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  1. Giant Misfit

    S01.E04: 2009

    Airs July 21, 2019
  2. Giant Misfit

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I watched this morning (because I continue to hate myself) and during one of the segments between 7:10 and 7:30 a.m., all I could hear was someone's iPhone Siri sound firing up a few times then ... Joe's mic fell off or something because I could hear it. So I assume he was fumbling around with his phone instead of listening to Heilman (sp?) interview the guest and spent his time talking sounding as if he had his head in a toilet bowl. If they're gonna broadcast from the Bunker, they really need to spend a couple bucks and shore up the acoustics.
  3. Giant Misfit

    The Hosts Thread: Joe and Mika Know Their Value

    I was watching this morning while I went through my usual routine and saw the beginning of the interview. Once I saw what she was wearing, I said out loud (to no one): "She's got to be kidding." I mean, that was just a disgrace. I could get behind that outfit if the interview were, like, some sort of surprise to her and that was all she had to wear—but she traveled to that interview and had to, you know, purposefully pack jeans and sneakers and had to have thought to herself that those clothes were somehow appropriate to have a conversation with a former vice president. I should really stick to the Cartoon Network in the morning.
  4. Giant Misfit

    S01.E03: 2008

    I'm fairly certain that was based on something that really happened. In the scene between Shine and Ailes where Shine boasted about tipping off Gawker to the dirt he allegedly had on Wendi, Gawker never bit. They chose to not to publish it (Jossip [now defunct] did), instead they ran a story about it with the headline, "Who's Behind the Campaign to Smear Wendi Deng Murdoch?" The whole network seems to have been run by evil, vengeful lunatics who, in the absence of evidence, created their own. See also: "Terrorist fist bump."
  5. Giant Misfit

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    HA! You're right. Someone's nanny (either Leah's or Kail's) walked right behind Chris.
  6. Giant Misfit

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Did Chris bring his girlfriend along or is that a nanny holding the chid?
  7. Giant Misfit

    S01.E03: 2008

    Watching this episode, and Ailes's brand of "patriotism," makes me believe even more that this man was the least patriotic person on Earth. The whole episode made my stomach churn. Also, Gabriel Sherman lives tweets during the show and fills in some blanks: Speaking of Beth, I am still amazed that's Sienna Miller in that role. She is really unrecognizable. Oh, and Naomi Watts looked skeletal.
  8. Giant Misfit

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Butch needs to stop going to the local nail salon and ordering the "1990s meth addict" eyebrow-wax special.
  9. Giant Misfit

    S08.E08: A Team on Trial

    Airs July 16, 2019
  10. Giant Misfit


    Couple that with living in the age of social media, and there's no doubt that Elaine had a million pictures of herself with Nonnie plastered all over FB. Everyone knew that Nonnie was a woman despite Elaine claiming otherwise. Agree with @CrazyInAlabama though—at least that wedding looked to be a real deal as opposed to ... Geknee. GeKNEE. Whose dad's name was Gene and who was the one who couldn't figure out how to spell her name for the birth certificate. Why didn't he just write, "Gene-E?" That would make way more sense. Her husband Quizno (or something) seemed kinda normal but I'm pretty open to being wrong about that. And that "wedding." OMG. I think the people who showed up for it wore pajamas. And frankly, I don't blame them as I saw NO food at all on the tables—save for the crappy sausages and bacon that were served on generic paper plates to Geknee and Quizno upstairs in their secret room.
  11. Giant Misfit

    Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    It's time to move on from the debate over what Gary's official title/capacity in the police department is.
  12. Giant Misfit

    S01.E03: 2008

    Airs July 14, 2019
  13. Thanks for the rec! Her videos were great. I did find this gem of an "inspirational speech" from Jill after watching the Selfish Mitch vids. My favorite was how she retold the story of, basically, how she and Shrek were run out of some ministry in New York where she had this nameless "great friend." At some point later, Jill gets a call that Nameless Great Friend from this church had unexpectedly died of a sudden heart attack. But then she says that Nameless Great Friend's "dying wish" was for her and her grifter family to sing and play music at her funeral—which is odd because, you know, when you drop dead from a sudden heart attack, there generally isn't a lot of time as you're falling to the ground to yell, "My dying wish is for the Rodrigues family to show up at my funeral and sing songs...don't let me down for I am dead now!") So, the Rods "cancel meetings" and hightail it back to the place where no one wanted them to begin with because God told them to. Anyhow, then Jill says she "shows up early" so that it's only she and the Nameless Great Now-Dead Friend in the church to "set up," which, again...odd considering there's usually a funeral procession and they don't just leave a dead body in a church unattended for random strangers to gawk and steal the jewelry. After her "teary" goodbye, Jill gets confronted by "someone she doesn't even know" who tells her to take herself and her creepy family out of there immediately as they would NOT be playing at this woman's funeral. Somehow she thinks this story will be inspirational to the sods sitting there. There are also balloons and blankets.