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  1. 4 days late and many dollars short, but did anyone else note MM saying "pull the trigger for Biden" on Monday's show?
  2. Monday- When little Liberty grows up, she can call herself Liberia and claim to be African. I kept wishing for Meghan to go back into her "I Dream of Jeannie" bottle (the hair).
  3. When I heard that Sharon had been bitten by a spider, my first thought was "Gee, I hope that poor spider is OK!!!"
  4. Re Tuesday's show - Michael Eric Dyson - gee what a freaking blowhard! His frantic posturing and shouting eclipsed many of the very valid points he was making but when he mentioned that he has been a preacher for 40 years, it made sense and also confirmed one of the reasons I no longer attend church. I found him totally annoying!
  5. If Whoopster spent less time stumbling and laughing breathlessly over every utterance from her YodaMouth, there might be more time to complete a discussion.
  6. Not that I care, because I can't stand him, but what happened with Michael Strahan's scheduled appearance? Any guesses?
  7. I think Whoopi lost her Slimfast gig (how ironic)...
  8. note to Whoopi.... uh huh, right.... if i am wearing my mask do i still need to sneeze into my arm? What's your take on this, uh... uh... Sara??
  9. I too am tired of the Sara-bashing. She is also, along with Sunny, a host who actually does her homework. Sunny is very predictable on what she focuses on (nothing wrong with that) as is Joy (still love her) and "focus" is not a word that can be applied to Whoopi at any time. Sara, of the 5 regulars is the only one who seems to not have a personal agenda/axe to grind.
  10. re: Monday's show.... UH, Whoopi............ "Julialouis...please come back any time"... REALLY???? Thanks, Whoopigold!
  11. just finished thursday's horribly produced zoom mess. Whoopi's inarticulateness, incoherence, and mindless ill-thought out pontifications and "advice"seem to have reached a new "peak". I long ago gave up hope of her ever improving, or wanting to improve, her moderating "skills". I enjoyed Chris Rock. While they all expressed relief that he was not diagnosed with Asperger's, it's my personal feeling that Asperger's , while a burden in some ways, is often a very special gift. Just my opinion.
  12. on Monday's show, i thought Meghan was (subconsciously?) channeling Carole Baskin. Then I started to worry the yet to be hatched Johnbenghan and hoped to god that they didn't have cats! (nothing against cats)
  13. On Thursday's "discussion" of "Cuties". Of the 4, 2 couldn't be bothered to "do their homework" 1 did it for a little while, the other just looked at the trailer. Their whole discussion was a not only a waste of time, but also a disservice to a film I personally found deep, moving and thought-provoking, addressing a myriad of socio-cultural issues. As for the over-long skin care "interview/commercial" the paid spokesperson Val Garland brought to mind a badly-aged Meghan, equally shrill and strident. Next week, we'll have Howie Mandell promoting a hair product!
  14. Sorry (not sorry) to harp on Whoopi's lack of moderator skills , but on Wednesday's show she introduced Brian Stetler correctly and then, in exiting his interview thanks Brian SELTZER. Whoopi Goldstein anyone?
  15. sorry to be a couple days behind, but who among us would wear a mask previously worn by Meghan OR Ben??? and one of Whoopi's many many mantras used to be "Do your homework!!!" Clearly that is not the rule in the present classroom/version of the show.
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