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    I thought Mark Waid and Fiona Staples did a great job with Archie #1. It's a lot more of a realistic take on Archie than the past or the current Afterlife/Predator titles. I'm genuinely curious about the #lipstickincident.
  2. Please keep any characters/spoilers from the comics contained in the comic thread (http://forums.previously.tv/topic/7247-comics-questions-and-info/).
  3. from Chris Powell's Instagram: Get ready to both laugh and cry as Cain and Tiffany commit to lose the weight before committing to spend the rest of their lives together. Wait til you see Cain's reaction when he sees the new Tiffany for the first time in 3 months - as she's walking down the aisle to marry him!! You won't believe what these two look like now!!
  4. Me too! I have a feeling that Legends of Tomorrow will end up being the source of standard laws of time travel in this universe.
  5. Chip

    Iris West

    Everyone - Please respect the opinions of all the posters in this thread. If they are different from yours, that's OK, we are here to discuss and read other takes on the story. It's fine to disagree, but keep the discussion civil.
  6. Chip


    So ? I'm not against it, but I am curious what this leads to.
  7. That is the exact thing I said to my wife last night while we were watching. That's a lot of weight. I've spent the last 3 months trying to lose 1/10th of that.
  8. I just caught up on the podcasts where you said that! Good to know for the future.
  9. There were so many Gallery Furniture ads in Atlanta featuring Wolfman and Donna with plays on "Hey, ask for the Wolfman!". This clip shows the general idea:
  10. Chip

    Secret Wars

    I am having such a hard time reading this and DC's Convergence at the same time. They should have had THOSE crossover. I sort of skimmed through the MODOK story because that has never been my thing. I really enjoyed Spider-Verse and A-Force this week.
  11. Which is what Lifetime started as 30 years ago...
  12. I thought John's Period Channel would end up showing nothing but Rags to Riches.
  13. MeTV (check your local listings) shows Wonder Woman every saturday as part of their sci-fi block (along with Superman, Batman, Star Trek, Svengoolie, and Lost in Space).
  14. Not a bad suggestion depending how season two goes. Let's wait and see.
  15. Come for the World War II Nazi fighting, stay for the 1970's skateboard whiz. The show really has everything.
  16. She loved watching the current Spider-Man cartoon. I think she can read pretty well, so stuff for kids a little older probably OK. I've had the following recommended to me already: Lumberjanes El Deafo (I think that's correct) Zita the Space Girl Anything else y'all might suggest?
  17. I'm still partial to Wet Hot Gravy.
  18. My favorite Supergirl costume has only been used a few times really. She just has shorts on under the skirt. It makes perfect sense. You can see some of the art accompanying this article : http://www.sequentialtart.com/article.php?id=580
  19. Well, I have watched every episode of BH90210 and will totally be listening to the new podcast. Regarding Mindy Project, even if Hulu can have butts, they might not to sell these for syndication later. Sort of like the no-profanity version of Sopranos that they made.
  20. Chip

    Secret Wars

    That Arachnia stuff sounds cool and creepy.
  21. Chip

    Secret Wars

    I forgot that A-Force was coming out today. That looks great. Once I saw the map of Manhattan in last week's with 616 getting one side and 1610 the other, I'm hoping people remember where they come from before Battleworld. I've been wondering how Spider-Gwen is happening since it's not on either remaining universe.
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