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  1. I'm sad about this cancellation, too. I really liked this show. Boo, ABC. Boo to you. πŸ˜’
  2. It is definitely a thing and has been done for a long time. I did it at my wedding 13 years ago. However, we didn't do it the way they did it with Angelina where everyone got to witness the first look. It was just me, my husband, the two photographers, and the videographer. And it was a lovely private moment (I mean, as private as it could be considering it was being documented) between the two of us.
  3. Thank you! I totally missed that.
  4. I'm sorry if this has been addressed somewhere already but I'm having trouble remembering the details in this season. Did they ever resolve Beth's "pregnancy"? Is she still supposed to be pregnant? Did Rio figure out she isn't? How much time has actually supposed to have passed since the beginning of the season?
  5. Rudi is insane. I'm never certain why a person (usually one of the women) thinks that giving another person a shrieky dressing-down will somehow eventually win them over. A calm discussion is usually the better option if you're feeling - however incorrectly - that you've been wronged. But then again it's silly of me to expect that with this franchise. 😊 I thought Ryan had a lovely voice, far nicer than Jamie's. Hers wasn't bad, just not as strong as his. And agree that his was nicer than Trevor's. I was bummed but not surprised that Jamie picked Trevor and was delighted that Rudi picked Ryan even though that had producer-driven written all over it. I thought Sheridan was really nice and am glad he got to stay. I was a bit put off at how many times we saw some of the men pressuring the women for a kiss on the first night. It was. . . kind of gross. The serenading is always cringey but I guess it's going to be par for the course with this show so I'm going to have to prepare myself for it with more than just one glass of wine. πŸ˜‚
  6. That's the church where I got married! It's Holy Family Church in Chicago and it's absolutely stunning. And the parishioners there are so lovely and welcoming. I'm delighted it *finally* made it onto one of the Chicagos. ❀️
  7. I absolutely cracked up at this exchange. Beverly: On your verbal portion you got in the 90th percentile! Pops: That's really high! (high-fives Adam) Beverly: On your math you got in the. . . bottom fifth percentile. Pops: That's really low. Adam: Is it? I'm not really a numbers guy. Pops: Yeah, I'm getting that. πŸ˜‚
  8. I agree. And then we'll have to go through a period of Sylvie mourning the loss of her mother and being distraught over not getting to be in her half-sister's life, and of course Casey will swoop in with all the comfort he has to offer and then. . . LOVE.
  9. I *really* didn't like this episode. I was so uncomfortable with the entire Carol storyline. While I understood why corporate wouldn't have fired her (the fear of being sued for discrimination against someone with a mental disorder rang true), I don't believe that they would've put her back in the same store as the person she had actually threatened. I would imagine they would've given her the option of moving to another store or, if she refused as they mentioned she did, laying her off with some sort of severance/payoff. I just can't believe they would've continued to open themselves up to the repercussions of her actually harming Sandra or causing a hostile work environment for all the employees. Amy/management not wanting to involve HR gave me some really unpleasant flashbacks, too. I worked for a company where there were some serious issues happening on my team and my manager talked us out of going to HR every time with the same rhetoric that Amy used: we don't want HR monitoring everything we do, we don't want HR looking into how we operate, HR will cause more trouble than they'll solve. It was awful feeling trapped like that, and seeing Amy do the same thing to Sandra made me a little sick. The Jonah storyline bothered me, too. He used to be a hopeless idealist but now he's just kind of an idiot, desperate to be liked and desperate to be relevant but not in an amusing way. It was just pathetic. As someone upthread mentioned, if Cheyenne is the cool head in a situation, you know you have some serious problems. And the way Mateo and Garrett abused that poor guy was the shit cherry on top of the shit sundae. The story initially had some promise but it took a steep downturn when it became clear that they were taking advantage of the poor guy's financial situation just to have a little free time at work. Especially when the guy was actually experiencing physical pain. I would've much preferred it if they had him running around the store doing odd jobs and having the rest of the employees look at him with the same "Who the fuck is that?" reaction that Amy had at the end. The only parts I liked were Cheyenne's accurate assessment that Jonah has a narc vibe (indeed) and Garrett calling Celine Dion "white Whitney Houston." Otherwise, this episode was no bueno.
