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  1. I kept expecting a reveal that the singing frog was actually the perfect gift for Lea, signifying some inside joke or beloved memory.
  2. Mayim Bialik's thoughts on the show.
  3. My guess is it's based on Crumbs and Whiskers, which is in LA and DC. The way it works is that they partner with a shelter(s) so the cats can be socialized and be seen by people who may want to adopt them. A C&W worker I spoke to a while back on a visit told me that the longest cats ever seem to be there is maybe a few months? Some are scooped up within days or even the day they come to the cafe. I used to visit about twice a year and the roster was never the same. The cafe frees up shelter space, so adopting one cat means saving two or more. They're at over 1500 adopted and more than 3000 cats saved from euthanasia. Even if you aren't adopting it's a place to have a snack while playing with cats, which helps socialize them giving them a better chance at adoption, and gives you cuddle/play time with kitties. Everyone wins. The biggest difference here though is that they make the food in-house, at the LA location it only passed health codes because the food is prepared in a separate kitchen (possibly a partner coffee shop? I forget) and delivered to the customers near the start of 90 minute cafe sessions.
  4. Took the words out of my mouth! I liked Lee in the books but Lin made me love him. The Subtle Knife has always been my favorite of the original trilogy (I know not a popular feeling), and this has been a truly beautiful adaptation. I can't argue with a single change.
  5. I'll pipe up for The Last Gingerbread House on the Left. Just the absurdity of a high-stakes gingerbread-house building competition including tuxedos and firearms with the prize of a cuddle session with an albino polar bear cub. Godfrey's the fun one, one guy is treating himself to a brand new penis, another has such serious eyebrow game that it's a medical condition, Fischoeder is a potty-head and Bob comes in thinking they're going to cover him in candy and eat him. I think my favorite x-mas episode is Better off Sled, but Gingerbread is a close second.
  6. In "Lindapendant Woman" they show how the restaurant falls apart without Linda there to keep the money in order. She also seems to take all the orders and serve the food while the kids are in school.
  7. There's no way Linda doesn't co-own Bob's Burgers, so I'd say she's definitely a business owner. Bob's the creative force, she's the one who keeps the day-to-day runnings of the restaurant going. Bob can't even remember to get his oil checked, remember? And Linda manages their finances in a bizarrely genius way that keeps them afloat. She's silly (the whole family is), but she's not incompetent.
  8. There's also an episode (V for Valentine-detta, one of my all-time favorites) where we hear Tammy give a bit of a phone number to Louise. I googled the area code: squarely New Jersey.
  9. Speaking of Gayle, Renee Taylor's voice is so similar to hers that I double checked to see if they didn't just switch to Megan Mullally voicing both daughter and mother. A+ casting on those two, and practically from day one!
  10. Years (like, over a decade) ago I was at my GP's office getting some standard blood tests during Halloween time, and the lab totally went all out vampire. And at the time I was very into Twilight but also harshly criticizing Edward and that combined with my terror of needles practically sent me into hysterics. I was convinced I was about to get The Wrath of the Sparklepire.
  11. I would say Louise's rage was a bit much if it was just the people in that house simply not remembering their promise to her*, but when they actively took candy away from her that they already gave, all bets were off. *Also those people were being assholes about it - if she said she was promised double, give her double and remember her next year to see if she tries it again.
  12. Not to mention that before this Archer was very clear about how against private school he was, he gave a whole speech. There was no rationalizing the decision to send AJ away (when he didn't even want her attending a prep school and living at home!) as "Archer would think it's for the best", which to be honest I suspect is what Lana may have told herself when dating and marrying Robert.
  13. I would absolutely ask Archer and Robert to make that choice. Parenting is a responsibility you shouldn't get to just toss away. It's just plain not healthy to send a child that young away from a loving family. And there were many excellent options for AJ that could have worked for Lana like a full-time nanny, a private school, even a boarding school in the US that she could travel home from to visit fairly easily. Maybe it wouldn't be quite as good as the school in Switzerland, but it would be a much better compromise. To send AJ so very far away is just not a good decision for her at this time in her life; I just looked it up and the earliest recommended age for boarding school is 9. Before that AJ needs to be near her family forming healthy bonds and establishing a sense of security.
