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  1. OMG. LOL -- that house probably ALWAYS looked like that! He's probably trying to scam the insurance company.
  2. How long does it take to take a picture with the 50 people who've already paid hundreds of dollars to show up to a make up class they could watch on any of the 1,000,000 YouTube videos for free? I love how all these low-rent nobodies who think that by the virtue of being able to apply a foundation with an overpriced sponge they should be revered as celebrities.
  3. I haven't seen this episode yet, but what more could this clown possibly have done that they would consider a problem? Bria already acknowledged that he lied, cheated (including a baby!), and stole from her. I agree they all seem like lovely people and cannot for the life of me figure out why they'd want this creep in their family.
  4. Preview: I have no idea what happened last season. Glad it's ending though.
  5. Today I only saw a brief bit of the show and, LUCKY ME, it was the segment before commercial where Mika got to shill Joe's new album ... AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY! ... with the soon-to-be-classic holiday tune, "I Don't Want to Go Home for Christmas." Irony of that title aside, this asshole (Joe, not his wife) builds himself up as some sort of gold standard of broadcasters and then sends his wife out to plug his vanity side hustle while he's probably standing over in the corner by the bathroom pulling the sides of his mouth wider with his fingers trying to get Mika to smile more? And his "Know Your Value" wife glowingly endorses this like some 10th grader bragging to her friends that her boyfriend is in a band? The two of them are complete embarrassments. I just don't see how or why anyone would take them, or anything they say, seriously.
  6. Not convinced that ugly AF dude is her boyfriend. I think he's a friend of theirs (which speaks volumes about him personally) who's playing along in her image rehab scheme to get exposure for his music (sad as that sounds). The biggest tell? He's gainfully employed. That knocks him right off the "actual boyfriend" list for Jenelle.
  7. Yes! The airport book store appearance was pretty ridiculous. That and Dom bounding up a flight of steps like a toned athlete and not a person who had their lung punctured 12 hours earlier. I do love this show. But this episode was ridiculous. It just came across as some gift to the rabid fan boys of reddit.
  8. LOL. Her "core values" and "what she stands for?" And her trainwreck mother is telling people to sit in "labyrinths?" Have allllll the seats please, you two hillbillies with too much money.
  9. It was. But Joe wouldn't know that because the only thing he reads are the positive tweets his assistant prints out. There are likely a total of three daily -- all written by Mika's sockpuppets.
  10. I don't stan "domlene" so this episode was a waste of my time. And in what world would Dom even take Irving's word that the Dark Army had no interest in Darlene and her anymore? This is a guy who once buried a hatchet in her boss' chest. I never cared for her character or the actress. I hope she stays in Budapest for the remaining three episodes.
  11. I think Janelle is doing this as an "on purpose" in an effort to "prove" she's not racist. I love that the girl who posted the pic used the hashtag, #deletingsoon.
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