  10. I remember when it finally turned out to be lupus, too! I had to Google it to find the actual episode: Season 4, episode 8 "You Don't Want to Know." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Don't_Want_to_Know It had to happen sometime, right? πŸ˜„
  11. My husband and I don't have it set up on our phones. I don't even turn on my Location Services unless I absolutely need to. I have issues with privacy. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  12. TV medicine has taught me it's always Lupus! House taught me it's never lupus!
  13. See, and I don't remember any of this. The only time I remember her talking about her family before this episode is the first time she turned up on the show when she told Trudy that she became a cop because of how well Trudy treated her as a kid when her father's restaurant was robbed while she was there and he was pistol whipped and she was waiting at the precinct worried about whether he'd survive. And in terms of violence in her past, I only recall there being an implication of an incident between her and the Man In Black from Lost when she was undercover, which sucks yeah but is a risk of her job. That's why all of this seemed contrived to me, not because I thought Hailey herself was being shady but because it seemed like the writers were changing her history to generate sympathy.
  14. Totally agree. If it was nothing more than a kiss, she would've let it go by now or just told Ethan about it and emphasized that it was nothing. But it's clearly not nothing for her; between her obsession over this tiny indiscretion and her apparent jealousy over whatever connection she perceives is between Natalie and Crockett, she clearly is into him. I can't stand her.
  15. I'm not particularly fussed about Sergio touting himself as a political designer. Let him have that. If he was inspired by the polar ice caps melting, great. I'm looking forward to seeing if his collection bears that out. His mini-collection did what it was supposed to do, at least for me, and that's make me want to see the rest. A few alterations to that first look (make it sleeveless, nip in the waist, get rid of the train) and I'd wear it over a bandeau and a pair of skinny jeans. I liked the top half of the second look but not the bottom. And I loved his last look. To me it was the clearest representation of his inspiration as the shiny bits gave me the impression of shards of ice glinting in a pile of snow under the sunlight. Nancy's collection was all right. I think what bothered me the most about the first dress was the skirt-into-a-cape thing. What woman wears a cape? Especially one that ties around your neck like Supergirl. I would've much preferred if the skirt was somehow manipulated into a cowl similar to the one in her third look. It would've been a really nice thread tying the looks together. I really liked the pantsuit. To whomever upthread who said it reminds them of something Zendaya would wear, YES YES YES. Hair and all, I absolutely and immediately envisioned her rocking that. The judges did Nancy a disservice by encouraging her to remove the cowl in her last look. I'm betting they were expecting something more interesting under it and when they saw it was just a basic halter dress, they were backed into a corner of having to insist that it was much improved without it. They were wrong. I hope she ignores them and puts it back on because without it, the only thing speaking for that design is the fabric. Victoria's mini-collection did the opposite for me that Sergio's did: I'm no longer interested in seeing what else she has to show. Of all the opportunities for her to go balls to the wall with the aesthetic she was so proud of during the competition and she decides to send down a bunch of pieces that you could find at any Ann Taylor Loft. The only thing I liked of hers was that sparkly jumpsuit but it was nowhere near special enough to make me want to see if she had anything else of interest in her collection. I think Geoffrey made the right choice in sending those particular looks down the runway, for no other reason than he really needed their feedback. I hope it doesn't backfire on him and get him eliminated as I'd like to see what his whole vision was. The skirt in the first look moved beautifully, and the puffer jacket didn't bother me that much as it seemed more artistic than functional. I thought the idea of the second look was kind of cool but the execution was a little off. If it was longer and fit tighter around the waist, I think I would've liked it more. As it was, it just seemed ill-fitting to me. I wasn't keen on his third look. The fit of the coat bothered me (too long? too puffy? not puffy enough? I don't know) and the dangly things reminded me too much of that other dude from a few seasons ago that had a penchant for straps. If he can afford to, he should scrap it altogether. All in all, with the exception of Victoria's I'm looking forward to seeing their collections. Oh and before I forget, Christian was a damn delight in this episode. From his amused reaction to Nancy's cutout of him to sashaying around the workroom in Geoffrey's huge black coat, he utterly charmed me.
