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  1. VMepicgrl

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    This is an interesting take https://www.tvguide.com/news/crazy-ex-girlfriend-series-finale/
  2. The prince in Love, Romance, & Chocolate did not have a British accent. But he also wasn't the love interest, just a background character, lol.
  3. VMepicgrl

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    That's the other thing I hate. Was going to mention it but thought it might be too off-topic, lol. I'm not a big fan of facial hair in general, but I can deal with a short, neat beard or whatever. But those huge, long beards are disgusting.
  4. VMepicgrl

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I also laughed out loud and said something like, "You're saying something is dated?" I've been seeing men with mustaches more often now than I have in a long time, so I thought it was making a comeback. Like I mentioned, I am not happy about it. As as single woman, I do not find mustaches attractive. Particularly in young-ish guys.
  5. VMepicgrl

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Very impressed with most of the looks. Adam Selman shouldn't comment on something looking dated with that mustache. If that can make a comeback (which I hate), he can't say other things aren't allowed to come back. Not that I liked the look, personally. Just thought he was one to talk.
  6. I think I enjoy Michael Rady for the same reason that I enjoy Colin Firth. I know, what a comparison. And it isn't the obvious - good looks. We could say that about most of the leading men on Hallmark (I don't find all attractive). But there's something about how they show such warmth in their eyes when they act in these sorts of movies. The eyes are so expressive. That's how Colin was so good in Pride & Prejudice where you could see he loved Elizabeth Bennet, even when his character still acted stiff and formal. I've noticed the same with Michael in these movies. There's probably more to it, but that is something that sticks out to me. I also liked him when I watched Greek and then Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
  7. The initial premise of Love to the Rescue would not actually happen, and I don't know how any parent would think it would be a good idea to risk their kid losing out on a dog after getting to know the dog for an extended period. That being said, I loved everything else about the movie like everyone here. So I will ignore that aspect of the story moving forward. 🙂 I enjoyed the movie for all of the reasons already stated. It was also nice to have a movie not filmed in the usual Canadian town for once. That was an added bonus.
  8. Like SusanwatchingTV, I watched the first few seasons and somewhat liked the show. I enjoyed the main romantic storyline and some of the storylines dealing with issues of the time. The first season, they tried a little harder to be more accurate to the time period. The women had their hair up, less makeup (if I remember right), and more accurate clothing. For some reason, once it was popular, they seemed to feel a need to match the look of the show to the rest of their "brand," from what I've read. This article explained: https://www.tvinsider.com/84359/costuming-hallmark-channels-when-calls-the-heart/. So they changed up the coloring and all of those other things. The reasoning sounded really stupid to me. I continued to watch for awhile despite that stupidity, but I gave up on the show when He was one of the main reasons I still enjoyed the show, so there was no point once he left the show.
  9. VMepicgrl

    Midsomer Murders

    I've only seen this show on PBS and have not sought it out other places (Netflix, library DVDs, etc.) to try to enjoy it slowly like some others here. It's nice when my DVR randomly shows a new episode and I get to be surprised with something new to watch, particularly when there's nothing else on TV. However, I have definitely missed a lot of episodes this way and watched several out of order. At some point I will have to try to go back and fill in, if I can even remember what I've seen. Anyway, PBS just started the John Barnaby episodes. Like others, I have not liked the John and Ben interactions yet. It seems like they've had Ben regress in order to make John look even better. I remember Ben jumping to conclusions and making silly mistakes when he was first learning, but I thought he had definitely improved. Meanwhile, interesting storylines for the first two episodes. Death in the Slow Lane and Dark Secrets. The murderers in both are elderly men (though in the first, he was young when he first committed murder). And both episodes feature either actual incest or what would be incest if it wasn't for "Daddy" not actually being Daddy. Definitely an interesting start for John.
  10. VMepicgrl

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Just have to say - I'm surprised if you escape obnoxious people on HGTV. I feel like they find some of the worst people to be on their shows. Particularly the various House Hunters. But hosts on some of the shows are also pretty obnoxious. FN I think is generally better. Not sure if I will keep watching this. I was intrigued initially, but I'm not sure I can take so many episodes. I always loved Duff's show, but I don't see how they can drag out just the two of them competing in a way that is interesting. I did also watch Cake Boss. He really irritated me at the start but I kept watching for some reason and kind of softened towards him. Still never liked him to the extent that I like Duff, and if his reactions on this were real than that's ridiculous. I hadn't seen him on other competition shows.
  11. VMepicgrl

    NFL Thread

    Giants could possibly go quarterback now. Or, from listening to some of the Giants media people I respect a lot, they could possibly go pass rusher and right tackle with their round 1 picks. Or even maybe two pass rushers and do right tackle in round 2. I think they have some good options if they are not sold on quarterback this year and wanting to do it in 2020. Or craziness happens and they get Rosen. This is a decent draft for their positions of need in terms of supposed player quality matching their needs.
  12. And being able to walk out of a classroom when there's no other adults present to monitor the kids, closing the windowless door behind you.
  13. Guess I'm back to being in the minority. I found Just Add Romance to be very boring. And I'm not one who likes manufactured drama or misunderstandings or any of that, so it isn't that I was bored with those not being present. That actually made me happy, as did a lot of what other people pointed out. It just lacked something plot-wise or energy-wise. Maybe it's because I've watched too many of the actual food network cooking competitions. The one they portrayed in the movie would have been the most boring TV food competition of all time and would never make it. They were mostly quiet while showing the cooking scenes, there didn't seem to be any obvious time constraints causing stress (which could actually have added in a fun scene of some sort I think), the judging comments were cliches. I guess I found it similar to the critiques people here have regarding portrayal of certain careers that are not accurate. While I'm not a chef myself, I watch enough of those shows to know that it seems like the Hallmark people never actually watched a cooking competition and just guessed based on commercials. Except for bringing back eliminated chefs to help - that actually does happen a lot. And it would not fit with their look, but a cooking show needs at least someone with tattoos, piercings, and/or wild hair, lol. They pop up a lot.
  14. I was hearing pseudo British and Australian.