  14. Aw man, facebook says the whole animation domination block is being pushed to November 1st! *Sigh*. Well, at least for once the Halloween episode will air close to Halloween.
  15. This has been bugging me since the episode aired, and since FX put a clip up of it I thought I'd bring it up. So this is how Lana describes Archer getting into a coma: "Well, you got shot by a murder suspect you were supposed to be investigating, but instead were having sex with, who, by the way, after shooting you, GOT AWAY." So...are we rewriting history or just not calling out Lana on what she says at all (kind of like how she never got any real shit for stealing Archer's sperm)? For one thing, Archer was sleeping with someone he was body-guarding, he did not have sex with her after she committed murder or was even considered a suspect for anything happening on the movie lot. He was shot while eliciting a confession from Veronica to clear Lana's name, and as for her getting away? He was face-down in a pool at the time, that's just victim-blaming. And how the new-better-Archerless agency didn't manage to track her down is beyond me. Malory was with Archer for most of his coma or I would have expected her to find and murder Veronica Deane, but the fact that Archer's friends couldn't catch a runaway movie star (with no secret ties to the KGB that we know if) makes me think they didn't really try.
  16. So I'm guessing Lana/Robert was a serious rebound on her part. They've been married two years and she's never heard about how many times he's been married? Plus he's coming near Archer's level of creepy and gross but without the good looks. Really hope she didn't sign a pre-nup, because I'm guessing Robert will be in bed with Malory before too long. (I've been thinking about them not mentioning Ron and in the honestly I'm okay with that. My heart goes out to Jessica Walter, she and Ron Leibman were married for over 35 years. I'm okay with the show not bringing him up for at least another season, give as much time needed if it'll make it less fresh and painful.)
  17. You What made me laugh is that this is an actual vocal exercise singers use. It's one of my favorites and it's entirely "trying to sound as much like a siren as possible".
  18. I actually thought briefly that Aleister's target was Mallory, which might be the only person Archer maybe would accept as being better at spying.
  19. Pam is Archer's best friend, and I will not have that denied.
  20. During the AJ Prep School Debate Archer definitely said she was two at the time. That makes her at most six in the show's timeframe (or more likely five, the same age as Archer was when Malory sent him off, IIRC). That is waaaaay too young to send a kid off to boarding school, especially one in a different country. I cannot think of any quality of education that could make up for not being around loving parents at that age. But then again, I've started to think that Lana is deliberately being set up as a Mallory-in-the-making. She wants Mallory's job, has dated the son Mallory is alarmingly close to (and honestly both relationships seem fairly similar. A lot of yelling), and now has found a reason to not raise her child herself like Mallory did. Did anyone else catch the coma-references on the shelves in Hands' booby trap? Krieger even reads them off: a phaser, coconut radio, fedora, cursed idol, mysterious floating cube. Space, Danger Island, Dreamland, Danger Island, Space. And all of them are representative of something in Hands' life...WHAT IF SHE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE COMA. Like, maybe she experimented on Archer and directed his dreams? I hope it's not a massive clue that this season too is a coma, but I doubt the showrunners would try something like that. Actually, maybe they would, if this season isn't successful. They could use it as an excuse to turn back the clock and say the coma was actually only a week long so all the characters would reset.
  21. Yeah, I heard boarding school and thought, well, Lana is officially Mallory 30 years ago. I don't even really care for A.J. as a character and I still want an episode of Archer extracting her from the boarding school, because no matter what Lana says about this being best for her, it stinks of "child does not fit into new life with new husband".
  22. Some wealthy parents have their children get jobs to show them what it's like to have to work for their own pay. Plus with Miles's mother being a senator, it's good optics for her son to be seen outside of the ultra-privileged life he presumably leads.
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