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  1. It's already up on Xfinity On Demand and I couldn't help but watch. All I will say is: John doesn't realize that fly strips need to be changed once they reach maximum capacity. Also: Quaylon has "aberrations" for his life. It's gonna be a great season.
  2. Please move the conversation about Naya Rivera to this topic, please. 😞
  3. Maybe she can "educate" herself by watching YouTube videos about proper grammar in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. I actually laughed out loud when reading, "[Latin] ... a dead language they say." Also, is "music appreciation" a college course of study? I thought that was an elective you took in junior high because it was an easy class to attend while stoned?
  4. I should sue Gina for damages for intentionally causing distress after having watched her homemade porns.
  5. I've seen some Fundies shilling Plexus who still claim that it wards off viruses (went down a rabbit hole of FB stalking after watching a doc on Amazon Prime about a Fundie arranged marriage [watch it everyone, it's terrifying!]). I guess in the absence of them wearing masks and not social distancing, they have to believe in something. I love how Jill is fixated on Plexus helping people lose weight when Shrek is obese from all his evening snacks and she's out there drinking 1,000-calorie DD coffee drinks.
  6. Adds a whole new meaning to the term, "face palm": Love how Jill calls this a "photoshoot." This wasn't a "photoshoot" -- this was Jill snapping pics on her phone without concern for composition, lighting, or color correction. It does appear that Nuri's face benefited from some Facetuning where Nathan's ... uh, did not.
  7. UGH. I was just called into work tonight. One of the managers texted me and let me know she was feeling sick -- nauseous, physically exhausted and couldn't cover the shift (it's my night off). I had begged her for weeks to please stop having in-home, large family get togethers and this weekend she went away to her beach house with tons of family members staying there. She told me point blank she'd rather get COVID than not see her family. Well, that's fine ... BUT I DO NOT WANT IT! And I don't want the employees getting it either! Or MY family! Why can't people just follow the rules?!
  8. Glad to see how well June's staged beach photo ops "exercise program" is paying off.
  9. News about Kanye West the singer, clothing designer, and reality TV show co-star is all on topic in this thread. What is not on topic -- and not allowed per forum rules -- is news about Kanye West the politician who's running for office.
  10. Was glad to have HBOMax so I could watch the third season of Search Party -- a show that I thought had been long gone. I was disappointed that their selection of past HBO Documentaries was pretty terrible. I'm sure they long ago lost the rights to a lot of stuff -- like Living Dolls -- but I had expected that they'd at least have all the episodes of Autopsy and possibly one of my favorite docs, American Hollow. But...they don't. At least I don't have to pay extra for it since I already have HBO. Based on their selection alone, I'd have bought it for the month to watch Search Party then would have immediately canceled it.
  11. I saw Fonzie's leather jacket at the Smithsonian years ago. I never realized it had sweater material on the cuff of the sleeves. Any goodwill I ever had towards this show died in that moment.
  12. What kind of psychopaths would Porter Stansbury hire that, after all these years, would still refuse to talk to police about the events of that night? Surely some -- if not all -- of them are no longer working there. Why aren't they all, "Fuck THAT guy?" and taking themselves to the police department? Speaking of psychos, Sandy Klemp needs to be in prison, like, yesterday. Rob Endres? My god. That man was like an alibi factory. "I couldn't have done it! Too far away! Could never have driven there and killed here then drove back!" And the reassembling of the bones in the funeral home? Dear god. I thought it was quite telling that he locked out Colt .45 (or whatever dumb gun-themed name Sandy's son had) the second they found her body. And I believe 100% what the UFO people had to say. Those were some credible, normal people who had something terrible happen to them. I don't know what it was any more than they do but they definitely had experiences that were not of this world.
  13. OK, that's particularly vile. Also, that picture is barely representative of a living human being. It looks like it's from the Madame Tussaud's Teen Mom 2 display.
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