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  1. AManfred

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I admit that I searched my library's new book listings to see if the Port Charles guide was available. It is not (yet, if ever). I admit, I am a sucker for these book tie-ins. Anyone else remember this gem?
  2. Lola is selling her sandwiches at the coffee house for $2 cheaper than what she charges at her food truck. What a deal!! I am getting young Fred Savage vibes from NuFen.
  3. Loved Leo (Greg R) on Wednesday's show. The swagger, the suit, the hair, and Adrienne slapping him was laugh out loud funny.
  4. AManfred

    Happy Together

    I just love the running gag that Jake and Claire eat junk all the time-- even the opening credits have Claire eating a bowl of popcorn with M&Ms in it. It's almost refreshing to have a couple that enjoys their unhealthy food. Although breaking the cheese puffs into dust and licking it off her fingers was pretty unappealing (maybe just dump it directly into your mouth?). This is a cute, sweet show that still has some adult humor thrown in. I hope it gets renewed.
  5. AManfred

    S02.E04: War of the Wagners

    It appears it is the same sweater that Lena is wearing in the opening credits, which I thought was a cute little nod. I like the two main actors, so I will continue watching the show.
  6. I finally caught up with the last two weeks of B&B. Not sure what the consensus is on Zoe, but I really like her. She reminds me of Theresa pining after Ethan on passions, my favorite soap ever. She looks like a young Lindsay Hartley also. I think the actress looked gorgeous in the show stopper and I am enjoying her. Hopefully she will not Disapppear in a year like Sasha, etc.
  7. AManfred


    IIRC Jahil killed Eva and Hunter in bed at the end of season one, but it was unknown that it was Jahil, and he was not arrested. Arlene assumed Star was involved, since Star and Hunter had a very violent relationship. I think!
  8. Maybe it was when adult Ralphie returned kid Ralphie's mitten and they "met". Not heartbreaking as much as heart string tugging? I agree with those that said the first half dragged, but then the second half was better. The song were pretty forgettable, but the one Maya sings about moments passing quickly brought a tear to my eye. I wish the infamous stuck tongue scene was done a little better, the actor's tongue noticeably came off the pole twice. I wouldn't rewatch this, but it was entertaining and put me in the Christmas spirit.
  9. AManfred

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    When Nina eagerly plucked off her cherry... then licked it and put it on the table, I was expecting a scene similar to the infamous Fusion donut scene from AMC where all the girls excitedly grabbed donuts, then proceeded to put them apart and lick their fingers without actually consuming any of the donuts. I was pleased to see Nina actually eating hers (and Charlotte's as well).
  10. AManfred

    Great News

    Last week's episode was okay, but last night's was so funny. Numerous parts where I laughed out loud and I rewound the music video to watch it again. Loved Chuck's part.
  11. AManfred

    The F Word With Gordon Ramsay

    The Miracle team won, Wings. I agree, the show is all over the place, but I am really enjoying it. It is perfect summer TV. I actually didn't know the spotted dick, but knew bubbles and squeak and the toad in the hole because of my English in-laws. The description said there a celebrity guest, but there wasn't one?
  12. Anyone else part of Sony Pictures Television Studio Insiders, which sends surveys about TV shows? I received one last week that was solely on Billy Abbott-- what I liked and didn't like about the character, and more specifically, what I thought of JT compared to the three other actors that have recently played him. It was interesting that the survey was focused only on him. The surveys are usually focused on an entire show. Pictures of her in SOD and at public events always show her with the same completely overdone makeup and false lashes, so it seems to be more of the actor's choice, rather than the fault of a makeup artist IMO.
  13. AManfred

    Angie Tribeca

    I'm enjoying all the guest roles this season. I keep wondering if these better known actors are auditioning for the parts, or the cast (Rashida, etc.) is just texting friends and asking if they want in! :)
  14. AManfred

    Great News

    I'm happily season passing this show. So funnier than I thought it would be. The bit with Carol reading the lines was silly but so funny. And I am a huge soap fan, so it was great to see Marlena, Kate and Belle on primetime.