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  1. Gotta love the Daily Mail, man. Always a source of non-biased, accurate information: It's a Chevy Camaro and the pic of this guy? He's standing by a Nissan Altima. Anyone else see anything missing from this heartwarming narrative of the HBB's TV history? Gee, I wonder why such a hit show only aired for two years? Thanks for letting the sleazy manager of this sewer-dwelling bunch of scumbags write your articles for you, DM.
  2. He's got the same low-effort-inbreeding face that Geno has. Also, there's a 99.9% likelihood he's her new drug dealer and not her boyfriend.
  3. Maybe I was living in a cave back in 2019 when the show premiered but I had no idea it existed until I got a sponsored HBO tweet promoting the second season. I watched the clip then binge watched S1 and just loved the shit out of it! I hadn't laughed that much since the last season of What We Do in the Shadows. Ken Marino is a god. That being said, I'd be happy to never see one-note Heidi Gardner on my screen ever again. Glad she was only a guest star in one ep.
  4. Posted a few minutes ago by his brother (?) son (thanks, @Irlandesa!): ETA: According to TMZ, it was heart related: ETA correct relationship!
  5. Yes, her boyfriend went to Harvard Divinity School. He was either in the masters or PhD program. None of these people had Lyme disease. They claimed to have "chronic Lyme" (or "mold toxicity" or "heavy metal toxicity"). None of these things are valid medical conditions in the real world. They're internet-fueled diagnoses of people with severe mental illness who think it's easier to treat physical symptoms than mental ones.
  6. This is what this show wants its viewers to believe when the reality is that June is nothing but a grifter, a scammer and a child-rape enabler. She is not the podunk, backwoods fat lady we have been conditioned by this (and her former) show to believe she is. Her sleazy agent and sleazy WeTV gets much of the credit for for this but June has the biggest hand in creating the oh-shucks-poor-me character to cover up the awfulness that she was and always will be. I'm sure Anna -- her missing daughter on her TV adventures -- would agree. As for her dental problem -- pay for the damn teeth
  7. What a hot steaming pile of shit this series is. Had I not been on a plane and downloaded three of the episodes to keep me occupied during the flight, I'd have lasted only midway through the first. Ewan McGregor is ridiculous -- I couldn't unsee him as Phil Hartman impersonating Mike Myers in character as Dieter from Sprockets. He has none of the panache and swagger Halston did -- and none of the litheness of the man. Everything was so superficial and ridiculous including each character having to announce who they were, "I'm Victor ... Victor HUGO!" And the Liza numbers ... oh, lord the
  8. I was recently going through the backlog of episodes and came across my latest favorite defendant, Alan Hanft. Alan Hanft was a lunatic gaslighter who claimed the (super hot) man down the hall was harassing him. Video evidence produced showed it was the exact opposite. And I still can't help laughing about the caption: "Claims." LOL Google also tells me Alan Hanft apparently got fired from his job for being a lunatic there as well. He seemed so sane ... go figure!
  9. I admit it. It was me sending Josh the naked pictures. Soooo hot.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me that the car lot was just a front to make it look like Josh was gainfully employed at something. It also wouldn't surprise me that he sold zero cars in all of his existence there.
  11. Also TW for the tons of close-up images of that tubby motherfucker's face in that article.
  12. Possible? Sure. But probable? No way. JB has known -- and covered up -- Josh's predatoriness since he was 15. And there's no way that Josh was running that car dealership (except straight into the ground) so JB had to know there was no financial shenanigans going on since HE was the one likely overseeing that part of the enterprise. JB likes to play the bumfuck fundie dad but he's a sly operator. There's no way he didn't immediately retain council for Josh after the raid and 100% knew what the crimes they uncovered were.
  13. They've known what was coming for nearly a year and a half -- since the day the feds came a-knocking.
  14. I was reading this TMZ article about the November 2019 raid on Smuggar's office and, Christ, this statement from Jim Blob a Duggar "family spokesperson": I guess the Duggars have a very loose interpretation of "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor." "The tablet said 'neighbor,' not "SON!" -- Jim Bob, probably Also, weren't there rumors at the time the feds raided the TTH? I am probably misremembering.
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