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  1. According to Kimberley Sustad in an interview on the Bubbly Sesh podcast, a Nine Lives of Christmas sequel is in development.
  2. OMG. Just seeing this now. I've ALWAYS thought Kevin looked like a white Snoop Dogg. Not just in this video.
  3. A medical doctor? I thought he was a therapist like her. So Ph.D. doctor, like of psychology or something similar. Didn't he want her to partner with him and eventually take over when he wanted to retire?
  4. I actually thought the movie was bad. The little plot it had was only at the beginning and the end, and that plot was very silly and badly acted. Everything felt very forced. The female lead's father's home (her childhood home) was even more outrageous in its grandeur than the other Hallmark homes that make it see like everyone can afford fancy homes. And how could the male lead afford the date in a private section of the castle on a small town teacher's salary? Though I guess they referenced he was doing something before that year and maybe he had a higher paying job. I forget if they specified what it was. It was just boring and silly to me and I barely stuck with it.
  5. Like others here, I am shocked that there is so little standardization. And even outside of that, that so many schools are not doing their due diligence in putting strong measures into place considering you'd think that they really want college football to happen (even if they don't care about the actual players). Like UCLA players feeling that they need a third party to oversee their procedures! As someone who enjoys college football but DOES care about the players, I was surprised and pretty concerned when the schools started announcing that players could come back. That was even before these surges in other states. I'm pleased that my alma mater, PSU, seems to have excellent procedures in place from everything that I have read and heard. And their workouts are truly voluntary (coach mentioned 30+ players have decided not to return yet, including 5-8 on scholarship - forget the exact number). But if a season actually happens, I'd be concerned about them playing a school with more lax procedures. What a mess! ETA: This person does a good job wording my concern:
  6. Last week, I saw My Favorite Bachelor. This movie was originally a PixL movie, but I guess Hallmark picked it up. I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed it. Maybe because I could relate to the lead female and her dating issues. And I liked watching her and the male lead, Scott, get to know each other and how their feelings grew.
  7. I recently finished watching the Israeli version of the show, and it's full blown soap. I didn't realize that going in, so I kind of regretted watching because I'm not a fan of that sort of show. While the American show has diverged significantly from the original, I'm a little fearful it will increase in soapiness as well.
  8. I agree with a lot of what is said. I just want to point out that Tyler's best friend, Gabe, is awesome (though too bad he wasn't holding onto Ty's phone harder when Jackson grabbed it). He's super mature for a HS student, maybe to an unrealistic extent, but I appreciate that he has been a good friend and has good advice. I just like him as a person in all of his scenes.
  9. I was happy that they actually filmed the movie in Boston, where I went to grad school. That was about it. Not only was the heroine a bitch, but she is also probably one of the worst therapists in existence. Many here have commented on the issues in portraying certain careers when they have actual expertise. I'm not a therapist, but I am a school psychologist with some overlapping training. No way does a trained therapist not have familiarity, at minimum, with behavior modification and operant conditioning. That's like intro to psych. And I even learned it in undergrad when I was studying special education, as part of my behavior management class. My professor joked about using shaping with her husband to get him to hang up his towel in the bathroom. On top of all of that, her books were clearly based on theories that she has pulled out of her butt. They would have been better off making the movie with a lead who had some completely unrelated career, and she stumbles into the similarities between training a dog and a human. I might keep this on my DVR to rewatch on mute just for the Boston scenery. It made me a bit nostalgic. But I definitely won't rewatch for the actual storyline.
  10. Meanwhile, Paxton reminds me of Chad Michael Murray. Not in looks, but in voice and acting choices/mannerisms. It was jarring. But guess I was the only one to think so nice no one else has mentioned it. I like Paxton, but add me to the list of those thinking he definitely looks older (the usual 20s actor playing teen) while Devi did actually look like a teen. The show has given some good male eye candy (Paxton, Kamala's possible fiance-to-be, Sendhil Ramamurthy). The actor who plays Ben is cute, if not quite hot like the others.
  11. My parents introduced me to a few episodes of Brokenwood Mysteries. And with this whole Covid quarantine thing, I was able to get a free trial of Acorn myself. I went ahead and finished what has been made so far. I am enjoying the series. Like others, glad that Jared returned but sad that Kahu is no longer on.
  12. Michael Rady is one of my favorite leading men, but I was disappointed in the movie. I agree that I understand where the female lead was coming from in some of her complaints, but she still bothered me for some reason. And this didn't ruin the movie for me, but her thinking she was a genius for naming his sandwich a BLP was eyeroll worthy. There was something similar to that later in the movie, but I forget the exact example. Also, while I know all of these competition-themed movies end up with one of the leads winning (or the leads tying 🙄), this movie projected which one would win it all more than usual. Especially once there was also a fan favorite prize. And I was just bored like Irlandesa, though I was multitasking. I liked Just My Type better.
  13. When there were outside shots, it showed a sign pointing to the inn on one side and I think the house on the other (my eye seemed to keep going to the same side of the sign each time).
  14. Yeah, I think Yannick to leave. But the book character also stopped being in later books for a different reason. So they made the choice to change the on screen reasoning for why he was gone.
  15. Well, they might have dropped Martin off in the jungle because
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