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  1. I agree with all of this. I know I'm about to get blasted, but maybe Hannah did not need to be on DCC this year. Maybe she needed to collect herself. There are more important things than dancing on a platform. Perhaps the DCC did her a favor. She needs the love of her DCC sisters, but performing right now (or back then) may not be the best thing. I hope she is keeping in touch with whoever she was closest to on the squad and perhaps getting professional help as well. She looked well in the few photos I've seen of her. I'm sure she'll be fine.
  2. I find both Sydney and Eartha Kitt beautiful. Different strokes, I guess. That being said, there aren't too many women who look as good as Janet Jackson. Miss Jackson if you're nasty.
  3. Speaking of solos, I'm surprised there has been no mention of solos or show group auditions. Hopefully they're coming up.
  4. Thank you. Every rookie WOC looks great so far. It's not like there's a shortage of white women on the squad. I hope every year is the year of the WOC from now on. A diverse squad is more interesting to me. Are we sure that isn't Chandi in the photo? Armani is great, but only Show Group women are included in stuff like that. Is Chandi in SG?
  5. For those asking how to watch for free, the Pluto TV app DVRs the new season episodes a couple of days or so after they air. They automatically show up on my smart TV menu. I hope I worded that right.
  6. This might not be a popular opinion but Kelli's tweet seemed heartfelt and compassionate. She is the voice of the DCC (whether we like it or not) so to me a tweet from her is a tweet from the organization.
  7. The practice wear seems to flatten everybody. Attractive designs, but not flattering to the upper body at all.
  8. I agree the Cowboys use the DCC as a marketing tool (makes sense, really), but the long training camp pressure cooker existed before MTT and the cameras ever arrived. They play it up for ratings, but it's not only because of the show.
  9. I think the other judges pick the girls who can't kick or even dance. K&J have to weed them out in camp. Maybe it's time for a new judging process. A Ha! Now it makes sense.
  10. Yet they were on the field for the Thanksgiving halftime show. They were on stage, then on the actual turf. I'm surprised the NFL allowed it.
  11. There were better photos of Ashlee from that photo shoot but I'm glad she got a cover. She still looks lovely.
  12. Sports Illustrated: Kelli responds to the Hannah and Brennan controversy. The last 2 paragraphs. https://www.si.com/nfl/cowboys/news/dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders-from-inside-their-bubble-to-tv
  13. The DCC have cheered at every Cowboys home game. They're on the end zone decks instead of on the sidelines, but they're there.
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