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  1. Agreed. That was definitely part of their ongoing plan to humiliate Jenna. No, she should not be dancing when you are blocking for a game she is not participating in. They will keep doing that to show her who is boss and keep her in line. She is pathetic for continuing to go through it. See, I think it is insane they expect people to know that nonsense about co workers. It's not rush. it is a real job or sorority, not both.
  2. I really like Alexandria. I think she will be one and done for a host of reasons -- mostly hers, some DCCs. This made me laugh because you are totally -- right. The always talk about LSU on the show like it is this super amazing school. "She went to LSU!" It is a crappy state schools with decent-ish (occasionally) football. It is not this mega achievement to go there.
  3. The entire NFk is backing off Breast cancer awareness for a number of reasons that includes questions about where funds from certain teams (cough cough Cowboys) were directed, and also how the League as a whole addressed cancer awareness --- outside of the breast cancer awareness they were getting paid to promitepromote
  4. I don't think Dak saved Jenna -- but I do think Jenna was saved because it was Dak. He stays out of trouble and isn't a risk. Holly's situation was a risk to the organization because she could have been two drinks away from a black eye courteousy of Zeke.
  5. But this is exactly it -- they don't. They have a series of rules that are in place so they can pick and choose when to enforce them when they want to get rid of someone. Those aren't standards.
  6. I think it really depends on what you consider a "bad edit". I think Jenna looks desperate and spineless and pretty easily manipulated by K&J. I think Holly looks a lot better just walking away for that nonsense. I think I would have laughed in her face if Jenna told me to stop, because pot meet kettle.
  7. Yes! If I am Holly and see that list, my first thought is "Am I being stalked?". Because that was creepy.
  8. What is the actual law in Dallas though? Because yes, lots of places card at the door to screen for those under 21. But there is a wide range of laws about whether you have to actually be 21 to be in an establishment. They card for convenience -- to take the onus off of the bartenders about serving (although technically the bartender is still the one liable for serving -- they cannot say "well the bouncer let them in"). If Holly was drinking, sure. But technically just being in the club may have not been illegal, even if they did card. Those laws vary though. Right??? I wanted to see Jenna cut just because she is a crappy friend. Hardly a "locker room favorite"!
  9. This! I mean, I get they both did stuff they weren't suppose to do. But Jenna just seems somehow so much worse -- like she is scratching and clawing her way to stick around after all this time and it just feels so desperate. I'm not saying I would want any of these girls at daughters. But at least with Holly, ok, this is typical 20 year old immature BS. I can work with that. Jenna is so far gone -- there is nothing I saw there to be proud of. She didn't own up to anything -- she is just played out and desperate. Of course, I would be least proud of the snitch. "Locker room talk" -- my god. That is so embarrassing, that someone is being a tattle tale. I get that the culture of team rewards it, but I would not be proud of it.
  10. Troy Aikman married a Cowboys employee first time around.
  11. I honestly do not understand how Jenna even goes back out there week after week. Besides the fact the entire scenario is so pathetic -- sticking around and still cheering after the entire thing with Dak -- now they have humiliated her on TV. Say what you want about rules and breaking them - no you do not have to be embarrassed on TV to pay for your sins. Clearly they keep plenty off the air -- we all know this. It's just so pathetic she even wants to be a part of it after this. Totally agree. There is so much venom directed at some of these women -- you know it is somewhat personal. The catty Dallas dance scene in full effect. Having never wanted to be a dancer, you get some more perscpective. No doubt someone like Holly takes the risk in part because being a DCC isn't the end all be all.
  12. I hardly think anyone is shocked Zeke is on the time. People are just pointing out the double standard, and frankly I am always surprised when women willingly buy into the double standard. But yeah, the organization is fully of trash top to bottom, there is no big shock there.
  13. Someone mentioned again that Holly made a bad choice specifically because it was Zeke, and that is what kills me. Paige slept with a player and got a quiet retirement, a full time job with the Cowboys and is plastered all over posters advertising Cowboys Fit. Holly "should have known better" then to make such a bad choice. Give me a break -- they guy is a garbage human, sure. But you hired him!
  14. I don't doubt that. None of that makes her any less of an idiot though.
  15. Agreeded. I mean Kelli, you are the one who made her over in the first place. Stuff like that has to be eye rolly for the more experienced girls from out of state.
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