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  1. I'm still curious as to why (and how?) Schena was at the superbowl and with teddi mellencamp??
  2. vmarsissmart

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    Why does Billie Lee always look like she is entering a room like a cat looking for her prey. When she approached Lala, when she approached Kristen and Katie at her brunch. I get why she's angry, but her actions were defamatory to Katie and the other girls. To the point they are still getting bashed online because of Billie's "liking" tweets. If I were Katie, I would want nothing to do with her. "I never said transphobic" is bullshit. When you imply something it doesn't make you any less guilty of something. Just because you didn't say it directly doesn't mean you didn't put out that message by what you like online. Look at that Garret guy who won the bachelor. He ate shit for liking tweets that were hating on immigrants (or something) and had to release a statement. Liking something is endorsing the message. I don't care who you are. She liked those posts, she knew people would see it. She's endorsing that message. I would be pissed as fuck. Apologizing in this case does not take away the damage or the intent of your message. That shit is going to follow Katie forever.
  3. vmarsissmart

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    I know they showed up to film because they are called to. It's also Brunch with Billie because it makes Lisa look good and supportive. Everything is a story, everything is manipulated. The cast does put their real lives out on their social media as anyone else would. Billie knew what she was doing and the shit storm she would create for filming, just like the producers knew they would be able to manipulate it. It's just a shitty thing to do to someone. I'd rather have Billie call Katie out for that during filming for the show rather than where their real lives intersect with their show lives. It's a slippery slope. They know what they signed up for. The thirst is real. Blah blah blah fishcakes. ymmv.
  4. vmarsissmart

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    I would be sensitive as fuck if I had the number of followers that each of these girls have and someone starts to trash my character and call/imply and/or validate the idea that I was transphobic. Billie also walked over to Kristen and Katie as if "How dare you come to MY Brunch" . They wanted brunch, they probably get an employee discount and goat cheese balls. They may have gone in just to piss Billie off too. She could have ignored them and let them just eat but she knows her job is to create drama and that's what she did. The line does get crossed when you help label a cast member as transphobic on their social media site though. That's a shitty thing to do.
  5. vmarsissmart

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    That is where you'd be wrong because Katie and Scheana called Lala a whore and a prostitute at the hostess stand in season 4 episode 2. https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2015/11/vanderpump-rules-season-4-episode-2-recap-new-blood-old-wounds/ Thanks for the clarification. This doesn't surprise me at all that they did it at work. Pot, meet the kettle. I couldn't think of a specific instance at work at the moment which is why I said that. It was clear that James was out of line on a few instances in the work place. The girls on WWHL last night mentioned that James is doing this still and while it's clear that they are all basically friends now, Lala has changed out of that mode as has Katie the last season or this season at least. They've shown some changes, James has not. James also mocks them after the fact in his TH's so. I feel they are going to go on a James redemption story for a SL which is going to be annoying because I find him vile. I used to find Katie, Kristen and Stassi vile as well but since I started listening to Stassi's podcast, I kind of adore her and I like hearing their real life friendship, not their show friendship when they do podcasts together.
  6. vmarsissmart

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    I know Katie and LaLa have both done wrong in the whole shaming department. I can't remember specifically the circumstances. I think the difference here is that James is doing it on the clock. He was working. He was DJ'ing and embarassed a client and coworker (aka Britney) by freestyling and rapping about her boyfriend cheating on her and then fatshaming Katie in the back while he was on the clock and being paid by Vanderpump. I know the one instance where Lala and James fatshamed Katie (and all of them) was when they were drinking in another bar socially, so it's not at work. But you do give your employer grounds if you do it on the clock. YMMV. He also called Lala a whore but I think Lisa isn't bringing that one up in the staff meeting because it wasn't at work....
  7. vmarsissmart

    S07.E05: Ice Queens

    She was clearly fucked up and drunk. I laughed at her neck piece on her costume getting stained from whatever she took from that shot out of the ice luge. Listening to her podcast, she talks a lot about how Beau is a social butterfly and likes to go out while she prefers to stay in and not be out too late. So her wanting to pack it in at 2am and go to bed doesn't surprise me. Her having a fit because she was ready for bed and Beau wasn't responding, doesn't surprise me. Even though it's the best relationship she has been in, doesn't mean she always knows how to handle it. Look at her past relationships, full of drama and bullshit and her freaking out as a result. Being drunk, likely on Adderall (she's talked on her podcast how she's stopped or weaned herself off of the xanex she uses for sleeping or whatever) is just a recipe for her crashing and freaking out. Beau's mom is also a relationship therapist, so Beau doesn't really indulge Stassi's tantrums, so it will be interesting how this plays out next episode. The freak out may have been for storyline though so YMMV. I wouldnt' want James at the party either, having him come to an event full of booze and people he has purposefully antagonized for months is a bad combination. He needs to stay home. Raquel should have as well because she's going to defend James (even though on this one he is indefensible when it comes to Katie, Lala and Brittany and how he's attacked them) and it just puts her in an awkward position. Stassi was bang on when she told Raquel that James got himself fired. I love that about Stassi because a lot of times (not always) she is right on stuff like this.
  8. vmarsissmart