  16. Little Ed was born in 1992 (season 4, episode 22), which would make him around 27/28 right now. Harris was born in '97 which would make her around 22/23 now. Seems they de-aged both the kids about 6 or 7 years so I guess yay for that bit of consistency? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I can't deal with the actor playing Little Ed anyway because he's always going to be the little asshole that murdered the cute ME on L&O: SVU. 😊 Except that Darlene said after Ed had a second family he ghosted them. That second family was . . . Crystal and Lonnie, plus Ed Jr. and the baby girl. We know Crystal didn't ghost the Conners. And I find it highly unlikely she'd lose custody of her kids to Ed or that she would be so estranged from them that Ed could keep them away from the Conners for 20 years. DB in CMH is right, for plot purposes, Crystal simply did not exist in this episode. The only way any of this makes sense to me is if the writers decided to dismiss Crystal marrying Ed altogether and Ed had Little Ed and Angela with a totally different, never-introduced-to-the-audience woman.
  17. Every interaction between Ben and the coach had me in stitches. Particularly: Coach (to Michelle): He a little jackass. Ben (on the phone): Say that to my face! Coach (bending down, hands on hips, face right up to the phone): YOU. A LITTLE. JACKASS. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  18. That just wrecked me. I was crying from the get-go. And Chidi's speech about the waves? Beautiful. Just beautiful. I'm going to miss this show and these characters so much.
  19. Yeah, I'd still be uptight about it. And if she kept opening my mail (including my bank statements, my God) I'd report her. I know people that have come from small towns. The mail carrier opening other people's mail is just not a thing. πŸ™„
  20. Mr. Lily and I were saying the same thing, too. Even though he's supposed to be more together now what with being in medical school and everything, he still seemed like the same over-the-top tool the few times he's turned up on the show. I'd pick CB over Barry any day.
  21. Unless this was a for-profit school (which they never indicated it was), I didn't. In fact, I was surprised that neither Darlene nor Harris had looked into financial aid before walking into that office. When I was applying for college, my high school counselor assisted me in looking for all sorts of scholarships and grants that I applied for long before I was accepted into any college. I would imagine nowadays it would be even easier to find some "free money" with the internet available at their fingertips. Granted, I never approached any of my prospective colleges' financial offices for packages but that was because I researched my schools and was informed about their tuition and what I would need to do to pay it *before* I chose to accept one. I certainly didn't expect any of them to do that for me. Honestly, this whole thing seemed like a piss-poor attempt at a "relevant" storyline. I thought it was really rude of Darlene to treat that woman the way she did. I was really surprised that Darlene of all people would be encouraging Harris to get a fine arts degree when Darlene's degree has led her nowhere. I'm not saying all fine arts degrees will see you jobless and living with your dad or anything but if I'd had Darlene's experience, I would've been all for her getting a business degree first and telling her she can go back and get a degree in writing later on when she has extra income. Harris can always continue writing in the meantime. I can't quite remember. Did they ever say how Darlene paid for art school? Did she get a full-ride scholarship? She doesn't seem to talk about having to pay off any school debt as part of her money issues.
  22. Even more random, it was for their 31st anniversary. His dad said something about how he's loved her for 33 years and I remember thinking to myself, "Oh, so they were together for two years before they got married." I'm guessing they just wanted a free party from the network. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  23. This may be an unpopular opinion but I'm not ready to write Sergio off as a bad person quite yet. He has a horribly inflated sense of his abilities, yes, but I noticed that he was one of the people who helped Dayoung. He held her hand when her look was going down the runway. He's hugged and congratulated designers who had good reviews and hugged and consoled designers who had bad ones when they come back from the judging. I think he's stubborn and I think he thinks he's more talented than the others, but those little glimpses of kindness give me more hope for him. I hope I'm not wrong. On the other hand, I think Delvin is a bit more of a stealth bitch than I was expecting. He's certainly talented but seeing him not only not help Dayoung but smirk about it, and then watching him pout and sidle off wordlessly when he didn't win didn't sit well with me at all. I don't know that I was totally sold on anyone's entire look, with the exception of Tyler's. I thought that was the most accurate in terms of "street wear" of the bunch, and it just looked cool. I was surprised the judges put him in the bottom instead of the hideousness that Victoria sent down the runway. But I did like piecees of a few outfits. Loved Brittany's and Nancy's jackets and liked Chelsey's and Marquise's tops.
  24. Four hundred dollars for that nutcracker???
  25. LOL, when she set fire to the thing I said to the TV, "Lady, if you're going to do that, do it in the kitchen!" πŸ˜‚
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