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  1. Giant Misfit

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Likely the poor neighbor who has probably seen waaaaay worse shit than this.
  2. Giant Misfit

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    When Ashley says she's "nothing like her family," she means she is exactly like her family. I read this insane post over on Starcasm and, frankly, can't see (besides being married to a dog murderer) much difference between her brand of drama and Jenelle's. There is absolutely no way a girl who's worked in telemarketing and now cleaning toilets in other people's homes graduated from any kind of college with dual degrees. NONE. For the record, there is nothing wrong with anyone doing those kinds of jobs—it's just too much of a stretch to think someone who's barking about how above she is to her trash family has chosen to do work in a minimum-wage field instead of putting her "degree" to use.
  3. Giant Misfit

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Looks like that restraining order is really serving its purpose. They deserve each other. Can't wait to hear how WeTV will yet again spin this into a "poor June" story.
  4. Giant Misfit


    Omg! How I looooooved Chakakan! I feel for you, Chakakan! What was the bride’s name, Lamesha? Whoever she was I loved her, too! And I legit snort laughed when the producers added the laser beams to her eyes that “scorched” the couch. Brilliant! And the bridesmaid dress was gorgeous. JerseyZilla was just gross. And I can’t believe I don’t remember from the last episode she was having some sort of threesome with the maid of honor and her husband. Both she and the maid of honor would be served well to stop using brown Sharpies to scrawl on their eyebrows.
  5. I just cruised over to Jill's IG page and snort laughed at this one: Yeah, um...I hate to break it to you and your "powerful truth," Jill, but atheists don't "hate" something they don't even believe exists. Kinda like I don't hate Bigfoot, the fake moon landing, and your sense of reason.
  6. Giant Misfit

    Pet Peeves

    The robot pisses me off. I shop at two different Giants (one is closer to my work than my home so it depends on where I am which store I go to) and both stores have those creepy things meandering around. This Washington Post article has a quote from some "store optimization" clown who says the "large majority" of people are "excited" to have a robot in the store. Really? "Excited?" How "exciting" that one of those things was clogging up the already-tight produce section I tried to get to the other day. And how "exciting" is it that it has several cameras in it so that I can be surveilled by yet another corporate entity eager to invade the minuscule amount of privacy I have left? So, yeah. My pet peeve is that the robot uprising I've been promised all of my life is taking place among shelves stocked with tampons, avocados, and peanut butter.
  7. Giant Misfit

    S07.E23: Lee & Rena & Sarah

    "Fuck off, Lee." Of course it's red—that's the color of Rena's blood after he smashes her in the face with a frying pan she inadvertently walks into the frying pan he's swinging around the apartment for exercise.
  8. Giant Misfit


    I love Susan nearly as much as I hate Penelope. And I hate that Penelope's in California because that just means she's going to a plot point. I thought it was adorable that Christine and Ken were Facetiming each other from their separate rooms in the same house.
  9. Giant Misfit

    S02.E01: Acting Up

    I was most thrilled to see Jose Guitierez* (one of the original dancers in the Madonna Vogue video) at the end of the episode posing away in the center of the dance floor. *I am 99% certain it was him.
  10. Giant Misfit

    S07.E24: Sean

    Now I’m curious to see if that will be it! Sean and LB did have a slight resemblance, but I remember LB as one of the most motivated and easy to root for if anyone ever on the show. Hearing about his death actually made me really sad. You were correct! LB played football and was upset that when he quit he felt his father had nothing for which to be proud of him. And his pic was the one I had inadvertently attached to my memory of Sean's first episode. Poor LB. His end was every bit as tragic as Sean's. But at least LB had a family (however dysfunctional), a clean home, and a path forward.
  11. Giant Misfit

    S07.E24: Sean

    Had to be him! I'm going to go back and watch his "Ye Olde Photo" time section (it's the first 10 minutes of every show so it's not much of a time suck) and check. I mean, I can even see the picture in my mind. It's just somehow I always affixed it to Sean.
  12. Giant Misfit

    S07.E24: Sean

    My fellow gasoline-soaked-drawers friend! You and I appear to be sufferers of the Mandela Effect because I, too, believed that I remembered Sean pictured in a football uniform and him talking about thinking that would win his dad's approval. So, I just went back and re-watched (for science!) the "Here's Where We Show the Old Photos" section of his first show and...there were no pictures of Sean in a football uniform like I had remembered.
  13. Giant Misfit

    S07.E24: Sean

    Sean was 29.
  14. Giant Misfit

    S07.E24: Sean

    I examine my own life, and the white-hot shitshow I was thrust into at birth, and because I made it out OK, I also recognize that not every else in the same circumstance can. Sure, Sean didn't have have the same drive as me (and I honestly can't even say where that drive came from), and clearly, he didn't have any friends who could steer him down another path. I don't know. I'm lucky, I guess—things could have very easily turned out the wrong way for me. For me, Sean was the literal embodiment of a human tragedy. I hope he finds, in whatever the afterlife holds, everything he couldn't here.