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  1. Greta will be hosting VYD (2 GRETAS...Get it?) and waxing orgasmic. And Wednesday's "National Brain Tumor Awareness Month" segment has me slightly more than concerned!
  2. Still on Friday's show. Sara is now clearly the smartest and nicest person on the panel. She does her homework, speaks from her heart with her brain and keeps her sense of humor intact. (can't stand her Greta combo, though... but she's the only one who would take that gig, I guess). As for the Caitlyn Jenner pronoun brouhaha...Bruce Jenner was a very famous man for a very long time. He was also a fame whore who used his transition to further self-promote. Personally I still think of her as "him". The term "prick in a dress" comes to mind.
  3. back to Joy's use of "darling". Remember, she is fluent in "gay-speak".
  4. hey kids! we can all start singing "Ding Dong the Witch is...." well, not exactly dead, but there is definitely a clump of ruby-red hair sticking out from under "the Talk" house.
  5. my thoughts on thursday's show: that ring on the end of Meghan's middle hair turd is for Ben to be able to lead her around, and to tether her when necessary. William Shatner... I'm glad he's not dead and all that but he just gets even more egotistical and self-inflating/promoting with each passing year.
  6. Oh, Whoopi Silverfarb, STFU and let that self-promoting egotist Ice Coffee drive away to his Car Shield gig Jen Penski's SUV!!!
  7. late to the party, as usual, but a snarky little part of me wished that SOMEONE would sneak in a question to Gavin Newsom about his ex Kimberly Guilfoyle! not that he would have taken the bait, but still... the fantasy!
  8. Some random (and maybe shallow) thoughts on Friday's last live show - Sharon seems to try to soften even her physical image -toned down jewelry, soft pink simple sweater, baggy mom jeans, white socks and loafers. No sign of Elvis. I am a dog lover but have always found people who insist on bringing their dog everywhere were behaving inappropriately/obnoxiously. She has like 380 dogs, so i always wondered if her dragging Elvis on set and letting him wander all over was to deflect attention from any mention of Amanda's kid (I told you i am shallow).
  9. Is Sarah Gilbert still an exec producer, and has she weighed in at all on this current hot mess?
  10. Actually, Sharon said "Oh, stop TRYING to cry!" which was actually worse because it pointed out Cheryl's occasional habit of forcing a teary reaction. Elaine was wonderful and eloquent and she didn't back down! Amanda's little mary sunshine thing didn't work for me.
  11. Late to the party cuz of the trial, but just finished watching Tuesday's "show" of moderator incompetence. Whoopi ("do your homework"), after opining at length about the Britney Spears documentary admits she hasn't seen it yet (all the others had), then also after encouraging everyone to watch Pryanka Chopra "JONES" movie, admits she hasn't seen it. She also admitted not having seen a single episode of Fran Liebowitz' brilliant series, while all the others clearly were familiar with it. Aside from suckling Alex and the family, she has ONE JOB TO DO!
  12. On Monday's show, both Whoopi and Joy said "CECILEY" instead of "CICELY". Joy only said it once, but Whippy said it consistently! Anthony Anderson said it as "CECILY" the first two times and then "CICELY" on his third mention. There IS a difference! Shades of KAmala, and KaMAla. The most unforgivable butcher was Whippy Goldstein who had all weekend to learn the name of someone she was going to pay tribute to.
  13. my cable provider (comcast) usually posts the shows next day, but they skipped ep 86 (tuesday) with wendy williams. I also checked the abc site and it did not show up until yesterday (it's still not listed on comcast). The cynical part of me (like 95%) suspected that Wendy herself had probably tried to quash it. I have long considered her a vile creature in general, but after finally seeing her segments, I am pretty convinced that she is not a well person at all (not that I particularly care, but still...)
  14. As for Sarah being "scripted", maybe it is simply that she is mentally prepared to express her thoughts on a topic from the morning meeting. Someone who can actually think on her feet.
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