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  1. Folks ... your general thoughts about Andrew Cuomo, a politician, are off topic in this thread. Posts have been removed. Discuss only what the guests said, what Bill said, and do not use any of their conversations as jumping off points to make your own political observations.
  2. Folks -- Boris Johnson is a political figure. He is off topic in this thread.
  3. Friendly reminder that statements like, "He who shall not be named" and other subtle shade that alludes to, but doesn't invoke the name "Donald Trump." do not require a decoder ring to figure out who you're talking about. It still falls under the Politics rule and it's still not allowed.
  4. This had me cackling to myself for a long time! So, yeah. I saw this thread kicked up to the top of the list again and my first thought was, "Oh, guess the rerun is on" because I got tired of always thinking, "Oh, I guess he died" as the reason why. So long, James K. Thanks for all the good times.
  5. I don't think this series was attempting to rank any of these people on an imaginary scale of awfulness. Carole committed the sin of being awful in her own way -- most notably for likely killing her husband. That had nothing to do with her gender - it had to do with her actions. Her genial, flat-affect personality (that I am assuming is a put on) went a long way in blunting her shadiness. I don't think this series went out of its way to redeem the awfulness of Joe either -- he was an animal abuser and a misogynist and a racist (though it wasn't shown but didn't really need to be as I assumed that while watching him). The show left me with no impression that he was a person for whom I, or anyone else, should be rooting for but it did leave me with the impression that the rest of those awful dudes may have set him up for the attempted murder. It still doesn't make him any sort of hero. All of these people were terrible -- some to a greater extent, some to a lesser.
  6. Actress and author Patricia Bosworth has died from the virus. I adored her biographies of Diane Arbus and Montgomery Clift -- they were some juicy reads! (I had no idea she was once an actress.)
  7. RIP to the last shred of integrity Drew Pinksy has tried to cling on to for years:
  8. We're only going to say this once: Asking other members for receipts for their opinions is against the rules. Don't do it. No one here has to offer up proof for stating an opinion.
  9. Yesterday I had to go to CVS to pick up some meds and get some box hair color for when my inevitable hair emergency occurs. Anyway, I was crouched down in the hair color aisle, with my mask on, trying to pick out something I thought would work. Maybe 30 seconds later, I hear, "Beep! Beep!" And turned to see two fucking moron men, who could have chosen any of the seven other empty aisles to walk down, come waltzing towards me. BEEP FUCKING BEEP?! I stood up, hugged the row of the hair color while these two assholes didn't even bother to stay within two feet of me and, as they walked by, I yelled at them, "You could have gone down another aisle!" They ignored me. Unreal. Then, when I drove home, I pulled into my neighborhood and saw the neighbor from across the street leaning into the driver's side window of a pulled-over car chatting it up with the driver. Like, leaning right into the car. No mask. No six feet. Cane in one hand, leash of his service dog in the other. This is the neighbor who I am 100% certain thinks all of this is a hoax and will 100% die if he gets it as he's been in poor health since a serious stroke five years ago. A couple days ago I bought a neck gaiter from Amazon that I'm going to use instead of a mask when I have to go out. It's 100% cotton. They're sold out on Amazon but I found a link on Etsy for a similar item. @shapeshifter You can try Parvosol which is used in animal hospitals to disinfect. While it does have a smell to it, it's not fragrance-y -- it smells like a mild cleaner. It is registered in NY (links to a PDF) as one of the approved substances that kill the virus. Also, you can take a look at that linked document and maybe google some of the other products to see if they are less fragrance-y -- or available.
  10. Folks, just a reminder of the forum rules: * Be civil in your responses to other members * If you no longer wish to read content posted by certain members, please use the Ignore Member feature. If you have any question about how to use this function, please PM me. Thanks.
  11. Well, the surname of that stupid family is sure apropos because you'd have to be a Dingus to give the eternally grifting Rods anything for free.
  12. OMG are they kidding with this shit? Good god ... this is soooooo boring. That's where I saw the Smiths! I also worked there as an usher. One of my most favorite jobs ever. 🙂
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