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  1. Bix

    S05.E09: The Wolf Is Waiting

    I've long thought this but I don't think it's remotely disputable at this point: Ryan Lane is clearly the best actor of the junior cast, to the point I worry that he won't get the work he deserves from here on. Show-wise, I'm concerned that they try to end with Bay and Emmett together, though...
  2. Bix

    S01.E01: From The Ashes Of Tragedy

    Huh, I thought Toobin wrote a newer book. Thanks. So...either this is something added by the writers or Toobin was ahead of the curve Re: football players and brain damage.
  3. Bix

    S01.E01: From The Ashes Of Tragedy

    The thing that's sticking with me is that OJ is very obviously being written and played as if he has/had CTE. While it's not exactly a new theory, I didn't expect it to be a huge, dominant thread in the show. Has anyone here read to book the show is adapted from, and if so, is it touched on there? Also: Felt like the wrong move to even show extras playing the bodies and should have just used the reaction shots in those scenes. Especially since Jeffrey Toobin had been misleading about it while doing media for the show. But yes, overall, well done except for the really broad performances from Travolta and some others.
  4. Bix

    S11.E15: I Feel The Earth Move

    Say what you will about this show, but even at its worse, it's not usually outright BAD TV. Soapy or goofy or whatever, sure. But the Owen/phone plot tonight was embarrassingly bad TV.
  5. Bix

    S04.E10: There Is My Heart

    No, she went to the bonfire.
  6. Bix

    S04.E10: There Is My Heart

    Same here. I guess they realized that the magic lipreading can't go as far as her actually working as an interpreter, though.
  7. Bix

    S02.E18: Now Hear This

    Did Brandon say the baseball was tied to any significant event in Tony Gwynn's career? Looking at eBay, a Gwynn-signed baseball goes for a few hundred dollars at most.
  8. Bix

    S16.E14: Intimidation Game

    It's hard to actively be a fan when they just gang raped a composite character of three different women who have been terrorized by rape threats (to the point of fleeing their homes, needing security escorts, etc) for six months and counting.
  9. Bix

    S16.E14: Intimidation Game

    My immediate reaction to the episode is that it's proof SVU just shouldn't exist anymore. That's if it ever should have. Gang raping, uh, let's call her "Zoe Wukeesian," was, if not the grossest thing the show has ever done in terms of responsibility, the gross thing with the most immediacy thanks to seeing the reactions of people like Zoe Quinn on Twitter. There were a myriad of things wrong with this episode but never before have I felt like a terrible person for watching this show. (I wrote more on Medium but I don't wanna link it unless the mods say it's OK. Dunno if it would be considered a plug but I'd prefer to link it for convenience's sake.)
  10. I'll phrase this as non-spoilery as possible but the promo for next week gives me a good bit of hope that the rape plot will be handled properly and have the unfortunate implications that some of the rape plots did on, for example, Veronica Mars. Just because Daphne's been written annoyingly lately doesn't mean we should lose all hope in Lizzy Weiss's ability to do issue-based storyline, which she's shown zero problems with that I can recall. And it wouldn't shock me if Tank was introduced with the idea this would eventually happen (they did plant some seeds for this) or that it was decided that it had to be him when they broke the story (more realistic to be an acquaintance and again, they planted seeds for it already).
  11. Bix

    S04.E12: Long Time Coming

    So...what's the Saul video? I get that wouldn't want the demand video out so nobody would know he was abducted and that they let the prisoners out in exchange for him, but, from a TV storytelling POV, it seems like they would've said that outright if that was the case, plus Saul seemed like the only one personally invested in it not getting out. The terrorists wouldn't have any of the satellite footage, and I don't wanna think anything awful happened to Saul that we didn't see yet.
  12. Bix

    S05.E16: Ink Master Live (Finale)

    I don't think we can base someone's entire skillset on how they do on Ink Master with time limits, the pressure of being stuck inside the house w/o contact with the outside world, etc.
  13. Bix

    S05.E16: Ink Master Live (Finale)

    Other than the live tattoo, which is what it is and doesn't need any more time than it gets, nothing gets any time to breathe. Each tattoo is only shown off for about 30 second, then critiqued later for about 30 seconds to a minute. The rest of the cast gets about 3 minutes combined to talk. One of the most talked about moments of the season, Josh's disqualification, wasn't even talked about. The show goes right off the air after the winner is announced with no interviews. The whole thing feels ridiculously rushed in an hour time slot.
  14. Bix

    S05.E16: Ink Master Live (Finale)

    It wasn't like Jason inched out Cleen with the master canvas, though. Jason blew him away, and it would be ridiculous to reward Cleen for ignoring the style guidelines. At least Erik was, green skull aside, clearly TRYING to do a photorealistic implementation of each element of the design. What the hell was Cleen trying to do? Jason deserves a ton odd props from a reality TV gamesmanship POV, too, because he knew how to sink his opponents and they clearly didn't know how to do the same with him. Could someone who knows tattoos better explain to me why they thought new school would sink him? Other thoughts: - These finales are too cramped and need to be expanded to 90 minutes or two hours. Hate how it's basically YAY JASON IS INK MASTER and then they immediately fade to black. - What was with the obscene level of makeup caked on everyone's faces? Did they dig up some old makeup lady who's never worked on a HD show before?
  15. Bix

    S03.E05: Oh Shenandoah

    That might be arguable if Don hadn't decided that he MORALLY had to believe the accused over her because...he also has a penis? Or something?