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  1. This anecdote was way more interesting and insightful than anything I witnessed on this show so far.
  2. I love Andrea and Lamar and I LOL'd when she said the food would get COVID if they didn't bless it. And I think I love them so much because their children are the "tell" in the story -- all three of the kids are super smart, respectful, and lovely. If Andrea and Lamar were really trash like the rest of these folks, their kids would be hot messes. It's clear that Andrea is just playing the reality show game. And there is literally no way that that broke-ass apartment is where they really live. The only thing I could think when I saw Brittany's mother in the throes of some oxy psychosis was: Will someone PLEASE rescue the dog and cat from that apartment! They don't deserve that!
  3. I really enjoyed Lonnie Love as the narrator though I miss the abundant use of emoji symbols from seasons past. I kinda liked Coco (and her fun friends!) and actually appreciated that they showed a real wedding and not a re-enactment of one like they usually do. I also got the feeling that Stacey was playing up the bitch for the cameras. Detective Yum Yum seemed like a decent, smart man who wouldn't have chosen her as a partner if she were really the horrific shrew we saw on the show. (At least I hope not!)
  4. YUP. I almost turned off the episode at that point. It was all ME! ME! ME! "I'm going to have a New York Times party!" "It's going viral!" (And her party apparently consisted of everyone sitting around her glamorous apartment checking Facebook and their text messages on their cell phones. Fun!) SAME. It appeared to me that the brand was near her mons pubis area. But probably saying "vagina" is more dramatic for Sarah. I had to laugh at the producer asking Catherine Oxenburg who Rick Ross was. Ummm...you're on your way to film with him -- shouldn't you have done some homework, sir? I'm thinking of peacing out after this episode. I don't like any of these awful, narcissistic, overprivileged people. And I'm sick to death of the endless cell-phone-conversation footage and confounding timeline. I've already read enough and listened to enough about this case that this series feels like pointless (and boring) filler to me. ETA: I DID like Susan (was that her name?) who seemed like the sanest, most down to earth person on this show. The second she realized what was going on, she got the hell out and demanded her money from Keith and Nancy.
  5. Same. Then I get a major case of the sads when it hasn't.
  6. If Timothy is so troubled by the “negativity” the first place he should stop visiting is his mother’s social media. Also, why is some grown ass man using his mommy’s Insta? Oh, right. He didn’t write that. No way Jill is giving him a password.
  7. I was hoping at one point in Sarah's phone call to the lawyer guy she might have mentioned the sex trafficking going on as a reason for closing up the Vancouver arm of the cult but ... nope! Not a word. I think she was shitting in her pants because of the legal action that was to be taken against her. Because I get the distinct feeling that that she was more concerned with that than women being used as sex slaves. I don't like any of these people. I think they were insufferable egomaniacs long before NXVIUM ("I can't spell that!" -- Catherine Oxenberg.) And I'm getting fed up with the POV of all of them as crusading heroes. Also...the phone calls. SO. MANY. PHONE. CALLS. I did have a laugh at Clare Bronfman's eyeglasses though. For all of her millions, it sure appeared that she plucked those things from the dusty "Insurance-covered-frames" rack at the optometrist's office.
  8. LOL ... like this poor girl had a choice in "organizing the little girls' closet." It's sad that there are like 10 girls (or whatever she has) who have far fewer clothes among them than Jill has for herself.
  9. I wonder which one had to iron all of Shrek's ugly-ass, short-sleeve dress shirts. God knows it wasn't his wife.
  10. YES! She seemed like a genuinely nice lady (even encouraging the dog to jump up with her) unlike Jilldo whose mean spirit shines through everything she says and does.
  11. I didn't know that! But it shouldn't surprise me because this doc seems hellbent on keeping its main characters shown in the most flattering light possible. It also supports my theory that these interviews that seem like they're happening in real time were all reenactments. I really do like the subject matter of this series -- just not the way the material is being presented.
  12. I like the lady in the corner who appears to be comforting her son and no doubt whispering in his ear, "It'll be over soon, dear. Just hold on for a few more minutes."
  13. Right? I don't get that at all. So, you were introduced to urban farmer Rachael who told you that she could help you solve all of your problems but first you had to give up blackmail information so she could trust you enough to tell you about the secret group you couldn't tell anyone else about? Seems legit! And I kept waiting for "Racheal" to be interviewed as it seemed like it wasn't made very clear that the "footage" they had of her was a reenactment. I also got the impression that the Catherine Oxenberg segments were reenactments as well. I really, really do not like Mark. He seems shady as shit. The only takeaway I'm getting from this show is there seems to be an infinite amount of educated, upper-middle-class people completely devoid of critical thinking skills.
  14. Sofia didn't line up anything, Jill. And why not buy a giant block of Velveeta and melt it down instead of dozen "cheese cups?" I think Jill just likes to be as wasteful and lazy as possible. That entire "meal" looks vile. But at least it appears the small children got served a few morsels of it.
  15. Yup. Social media posts are an artificial reality manufactured by the user to present themselves in the most flattering light possible. And didn't Kate once not show up for a custody hearing for Colin? I find it hard to believe she'd get involved now. Well, I guess she could get involved so long as the PR benefits swing her way.
  16. I am having difficulty following the timeline of events -- particularly what the time frame was with Mark's wife leaving him and when Mark found out the DOS group. (I had to Google to put it all together.) That said, I found Mark's devotion to Keith super, extra creepy and that the number of people in the world with all that disposable income to waste on Hilton-Garden-Conference-Room seminars astonishing. Keith reminded me of a miniturized version of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.
  17. Slow-bro and modern-day Karl Childers Shawn seems to be snorting rails of Benadryl before filming all of his scenes. I mean the guy seems to barely be able to phone it in. I did enjoy him finally breaking at the end after Destinee punched him by ripping off the mic and and yelling, "I'm done with this show!" Don't worry, Shawn! I'm sure at least their check to you will clear. Kudos to the costumer on this show who styled Chandra (Chanda?) as a Times Square hooker circa 1976.
  18. I was a teenager in the early 80s growing up near Philly and am super glad that, while we were adjacent to New Jersey, that the ads for Action Park must have only reached the Northern parts of that state because, without a doubt, had we seen them, my friends and I would have absolutely gone there had we known it existed. I also know we'd all have been very seriously injured. But I gotta say, the place looked squalid. Like, my absolute nightmare come true -- way too many people, nowhere to park, endless lines, janketty rides, and danger. But it did look fun. And I would have had the time of my life working there like the other kids did. I felt super sad for the mother who was interviewed about her son who died there and for the pittance of a settlement she received from the asshole owner. While her inclusion was necessary for the narrative, it made me feel awful about laughing about other people's injuries.
  19. There is zero...ZERO chance that "David" is an "avid fan" of the Redskins. This is all Jill sending some sly message about how she's cool with the racist name of the team and has a case of the sads now that the name has been removed. And instead of buying his wife some ugly, ill-fitting shirt she could one-off on Instagram, maybe he'd make a better investment using that money to FEED HIS OWN CHILDREN.
  20. It hurts my heart that Timothy is buying a puppy (likely from an Amish breeder who are notorious, at least in Pennsylvania, for running horrible puppy mills). The dog will never get medical attention, probably get heartworm disease, be riddled with fleas and ticks, never get spayed or neutered, and never get fed enough while living in the trailer on parents' property. Everything about these people is an absolute horrorshow.
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