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  1. Apologies in advance for going back to this topic, but I started seeing new reviews of the Hallmark movies with Jewish characters, including a review in The Washington Post. I finally went to the link summarizing the interview with Bill Abbott. I hadn't read it last time. Wow - it's even worse than I thought. Particularly this quote: He clearly has the least possible knowledge about Hanukkah beyond that it exists if he thinks Christmas is more secular. Christians go to church for the holiday, which they portray in many of their Christmas movies. Jews do not go to temple specifically for Hanukkah. It is not a religious holiday at all. It's totally about the gift-giving and celebrations with generic reference to the "miracle." Ugh. Sorry for venting again.
  2. The daughter in Rock N Roll Christmas was not the lead in A Gift Wrapped Christmas. She was the lead's sister. That's why she wasn't as charming and charismatic as you remembered - you were thinking of another actress, lol. I similarly did not finish the movie and deleted it from my DVR, which is rare for me.
  3. As a culturally Jewish person who mostly enjoys these movies (while also making fun of them), this is disappointing but not really surprising. When I first read the announcements about the movies, they sounded desperate to insist that they would be including BOTH CHRISTMAS AND HANUKKAH. So not to worry people - no complete focus on Hanukkah for 2 whole movies. Not like there's any towns in the country with large enough Jewish populations to get away with that 🙄(it would have been okay to see some Christmas decorations in the background while walking around town or whatever since that would still be likely even if all the main characters were Jewish). Then I was further concerned when I saw who was cast in the movies and it seemed that none of the actors were actually Jewish. I think I ultimately saw one, but I actually think it might be for a movie on another channel unless I'm remembering wrong. And I also heard about the supposed delay in having these movies being lack of "good scripts" about Hanukkah. That's also stupid, as any of the less religious Christmas storylines could easily be changed to fit Hanukkah. Hanukkah is about a miracle, too. Easy to relate that to love, etc. And not a very religious holiday, so don't have to worry about too much there. I'll probably watch out of curiosity but I won't get my hopes up.
  4. Guess the bare trees were stock footage, then. I thought it was from the actual shooting. Though I'm trying to remember what last April was like in MA - you never know up there. Oh well. I'm glad it filmed in Massachusetts.
  5. I'm with you on all of this. I started watching the late repeated showing of the movie because of issues with my DVR earlier, and I ended up staying up really late to watch the whole thing (and sadly had to sit through commercials). While the overall storyline matches so many of these typical holiday movies, the feel of it was almost closer to older Hallmark or even a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie (not saying the quality was actually there) than current Lifetime or Hallmark. It handled the storyline more seriously and didn't rush to resolve things. It didn't force a million Christmas activities unnaturally. It wasn't overly colorful and cheesy and fake. And I thought the leads had good chemistry. The male lead was a new one in these. Lookwise, he fits with the rest in terms of maybe being the bland white male, but I still enjoyed the eye candy. And he did actually have the "kind eyes" the characters kept referencing which elevates certain actors for me, like Colin Firth and Michael Rady. It seemed to actually be filmed in winter (trees were bare) but they didn't force fake snow that wasn't there. And surprise! There are farms in the northeast of the country, too. It's not all southern/midwestern cowboys. Agree that the main issue with the movie was the handling of the sister.
  6. I'm going to respond here because this is a general complaint about the Hallmark movies and not holiday-specific. I agree that it's frustrating seeing these characters in huge, beautiful houses all the time. I think I've read that the people behind Hallmark think their viewers want that sort of wish fulfillment. I guess that might be true with some people, but I'd enjoy these movies more if some of the characters had somewhat more relatable lives. The romantic stories are enough wish fulfillment on their own, let these people live in apartments/condos/small homes.
  7. I was thinking the same about all of this. I didn't grow up there, but my family now lives a little northeast of Philly, I went to Penn State and have gone through Harrisburg a few times, and I visited Lehigh University in Bethlehem a couple of times when I almost went there for undergrad and grad school. The geography definitely made no sense. Even taking out the Harrisburg thing, you wouldn't go near Bethlehem if you're driving from Philly to Pittsburgh. I was curious about the founding story, so I did a google search and also saw that Bethlehem was founded in 1741. Like you, I have no idea why they felt the need to make that change. The only thing I could think of is that they wanted the people in the reenactment to wear that particular style of clothing for some reason...
  8. I watched Picture a Perfect Christmas. But, as I've said before, I seem to have different taste than most here and disagree on the movies. So take my opinion with a grain of salt. I actually enjoyed it. I thought the leads had good chemistry that grew as the movie progressed, which is primarily why I liked it. There were some of the usual silly aspects, but I could overlook them. Also no real misunderstanding which was nice.
  9. Has the emerald one been found yet? Those are most expensive if good quality.
  10. Yes, they showed this. When Chidi was enjoying The Good Place too much and not motivated to get better/teach ethics, they realized he needed to be tortured again by having to keep that same secret. So Jason came out to him. Remember the ep where he made his bud hole in Chidi's place and Chidi barely opened the door when Eleanor and Michael came to visit?
  11. VMepicgrl

    MLB Thread

    To my dismay, mustaches seem to have made a comeback. I guess just none of the Yankees players are into it. Superficially, I appreciate the policy, as I am not a fan of facial hair.
  12. I don't understand why they keep repeating the newest Darrow and Darrow, but they didn't repeat the previous one at all. I missed that one and still haven't gotten to see it. Why did that one go to the app but not the newest one?
  13. VMepicgrl

    NFL Thread

    The Bucs have had a good defense, though.
  14. I've wondered the same. I saw someone else say they thought it was rice. I hope it is something environmentally friendly for sure. Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong movie, but I don't think that was Erin Krakow in Love Under the Stars. I think it was Ashley Newbrough.
  15. People have commented on her being in movies with the "older" Hallmark guys lately. I wonder if they have pushed for her to have shorter hair so she'd look more age appropriate in the movies. I was actually thinking similar before you posted - how much more youthful she looked with her longer hair. I don't think she looks quite as old as you do, though.
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