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  1. Conversation about the new casting should be over here unless it perstains to this episode :
  2. I don't think I really need to say this because the Doctor Who forum is generally a very friendly place. But there are going to be some strong opinions about the new casting so remember to be respectful towards each other.
  3. Chip

    Eastenders (PBS)

    The UK thread does not have a huge amount of traffic but I think it is a mix of UK and people who were watching the show through other methods. Britbox is a great way if you want to watch the current show.
  4. Hey everyone, Just a little note to remind people to be civil towards one another. We've had 25 years to develop opinions and it's OK to not agree, but try to keep the snippiness to a minimum. Maybe the owls are EXACTLY what they seem*, Chip *(only seen the first two of the new season so maybe there has been updated info on the owls.)
  5. Chip

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    The most gratuitous skin was Steve getting out of the bath.
  6. Chip

    Wonder Woman

    I just caught up on the Rebirth issues. Both storylines worked well together.
  7. Hey y'all, We are having to hide a lot of posts on this thread because of a few posters. It's a good thread and we don't want to shut it down but people need to be nice to each other. It is OK for someone to be wrong on the internet. State your case, have a civil discussion, and then move on. If someone doesn't agree the first time, they probably aren't going to the third of fourth. If someone does personally attack you or cross a line, please report it and your Flash mod team will take a look!
  8. In case you haven't realized, current EastEnders episodes are now available for streaming in the US through the new BritBox service. I'm enjoying it.
  9. One thing that stuck out to me was that the actress playing Jamie Lynn didn't seem to age at all between 1998 and 2008 flashbacks.
  10. I would have made him my first draft pick also.
  11. My mom just said she wants Tom Brady to cry.
  12. You can do it, @Lantern7! As a Georgian, I appreciate your rooting.
  13. so REAL year book photos or not?
  14. I'm reading A Study in Charlotte in which Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson solve a murder at their boarding school. I'm about half-way through and am enjoying it.
  15. Chip

    BBC America

    I am ready to give Britbox my money if they would take it! I became addicted to Eastenders back when BBCA aired it and it has been incredibly difficult to keep up over the years,
  16. Chip

    Eastenders (BBC)

    I caught up with today's episode. This Christmas was not as dramatic as years past.
  17. I really try to like the Doctor Who comics but haven't gotten into them. I need to give them another shot. Of all the ones in that list, I would probably read a What If? version of the Doctor. That could be pretty fun.
  18. Chip

    Eastenders (BBC)

    I mean *someone* will die at Christmas. It's Walford!
  19. Chip

    Eastenders (BBC)

    I am a few months behind again. Worth catching up before Christmas?
  20. Please remember that no comic spoilers should be brought into these threads.
  21. merged another thread into this one.
  22. I figure I'll go ahead and create this topic as the announcement is supposedly in a few minutes. And it's Pearl Mackie as Bill!
  23. I've only watched the first episode. I found the point when they mentioned Michelle and all turned towards the camera really awkward and strange. The bit about Stephanie being a DJ called DJ Tanner was funny.
  24. I was coming off a cold. I blame my trying not to cough on all of my wrong answers.
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