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  1. Crandle

    S05.E15: #JustakidfromCompton

    Yes! Junior had a point about Josh hiring someone who was just like him, but Junior wasn't the answer. It would have been great if Josh agreed and then hired someone who'd graduated from the local community college because they had relevant internships and made a great ad pitch in the interview.
  2. Crandle


    Jazz's behavior is over the top, and Zoey needed to check her. Ok, be mad, but don't be a total bitch to her in her own apartment! She spat gum in Zoey's drink and then sat back down on Zoey's couch like it was nothing. Go back to your dorm. It's amazing that Zoey is so intimidated by her given that Zoey was a "cool girl" in high school right? Once she saw Jazz was taking this to another level she should have disengaged. However, this fits in with the whole big fish in small pond goes to college and becomes small fish in big pond theme for this show and especially this season. Zoey's crisis of confidence was realistic even though it was framed in a very shallow and narcissistic package. I wish they had showed her struggling more with the design classes. Her epiphany about not loving design would have felt more earned. This seemed like she was quitting something she no longer enjoyed because it wasn't as easy or fun as she thought. I miss the more ensemble feel of the show. The focus on Zoey is making her more unlikable and annoying.
  3. Elena hasn't been shows as super smart for a while now so I'm not worried about that. Most of her plans of have been harebrained and not thought out at all. I'll be surprised if she even talks about Bonnie after the 1st act of next episode. If they don't have Damon spending most of his time trying to get Bonnie back I will be pissed. Why have all of that character and relationship development only to do nothing with it? Given that Damon got over his shock and was his same glib self as soon as he got back, I have a feeling I'm not going to like how this goes. It was jarring for Damon to go from anguish at Bonnie sending him back without her to his sarcastic quips to Stefan. But honestly, Damon really could have used vampire speed to bring Damon into the circle.
  4. Crandle

    S06.E04: Black Hole Sun

    I loved that this episode was full of Elena smack downs. Stefan calling her on her shit about how he was not grieving the right way and spilling the beans about the compulsion. Alaric saying he has enough of his own crap to deal with so Elena needs to just read her diary and let him know what she wants to do. Fab. Has Elena shown any consideration or concern for anyone else this whole season? She's been mainly focused on how she's dealing with her own pain and not trying to find Damon and Bonnie or even really help her brother deal with his issues. Elena's main focus has been herself for so many seasons, and this is what has made her character so annoying. I also love the Bamon scenes. I have been a Bamon shipper since S1 so I am lapping this up but not holding out much hope that it will last once they get back to present day. IS and KG have such great chemistry. IS has great chemistry with pretty much everyone. Is there any reason Damon and Bonnie need Kai now that they know he's evil? Why don't they just agree to his plan and then have Damon speed over and break his neck? Too easy? It's ridiculous that as soon as Kai said he could drain powers that Bonnie didn't defend herself or Damon didn't zip over and incapacitate him. It was also foolish to talk about their double cross plan in an open place. Get in a car and drive around!!