit her. So I agree with who said it was the context who didn't allow that.
  13. Ahahah I can't. She looks more like a sadomaso dominator. Oh poor world.
  14. The HIMYM finale has burned a lot of us ahahah! That's why I won't believe anything until the very last episode. BUT, the fact that Berlanti had to do with Dawson's Creek change gives me hope. And I have to say, for as much as I don't like it, I believe too that they traded the LI stuff for the BC stuff.
  15. Anthea

    S03.E02: Sara

    I think he is! *ugly sobbing* He obviously comforts Laurel, because he's a friend and closer to her than the rest. But with that look he's just like "I want to cry with Felicity" :(
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