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  1. I can't see anyone else [other than MM] as Adam. Sometimes, it is better to kill off a character than to get someone else that just can't cut it. He had the right amount of smarm to play Adam. I am surprised that Victor did not have that body independently checked. He just trusted his private eye? That is so not Victor and Victor knows what Adam is like. It was like Victor was slipping by not verifying that it was really Adam. Why is Billy not being charged with some crime? He admitted to kidnapping Adam and he admitted to holding a gun on him.
  2. Insulting NASCAR was a real asshat move. Marcus uses one of his best connections and you act like a child? You deserve to go out of business. The last thing you deserve is Marcus helping you. You know it all, so why did you even bother Marcus in the first place?
  3. This guy had a nice idea but had no clue that it would never fly. He kept on putting money in it and it seemed to get worse every time. Marcus should not worry about the man getting his money back. That is not for Marcus to deal with. Marcus should focus on getting the place running properly and then, the owner could get his money back as it became available. If he got paid, it should be LAST, not first.
  4. Even though he had to know better, Michael just had to let his ego do the talking. He is his own worst enemy. I am sure he was jealous of his wife's deal for the protein snacks. Him deciding to change the remodel was not very smart and only showed how dumb he really is. I hope he worships his wife.
  5. I loved it when it looked pretty bad for the "good guys" and Marcus comes to the rescue with the dilution information. I could just smell Dane's poop filled shorts. He had no idea that anyone else could be that smart, I guess. He is such a lazy, crooked loser. I cannot imagine anyone thinking that Marcus is stupid. When he informed Dane that he was prepared to "loan" as much money as it would take to get him out, the blood drained from Dane's face.
  6. I love how people ask (no, beg) for his advice and then when he gives it, they push back. They know what the numbers are and then act all shocked and insulted with the offer. Don't want my offer? No problem. Go out of business and die a slow, agonizing death. Is this really a choice these idiots have to think about? They should be kissing Marcus's sweet, chubby butt.
  7. What pissed me off the most about this business was the fact that they won numerous awards for pies they were not selling. They entered good tasting, home made pies for the contest and then sold mass produced crap at a huge profit. That burns my ass. Then, the guy has the audacity to think that what he was selling was good quality. Turn in your man card, buddy.
  8. I love me some Marcus. When he said, 'Eff you' as a response to her asking if they could date, he will never do wrong in my book. I am sure she was pushed to the limit by her cheating boyfriend and wanted to show everyone that worked there what he was all about but all she did was make herself look worse than ever. When you are scorned like that, it's hard but self preservation is paramount, not revenge. Revenge will come as you are a success and he is stuck with a whiny, gold digger piece of tail. Too bad she was so simple minded. She could have cashed in big time if she was not so s
  9. Two and a Half Men Such a good show that went bad faster than anyone could have expected.
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