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  1. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 5/20/2019

    About the AI guy...not buying the "aw shucks, i'm just a lil ole country boy who loves his mama" and the gaudy white trash ring she bought me" fake early Elvis shtick. He strikes me as someone who has the ego of God and is playing a role.
  2. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 5/13/2019

    Re: Wednesday's show... did anyone notice Whoopi, in preparing to introduce the brilliant Yara Shahidi, stumblingly say something like " I don't wanna get this wrong....Yara SHAHADI!!!" and then smile like she conquered Mt. Everest?
  3. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 5/13/2019

    When are they gonna start listing Greta in the opening credits. The woman is on more than Ana!!
  4. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 5/6/2019

    does anyone who has an hour to kill care to take one for the team and re-watch thursday's show to count exactly how many times Whoopi uses (usually incorrectly) "conversation"?
  5. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 5/6/2019

    I have several friends with PHD's and NONE of them insist on being called "Doctor Blah Blah".
  6. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 4/29/2019

    Probably due to the release of her clothing line, Whoopi has sunk even deeper into her "Inarticulate Yoda" mode, dispensing ill-thought-out advice to all.
  7. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 4/29/2019

    Is no one going to comment on Whoopi's clothing line, which she has been showing since last week, but only mentioned on tuesday's show?
  8. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    on Friday's show, I thought Meghan looked very pretty but was missing a trombone for her role as an extra in the marching band in "the Music Man".
  9. pachebo

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    As for Meghan not being "fully formed", duh, but she seems to get MORE "fully formed" each day!
  10. pachebo

    "The View": Week Of 4/8/2019

    or she could also just raid whoopi's wardrobe.
  11. pachebo

    "The View": Week Of 3/25/2019

    Re: Tuesday's show, other than the bibledygook, I found myself quite liking Elizabeth (for the most part, but maybe that is because, in comparison to "she who shall not be named (but is named too much)" , she has a certain likeability. And we all know she is homophobic (on religious grounds, i guess) but Rosie has always been a bit of a bully (and a nutcase).
  12. pachebo

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    Re: Thursday's show. MM hair " I DREAM OF MEANIE" I DO miss Whoopi, and here's why - I have become masochistically addicted to her incoherent rants and fire-able moderator attempts, her stunning wardrobe choices ... oh and a HOST (pardon the pun) of other things.
  13. pachebo

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    on Friday's show, Miss Missy proudly proclaims that she does not participate in sponsored segments. I assume it's optional for the co-hosts, and i also do think it diminishes their credibility (Sunny in particular). Was her change of heart due to the "spokesperson" being a RHW or a subconscious attraction to the product itself?
  14. pachebo

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    I watched Tuesday's Lorena Bobbit appearance with interest and she seemed well-spoken and credible. THEN i watched the Amazon docuseries and now I have my doubts about her mental stability (back then and now) which is not to say she wasn't /isn't credible and I am not passing judgement . Interestingly, Whoopi makes several appearances using the event in her stand up as one of the many comics who went to town with it, and also in present day persona. It was probably a good thing she was out sick that day.
  15. pachebo

    "The View": Week Of 1/28/2019

    Although Whoopi may DRESS like Yoda, resemble Yoda (picture him with thick rimmed round specs), and thinks she has his wisdom.... YODA SHE IS NOT!