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  1. Folks, I'm just gonna bring this in as a reminder now. This is a thread where all-things royal can be discussed. This is not, however, a fan site and people are allowed to disagree with other people's opinions. What they are not allowed to do is to disagree in an uncivil manner. Please read this rule for clarity. If there are any questions, please PM me. We do not discuss site moderation in the topics.
  2. A few general forum notes: Celebrities/shows/characters are fair game for criticism (within reason... please don't be creepy) but this is a friendly community and everyone is expected to be civil toward each other, even in their disagreement. Make your point, move on. Disagreement is to be expected and you should try not to see someone's conflicting opinion as a personal attack. However, if you think someone is attacking you, report the post, don't engage. (Report a post by clicking on the flag icon at the bottom of the offending comment.) If you find that there's a person whose posts makes you want to tear your face off, and you would like to magically never see their opinions again, click on their picture and use the Ignore function. If that someone is breaking the rules, report their post (see above) and the Mods will check it out. While you're welcome to start new topics, please look through the existing topics first to make sure the subject isn't already being discussed. (Don't worry if the thread has some cobwebs on it; a new post from you on an older topic will bring it to the top for discussion, and alert anyone who was participating before. It's the best way to give your post some traction.) If the Mods think a new topic can be included in an existing subject, we'll put them together. This forum can become overgrown and quickly. Also, please always adhere to the Be Civil policy. You are free to disagree with other posters but do so civilly. If you have any questions, please PM the forum moderators: @Giant Misfit @OtterMommy
  3. He was not acquitted. There'd have to had to have been a trial for that to have happened. There wasn't.
  4. Hell beast Tammy made a new video. It appears she hasn't lost a pound and yet again, in the grand Slaton tradition of not taking care of (and possibly abusing) their animals, she got rid of the two kittens she should have never gotten in the first place:
  5. That claim is absolutely in dispute. This woman's name was leaked to the media and her reputation was dragged through the mud (accusations of being a whore, mentally ill...). I don't blame her one bit for walking away from it. Also, while it was super nice of Kobe to "understand" she saw it as rape, medical professionals weren't so understanding:
  6. "I don't want to dismiss these things, but..." "Thank you for holding your tongue about [Kobe being a rapist]." And people wonder why women don't report these crimes. Asshole. Here, too, is Alyssa Milano, a champion on the #metoo movement with a baffling post: This man choked and raped a woman in his hotel room. He was also a great basketball player. Maybe she could have commented on his complicated legacy instead of being all, "This famous person who I liked is dead!" while chucking her alleged fidelity to a cause right out the window.
  7. The entirety of this show will be used when Alana eventually moves on to her next reality show: My 600-lb Life. Drug addict mother? Check. Molestation history in the family? Check. Using food for comfort? Check. Morbidly obese at a young age? CHECK.
  8. He and the NBA have excellent public relations people.
  9. He wasn't acquitted. There was no trial. She wouldn't testify and he eventually paid her a civil settlement. And in nearly every case of a rape victim coming forward, her "honesty" is nearly always questioned -- that's why women are reluctant to report. And this was his statement after the fact: A good primer from Deadspin (RIP): Why Isn't Kobe Bryant a Fucking Pariah Yet? I'm sorry that his daughter died.
  10. I don’t know anything about Kobe’s career as I don’t follow basketball so I will always have to remember him as a guy who raped a hotel employee in his room.
  11. I like the Toe Bro better than this show, too. While Dr Vincent is both intelligent and gorgeous, that other dude gives me the creeps. He seems like the type who was a frat house asshole who never grew out of that mentality. I tape this show so I can FF through the backstories and just get to the medical issue.
  12. McKayla and Caelan started a GoFundMe to let other people buy a mini van for them. Maybe she should sell some of her $900 purses or stop getting her lips injected with filler and getting tattooed and buy her own goddamned van.
  13. 1.) These look like the scribblings of hostages. 2.) It's "en suite," Jill ... not "on suite." Fucking dumbass. I guess there aren't any bible passages that would explain that to her.
  14. I watched this yesterday, too, and this is correct! "Mooooooom! Moooooom!!" I couldn't stop laughing at this so-called adult's temper tantrum.
  15. Hey everyone! The topic in this thread is Faux Things That Happen on TV But Not in Reality. Please let's circle back to that. Thanks!
  16. Since it's a TLC show, it likely has to be uttered in every sentence -- or you may substitute "scared" or "nervous."
  17. I kept waiting for her to whip out her Hulk Smash! voice last night but it seemed she baby-talked her way through the whole episode. There's always next week.
  18. I feel like Tammy's forehead bulge might actually be her brain trying to break free through her head. "No use for me in here...might as well see what's on the outside!"
  19. Same, man. She's like something out of a horror movie. And her putrid personality isn't helping either.
  20. I know how close you are to the goal, Tammy -- you've lost zero pounds.
  21. I hope that Amy understands that she can eat about a 1/4 cup of that giant plate of food she's just been served. HAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding? That plate's gonna be gone.
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