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  1. I admit it. It was me sending Josh the naked pictures. Soooo hot.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me that the car lot was just a front to make it look like Josh was gainfully employed at something. It also wouldn't surprise me that he sold zero cars in all of his existence there.
  3. Also TW for the tons of close-up images of that tubby motherfucker's face in that article.
  4. Possible? Sure. But probable? No way. JB has known -- and covered up -- Josh's predatoriness since he was 15. And there's no way that Josh was running that car dealership (except straight into the ground) so JB had to know there was no financial shenanigans going on since HE was the one likely overseeing that part of the enterprise. JB likes to play the bumfuck fundie dad but he's a sly operator. There's no way he didn't immediately retain council for Josh after the raid and 100% knew what the crimes they uncovered were.
  5. They've known what was coming for nearly a year and a half -- since the day the feds came a-knocking.
  6. I was reading this TMZ article about the November 2019 raid on Smuggar's office and, Christ, this statement from Jim Blob a Duggar "family spokesperson": I guess the Duggars have a very loose interpretation of "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor." "The tablet said 'neighbor,' not "SON!" -- Jim Bob, probably Also, weren't there rumors at the time the feds raided the TTH? I am probably misremembering.
  7. Can't wait for the Duggar family statement blaming Josh's arrest on trans persons using public bathrooms because, after all, that's the REAL problem here. /s
  8. LOL Jeanne is a garbage barge of misery. How does she have surgery one day and up and "quit the program" the next? Brandon, like Joe Wetzel before him, is gay. Run dull-affect fiancé! Run!
  9. Good night! Let's all remember the good time -- while we completely forget everything we learned about Angie.
  10. Makeover time! I hope they put a bag over her head and send her on her way.
  11. WALK IN THE PARK TIME! Maybe she'll show her daughter how to survive in a park for 45 minutes. Or, she'll call Dave and reminisce about all the good times they had. In the park. Getting an STD.
  12. Prediction: Angie will be back next season. No way she won't. She's the new Pauline.
  13. Ignore function seems to not be working. There's a text that reads, "You've chosen to ignore content by XXX." It's placed immediately above the content I wanted to ignore. Thanks! Working on Safari 13.1.1 on MacBook Air.
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