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  1. Original air date September 9, 2018
  2. You know what isn't fair, Barb? Murdering an innocent dog. Know what also isn't fair, Barb? The turmoil, chaos, and abuse that's going on in your daughter's home because of your toxic daughter and her white nationalist piece of shit husband. This one's for you and your sick idea of "fairness," Barb: Get a job.
  3. I watched about 10 minutes this morning. Joe announced that Ric Ocasek had died and the first thing he mentioned was that he thought Ric was from Boston, which, when one is talking about the legacy of Ric Ocasek, would probably be 50th on the list of interesting things to mention. Later, he mentioned something about the Red Sox to whatever buffoon on the NY set was listening. Joe is from whatever city that best benefits himself. I remain astounded at the vanity lighting in the bunker set. I think the 8th-grade indentured servant intern they have working for them adjusts the bulbs to "nuclear detonation at Nagasaki" levels and goes home. How the two of them don't have third-degree burns on their faces is beyond me. Seriously. If the lights get any brighter they'll both be rendered invisible while leaving a burn-in on my tv screen.
  4. I'd love to know what, exactly, she was "working" on with whomever Laurie Karlson is, in order to create a "clothing line partnership." Did they both go to Walmart together and randomly point to clothes and say, "We'll remake that...and that...and that, oh, and that one, too." Because those are some unoriginal pieces on that page (Ooooo! A Ramones t-shirt...that's something I've never seen before except for everywhere) that they have a big balls asking what they are for them. Also, I briefly glimpsed at that pic and thought for a few seconds she was Farrah.
  5. If I were Caelan, I'd be demanding a paternity test on baby #2. It strikes me as entirely plausible that the reason she ran home to Grandpa Cirrhosis's house so quickly after moving in with Caelan is because she wanted to be with Baby Daddy 2 instead. That's just my guess since I can't imagine she's bagged herself some other new boyfriend while she's waddling around nine months pregnant. Also, is there any furniture in Caelan's house at all? The place looked desolate.
  6. I'm fairly certain that we'll still be waiting to hear Lizzie's secret by the time season 8 rolls around. And maybe I misheard, but didn't Shane explain to Lacey's friend (note to friend: you seem sane and normal...RUN NOW!) that he "took a charge" of malicious wounding but it was because he was "being kind" or something? Oh, man. Angela and her friends in that bridal store. I hope the owner de-loused the place after they left.
  7. TMZ has video on their site of a camera crew filming her sister outside of the courthouse. So, unless the show is going to be called, "Let's All Care About Dodo," We TV continues to be happy filling the coffers of this amoral shitbag. From what was claimed in the video, there's a hearing set for October 15th and they were unable to serve June because she no longer lived at the address on record.
  8. LOL ... the person I was describing was a lady but it appears that I have to tune in more frequently (outside appearances from celebrities in crisis) to catch some of this clog-wearing Coach Mike who, from what a cursory glance at Google tells me, seems to be injecting himself around the clock with anabolic steroids.
  9. There is; the new seasons usually premiere in January.
  10. The Dennis Rodman doc could have been really great if it weren't for the over the top narration of Jamie Foxx and the addition of Chris Connelly who turned into a noxious, shrill moron sometime in the mid-2000s. I would up feeling sorry for Rodman in particular when his Oklahoma surrogate mother Pat Rich admitted on camera to calling him the n-word (and she actually SAID the word!) to his face. I mean, I audibly gasped at that. That being said, Rodman claims to not have been fazed by it...but still. I am really curious why he cut the family out of his life, in particular Bryne, whom he really seemed to hold genuine affection for. I'm surprised the documentary producers didn't explore that with him. Then again, Rodman cut out most people close to him from his life - mother, sisters, ex spouses, and his kids.
  11. WHAT DOES THE EVEN MEAN?! Her uncle retired a week prior to nearly 3,000 people losing their lives in a terrorist attack and this relates...HOW?
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