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  1. david gideon

    S05.E21: The Girl With The Red Lightning

    Apparently there's no Food and Drug Administration in Flashworld, since anyone can cook up a home-brew miracle drug, test it in secret, and then start distributing it without bothering with any of those pesky government approvals. In fact, they can get the police department to help them do it!
  2. david gideon

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: Los Angeles

    Last night Nell was dressed like Mrs Butterworth. That was the distinguishing feature of the episode for me because I long ago lost interest in all the Russians: I couldn't tell you who's who, let alone who is who's father. If Hetty is back how come she's never at work? She can do her job from a park bench?
  3. I was a little distracted by all the times their breath was visible (thanks to the Canadian weather) in Atlanta GA. I know they tried to explain it away by referencing a 'cold snap' but with today's HD tvs it's hard not to notice stuff like that. I also noticed a bit of dialogue probably dubbed in after the filming. When they cut to a scene with Hailey and the coroner eating breakfast at Hailey's place, they added Hailey saying It was sweet of you to bring me breakfast. Just to make sure nobody got the wrong impression. (They stuck it over an establishing shot of the house and then Hailey taking a seat with her back to the camera.)
  4. david gideon

    S16. E21. Judge, Jury...

    That is correct. But I put 'mistrial' in quotes because this wasn't a mistrial at all. The prosecution evidence was inadmissible. That's not grounds for a mistrial. This was a simple ruling on evidence (which happens all the time, though in real life would have been addressed before the trial began). If this situation happened in real life the defense would get the evidence excluded, then the prosecutor would free to continue and try to prove the case. If they couldn't meet the burden: not guilty. Double jeopardy rule prevents trying him again. If judges declared a mistrial because evidence was excluded, you could have cases being tried any number of times, giving the pros multiple bites at the apple and making the double jeopardy clause meaningless. Calling a 'mistrial' because the judge excluded evidence is another reason why this trial goes in the top ten of ridiculous teevee criminal trials.
  5. david gideon

    S16. E21. Judge, Jury...

    The trial was one of the worst I've seen on tv; one mistake after another ending up with the 'mistrial' and the cockeyed notion that they could restart the investigation from the beginning and charge him again. (They couldn't. Once the jury is sworn in jeopardy attaches and you can't try him a second time.) JAG took liberties in procedures etc now and then but nothing as bad as this. But I liked the McGee B-story so there's that.
  6. david gideon

    S16. E17. Silent Service

    I hope he appears more often than Hetty.
  7. david gideon

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Tonite why was Higgins tagging along thru the whole investigation? When they talked to the sister they kept looking at each other with knowing glances at something that was said. Reminded me of Friday and Gannon on Dragnet. Plus Magnum called himself a private detective again. All that plus the continual music in every scene nonstop gets on my nerves. Sometimes less is more. Despite all that it wasn’t the worst episode ever because I like Perdita.;)
  8. Story and screenplay co-written by Lee Goldberg, a pretty fair mystery author in his own right. He did quite a bit on series like Monk and Diagnosis: Murder. I spotted the killer within minutes of his/her appearance but the whole thing just seemed better constructed than most original (not based on a novel) made-for-tv mysteries. And the leads worked well together.
  9. david gideon

    S06.E03: The Pharmacist

    The motion to suppress the gun will probably turn on whether the tip given to the cop was reliable. That of course would depend on the reliability of the source who provided the tip. And therein is the key to how Lizzie's betrayal could be exposed. That might explain why his head bobs up and down every time he speaks.
  10. david gideon

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Perdita Weeks is the only reason I tune in. I took a fancy to her immediately maybe because she is so like her sister Honeysuckle who was such a charming element of Foyle’s War. Unfortunately the star of this show has little star quality, and the voice overs they give him are pretty routine compared to the original series where they added so much to the episodes imho.
  11. david gideon

    S16. E 08. Friendly Fire

    A few eps back the team ran into
  12. david gideon

    S16. E07. A Thousand Words

    I never thought I'd see the day, but it happened: NCIS did a 'save the whales' episode. But I did like the painting of Gibbs and Bish.
  13. david gideon

    S16. E04. Third Wheel

    It was a bit bizarre, and I thought the one with the weird neighbors in the cul de sac was kind of strange too. At least this one had a Emily Rose from a Haven...nice seeing her again.
  14. david gideon

    Garage Sale Mysteries

    Watching a short-run Canadian series Endgame on Amazon and saw Steven Bacic in one episode as a murder suspect, and the next episode had Sarah Strange as a psychiatrist. Vancouver-based show that only lasted 13 episodes.
  15. david gideon

    Garage Sale Mysteries

    Liked Sunday's. Seemed like the mystery plot was a little trickier than usual.