    S07.E04: Lisa's Dilemma

    There are so many Catch 22's in this whole issue about body shaming and whether Katie instigated it by talking to James first and pointing out whatever about his shorts. Either way his response was out of line and had nothing to do with Katie but his anger at the fact that he's been enough of an asshole to everyone that they are out to get him. The fact remains that James has continually shown himself to be vicious in how he treats the other women when he is working. His freestyle about Brittany, fat-shaming Katie (who is not fat at all, which pisses me off that she is the body that gets shamed... because I'd kill to have her body). He is an employee of Lisa, he is doing this on the clock, he is drinking on the clock, can't control himself and doing so in a very public format and based on reports from other cast members it has been ongoing. I'm not saying that Katie (or the other Vanderpumpers are innocents, they aren't) but Katie basically reported him to HR (Lisa) as harassing her in a work venue and not making her feel safe. You can argue whether or not that is true on her end but I believe it is and that she has had enough. It's on tape, it's on TV and despite the fact that James brings in money, it reflects poorly on the whole business if Lisa continues to hire and employ people that create a toxic environment. Once Vanderpump rules dies..... I know James' still works there, I know this is all a front ultimately. I know they are all guilty of harassing each other and bullying each other in the workplace but in this case, James isn't doing himself any favours. James fake cries, apologizes and then laughs about how people buy it and shows no remorse. He's vile and I wish they'd just fire him from the show because I can't stand the "drama" he brings.
  9. vmarsissmart

    S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    In reality and as an employee in an environment where one employee is harassing and bullying another employee you have every right and should go to your boss to discuss the issue. Frankly I don't think Lisa would fire James because he's bringing in bodies and money, but she's also enabling an environment where harassment is ok and has for years. It's not just James, see Kristen, Stassi, Katie, Jax etc.... I know the show is to fuel drama and I love it, but there's the attacking each other for their stupid infidelities and relationships, it's another to blatantly body shame someone in their place of employment while they are working. FYI, Katie looks fucking awesome, I'd kill for her body as is right now on the show. The fact that she is being called fat because he isn't super thin anymore and has put on maybe 15 lbs pisses me off. Having a normal body with a healthy BMI and being told not to wear short shorts? Fuck that. I'm fat and I work the hell out of my short shorts because I think my legs are awesome. If you don't like it, I don't care, I'm not wearing them for you, I'm wearing them for me. Katie has been doing a lot of body positivity comments on her instastories. I hate that we live in a world where she has to deal with assholes calling her fat when she isn't. At. All.
  10. vmarsissmart

    SURly Staff In The Media

    i'm totally going to buy the book. I used to hate Stassi, but once I started to listen to her podcast earlier this year, I found her totally compelling and interesting. She's funny and while at times she says the wrong thing (aka the time's up/me too fiasco), she totally worked at educating herself and aiming to figure out and reeducater herself. I flove her with Beau and think he really brings out who she really is. I can't imagine being in so many shitty relationships would make you your best self, but she's never going to be perfect but I think Beau brings her out of her shell. Based on her podcasts and love of pop culture and fashion, her OOTD day stuff, I think the book will be fun and why not. I hope she has a chapter about her love of murder, cemeteries and serial killers.
  11. vmarsissmart

    S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    The 80's party might have been part of when the cast went to Saved by the Max. I've been following them on Instagram. It's weird to see how their relationships have fluctuated but I love Stassi now and think Beau has really helped her come into her own. Their instastories of their trip to Italy before filming and the events they've gone to this year together. On her podcast you can really tell that she's found her person. You could tell Beau was a little tentative filming there but I don't think it'll take long for him to come into his own on the show. He's in casting and he is a character. Totally weird to see things like Stassi and Ariana as friends and having a joint party and all the cast members going away together post filming as a group and having fun together. Lala and her man took Jax and Brittany and Schwartz and Katie to his Oceanfront mansion in Cabo for an engagement present. Based on what I've seen from their instagrams, James is on the outs and Scheana has been doing her own thing and probably just came back for filming.
  12. vmarsissmart

    Season 7 Discussion

    I was thinking earlier how much better this show is without Asa instigating shit by being so self-righteous and then she appears.
  13. vmarsissmart

    S14.E12: Cooking Away In Margaritaville

    It was the best meal I've ever had. The goat carpaccio was amazing, the oysters were divine for my first time having them and the best green beans I've ever had in my entire life and I hate green beans. Richard Blais is annoying and I wish he would disappear from my tv forever.
  14. vmarsissmart

    S02.E01: Episode 1

    I need Kardashley to stay as long as possible because her crazy entertains me. Comparing herself to Princess Jasmine? Beautiful. Wearing her Princess Jasmine bikini and using it as her line? Amazing! Her crying already and being paranoid about Jarod already? I love the hot mess that this will be and can't wait to see Clare's crazy. They need to bring in Juan Pablo.
  15. I would want the dick pic program shut down. 'merica That was amazing. I lost it when Snowden entered the room.