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  1. VMepicgrl

    The Veronica Mars Movie

    It should be on Hulu.
  2. Agree with all you said. Also, honest question - would the new will stand even though the lawyer worked with the criminals? Or would it revert back to the other? They seemed to have the new will mostly stand since Ro's mom had the power to give away the company. But the chef was apparently going to only get the money that was explicitly stated in the first will.
  3. So are the two movies with the word "Holiday" in the title the movies that are going to include Jewish characters? Since it seems every other one specifically references Christmas? Or I guess those might not be identified yet.
  4. VMepicgrl

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I think Matty was trying to get evidence that Big Dick was behind the first two bombs (she didn't know Clive had the recording). But then it ended up unnecessary once she got to witness him being murdered.
  5. If they were okay with Summer Villa, they should be fine with this one. That was a bigger age difference. Of course Hilarie's real life husband is way older, too. Hopefully, those pearl clutchers can figure out that Danica is older by considering her time on the Wonder Years and that people can dye their hair (not that I know Danica for sure dyes hers). I liked the new movie. I was relieved that deployment was apparently enough drama to leave out a dumb misunderstanding. And the leads seemed to have good chemistry.
  6. VMepicgrl

    Romantic Comedies

    I just saw Morning Glory with a friend and we both really liked it. Then, I decided to see if there were any interesting movies on Netflix before I cancel again. I found another movie with Rachel McAdams, coincidentally. She isn't the lead, she's the love interest, so it fits with what you said. It's called About Time. I think it's the same director as Love Actually. I really enjoyed this movie as well.
  7. VMepicgrl

    S04.E03: Keep Calm and Party On

    I rewatched the series. It did not come up in season 3. So interesting points about his murder not being a mystery to be solved on the show. Guess they figured fans would just be happy he got justice somehow since the legal system didn't do it, and we could assume that it was otherwise investigated off-screen. Hard to imagine Veronica/Keith/Logan wouldn't be invested in that, though.
  8. Some more information about the new Lifetime movies: https://ew.com/tv/2019/07/22/first-look-lifetime-christmas-movies-2019/
  9. VMepicgrl


    He looked familiar to me also, so I looked him up. He was the prince in those Netflix royal Christmas movies that were so popular. I could be wrong, but I think the elder Cresswell was the intended target to begin with. Bell's wife was accused of having an affair with him. I think we were to assume that Farmer Bell killed his wife and went after the elder Cresswell before then killing himself. Then, whats-his-name, who had helped with the poison pen letters by mailing them, committed suicide due to guilt. So the vet's daughter only directly killed one person, the older Cresswell brother. It's interesting that people find this season to be so dark. I guess the personal stuff with all of our main characters is very dark, moreso than in the past. But I think there's actually fewer direct murders (so far) than in previous seasons. More accidental deaths. A lot of the murders in the past seasons were super dark, or the stories behind them were super dark (like the storyline with the prostitute suspect that someone else referenced here). This show has never been rainbows and butterflies, though, lol. I still enjoy it as just a quality show. And I've always had some trouble following the storylines, especially if I don't pay 100% attention. It helps using closed captioning, though. I miss some things with the accents.
  10. Is it just me or do the women always choose the ugliest wedding dresses, or at least the ones that look the worst on them?
  11. VMepicgrl

    S05.E09: The Fresh Princess

    I was born in 1985 and mood rings were definitely still a thing when I was a kid.
  12. VMepicgrl

    The Veronica Mars Movie

    I don't think we were supposed to assume Wallace and Mac were a couple. They outright reference Wallace looking for another woman at the reunion because they had made a promise that if they were both single by then things could "get interesting" or something like that.
  13. For you and others who are fans of Antonio Cupo, if you didn't already know, he has been on the new CBS show Blood & Treasure.
  14. VMepicgrl

    Blood & Treasure

    USA network used to specialized in these shows. I don't understand why they stopped. I was a fan of so many of their shows, and now I don't watch that network at all.