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  1. Same, man. She's like something out of a horror movie. And her putrid personality isn't helping either.
  2. I know how close you are to the goal, Tammy -- you've lost zero pounds.
  3. I hope that Amy understands that she can eat about a 1/4 cup of that giant plate of food she's just been served. HAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding? That plate's gonna be gone.
  4. TWO MONTHS?! So...no surgery on this episode I guess.
  5. J.T. is a whiny douche but I feel sorry for him -- he has no one, he lives in a squalid group home, and owns one shirt. That being said, he's gotta be a secret psycho. Jessica got out in time!
  6. Wait...he's going to live in a group home?! Dude is gonna gain 80 pounds in a week.
  7. His dad owned a hot dog restaurant. Then the parents started doing drugs. The end.
  8. Oh, man! He's getting takeout deliveries! Also, I see his inner asshole is coming out.
  9. This guy has ZERO chance to ever lose any weight outside of a controlled environment. I can't believe Dr Now would perform a surgery on someone who hasn't proven they have the ability to follow a calorie-restricted diet without inpatient supervision.
  10. "It's really nice to have someone down here ..." (sits in awkward silence ... )
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